Lose weight with lemon water:21 days challenge

Lose weight with lemon water is a healthy way to burn your fat smoothly. If you plan to lose weight, Then It is beneficial for you if you drink warm water and lemon early in the morning. This can help you to lose weight smoothly. If you add some basic workouts like walking and doing Yoga then you will achieve a great result. Everyone needs 8 ounces of water with lemon daily for losing weight faster.

lose weight with lemon water
lose weight with lemon water

Why is warm lemon water best for your body

Why lemon water is best for weight loss? Lemon juice is not a calorie-free drink, but it contains low calories (6 calories) with rich in vitamin C., therefore, it’s the best way to Lose weight with lemon water with a moderate workout. We know that exercise helps us to lose weight, but it will not work if you consume more calories than you are burning. If we consider intermittent fasting then you will live with fruit juice which has more calories than lemon juice. Hence whatever method you follow to lose weight you need to combine your exercise with a glass of warm lemon water. Taking a glass of warm lemon water at different times of the day may help you to burn your calories fast.

Is lime water good for you?  (Lose weight with lemon water)

Nowadays people are thinking of weight loss to maintain them and making them fit and having good health. We all concerned that weight is the biggest factor for all diseases. If you are in a good shape and size then you can eliminate 90% of health problems.

Therefore we are trying lots of things to maintain our weight or lose our weight. For this, we are doing exercises, intense workouts like cable squats, fasting, and a lot more. But it’s not easy for everyone to maintain this for a longer period. After a few months, we usually back to our normal way of living.

All the hard work we had done to lose weight became useless when we returned to our old habits. This happens to everyone when they adopt all these methods for weight loss. Because these people are not able to continue this process. That is why I tell you one such remedy, due to which you will lose weight and it will get much more. during this covid19 it is the best medicine to boost your metabolism by drinking lemon water. hence Losing weight with lemon water is the ultimate way to burn your fat and boost your metabolism which helps to fight against diseases.

Benefits of Drinking Water with Lemon for Weight Loss

Lemon contains a high rich in vitamin C that is considered our best bodyguard. Start your day with lemon water as it helps to reduce your body weight. It is a natural, cheaper, healthier, and calorie-free drink. But we prefer to have unhealthy aerated drinks that often result in weight gain. Lemon tea is a magical drink. It helps hydration, helps the body to fight against diseases, and aids in weight loss and maintenance.

if you want to Lose weight with lemon water then you have to drink a glass of warm water with a few drops of lemon juice early in the morning. it also removes the problem of constipation and helps to burn your fat. Experts have shown that woman who drinks daily a litre of water with lemon, for one year; loses 4 kilograms without any other effort.

The required amount of this vitamin is 90mg per day for men and for women is 75mg per day. People who smoke need more vitamin C than non-smokers. Their requirement is 100mg per day.

Benefits of hot lemon water

Warm lemon water can play a big part in successful weight loss diet plans. As we know our body contains 60% of water. Therefore water plays a vital role in our body. However, water is a crucial component of our bodies.  Therefore it is advisable to drink plenty of water every day. Lose weight with lemon water not only burn your fat but also keeps you fresh throughout the day.

Water is crucial as it helps in digestion, absorption of food, and elimination of residues. It regulates the body temperature as well as gives us nice skin. Water is an essential component of weight loss. We lose weight with lemon water and it has also many more benefits as well.

Lime benefits- (Lose weight with lemon water)

1. It helps to reduce appetite as it contains a substance that prevents us from feeling hungry.

2. The acid in the lemons helps in the cleansing process and releases toxins from our body.

3. It is the best cure for the common cold.

4. It is effective in stopping the bleeding if you have a cut

5. Lemons are rich sources of vitamin C. It is the most common vitamins rich in nutrients having numerous health benefits. It is important for humans to maintain good health.

6. Vitamin C helps to reduce high blood pressure thereby reducing the risks of cardiovascular diseases.

7. It is also required for having healthy teeth and gums.

8. It is required to form collagen, a tissue that helps to hold the cells together. Dip the sliced apple in lemon juice will not turn brown, as vitamin C in the lemon can slow down the rate of oxidative damage.

9. It plays a vital role in the proper functioning of the vital organs of our body.

10. It helps to reduce stress levels.

11. People with normal and high levels of vitamin C have greater chances to survive a disease or heart problems. They have a longer life span than people with low levels.

Benefits of lemon water for the face (Lose weight with lemon water)

1. It helps to lighten the skin color over a period of time.

2. It helps in reducing blackheads.

3. Massage your achy hands and feet with a mixture of lemon juice and olive oil will provide you a great relief. It will also make your skin soften.

4. It also helps to remove scars and lightens freckles

5. It helps to keep our skin soft, smooth, and glowing.

6. Apply lemon juice on your face in order to get a pimple-free skin.

Benefits of lemon for the kitchen (Lose weight with lemon water)

1. It is an effective aid in removing oil and coffee stains.

2. Lemon juice also helps to keep your home and kitchen ant-free, as ants do not like the fragrance of lemon and would go away.

3. You can prevent your rice from sticking while cooking by adding a teaspoon of lemon juice to the rice.

4. Rubbing the paste of lemon juice and baking soda on your aluminum pans to get it shined.

5. Lemon juice when used with white vinegar helps to remove underarm stains from shirts, and blouses.

6. You can lighten, smooth, and soften your elbows by applying lemon juice on it.

Benefits of lemon for your body (Lose weight with lemon water)

1. Frequent use of nail paint for polishing their nails can makes your nail yellowing. Soak your nails in lemon juice and then dip it in a mixture of Luke warm water and vinegar at least for ten minutes. It not only whitens your nails but also helps to strengthen your nails.

2. After shampooing, give final rinsing to your hairs with two tablespoons of lemon juice added to two cups of water. It makes your hair healthy, shinning, and dandruff free.

Side effects of lemon water  (Lose weight with lemon water)

in this article we knew that Lose weight with lemon water is the simplest method to lose your body weight naturally. but too much drinking of lime juice can put an adverse effect on your body.

1.Too much lemon water can damage your teeth.

2.Lemon water can erode your enamel.

3.It can lead to stomach aches.

4.Concentrated lemon juice can lead to cavities.

5.It puts an adverse effect on canker sores.

6.This may increase migraines.

Lemon water recipe

Lose weight with lemon water is a simple trick and is very easy to prepare for your weight loss program.


1.½ fresh lemon – juiced

2.fresh mint leaves

3.a glass of warm water

4.½ teaspoon honey (optional)


1.Lets warm glass of water

2.Now cut a fresh lemon into two pieces and Squeeze the ½ fresh lemon juice into the warm water.

3.Add some fresh mint leaves.

4.Then add honey (optional) and stir it properly.

5.In this way you can prepare lemon water and drink it twice a day.


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