How to make Black tea for hair at home

If you want to know how to prepare Black tea for hair at home and to explore the benefits of black tea, then you are in the right place.

When we wake up in the morning, everyone needs something to drink so that they can do their daily routine with energy.

For this, everyone likes to take something to make themselves fresh. This can be in any form according to their choice.

Some like to drink Tea with milk, some like lemon tea. And now a lot of people like to drink green tea to keep their body fit.

And some people want to have Black tea as their bed tea. After all, what is this Black Tea? what is the benefit of drinking it?

However, the most significant thing is how this black Tea takes care of our hair.

Let us discuss all the features that make black Tea a special morning drink.

Before proceeding, let’s know what this black Tea is?

What will we learn in this article about Black tea for hair?

  • We are going to understand what black Tea is
  • Black tea benefits for hair
  • Benefits of Black Tea on our health
  • How to prepare black Tea at home
  • What are the ingredients, calories, and side effects of Black Tea?


What is Black Tea?

Black Tea is prepared from the plant Camellia sinensis. This Camellia is from the Theaceae family.

Generally, Its leaves and roots are used in medicine. It is used to improve mental alertness and sharpen memory.

Therefore, nowadays, most people prefer to drink black Tea. Black tea is one of the most popular drinks in the world.

Black Tea tastes are strong, and it contains more caffeine than other sorts of Tea.

however less caffeine than black coffee, Black tea also has a variety of health benefits.

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How to make our hair silky and healthy?

If you don’t know, then I am telling you that Black Tea contains caffeine which helps in reducing DHT.

What is DHT? DHT is nothing but dihydrotestosterone a hormone that is present in our scalp.

This hormone causes hair loss or hair fall. Drinking black tea not only improves hair health But also brings Shining of your hair.

For this, you have to wash your hair with black Tea.

You can use Black Tea as a dye or as a conditioner. If your hair is dehydrated and lifeless, then it is also useful for you.

Wash the hair with black Tea once a week then you will feel the shine of your hair.

this also helps you to cure the dryness of your hair.

Depending on the condition of the hair, you should wash your hair two times a week with black Tea. If the hair is too dry, then consult an expert to solve the issue.

Black Tea is not only helpful for hair shine but also makes your hair smooth. Regular use of black tea can make your hair greasy.

For this, you do not need to try any new or different options. For this, you have to wash your hair with black Tea.

Therefore, it is better to apply this mixture to your hair at least once a week.

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According to experts, you can use black tea as a natural hair dye. Our skin is susceptible to chemicals.

Many people suffer allergies while using chemical hair dye to color their hair. Therefore black Tea is the best option for them to color their hair naturally.

For women who have black, dark brown hair, this is the best option. They can get rid of white and brown hair by applying black Tea.

You can buy any hair dye products from the market, but it has chemicals that may lead to hair fall or allergy.

At the same time, Black Tea is the best option that is free from all types of chemicals. Therefore, it has no side effects while applying this on hair.

Another feature of black Tea is that it improves hair growth better. This is why experts recommend Black Tea to those who have low hair growth.

But as you know, everything excess is terrible, hence Do not consume black Tea frequently.

Excessive consumption of caffeine that presents in black Tea can harm your body. Always use black Tea as per the instruction of an expert.

How to prepare Black tea at home?

Let’s see how to prepare black Tea for our hair at home easily. For this, soak three tea bags in 6 cups of water and boil the water thoroughly.

Then keep the mixture for about an hour. Now apply this on your hair or soak your hair with it. Don’t wash your hair immediately.

After putting black Tea on the hair, then cover your hair with you a towel for a while so that the black Tea can do its work on the hair. Wash your hair after about two hours.

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What Happens to our body if we take Black tea Regularly?

1.Oral Health- The Tea Trade Health Research Association indicates that black tea contains properties that can diminish plaque formation on teeth.

Additionally, it can serve as a barrier to inhibit bacteria that could result in cavities and accelerate tooth decay. 

2.Heart Healthy- A research paper devoted to studying the benefits of green and black Tea concluded that these beverages could decrease our risks of stroke. They noted that those who consumed three or more cups of tea daily showed a 21% reduction in having a stroke than those who drank one cup or less per day. 

3.Antioxidants Tea-especially black tea is rich in polyphenol properties which prevent free radicals from creating health problems. 

4.Cancer Prevention- Researches are on a relentless pursuit to find cures for cancer. While much more research needs to be conducted, some studies reveal that the powerful antioxidant properties contained in tea polyphenols are on their radar screens.

they are receiving global recognition for their success in animal cancer studies. 

5.Healthy Bones- Keeping bones strong and healthy is a concern for all of us. Those who regularly consume Tea appear to have stronger bones, and less of a chance of developing arthritis 

6.Lowers Risk of Diabetes- The folks along in the Mediterranean Sea have long enjoyed black Tea.

Now, those in their golden years who have made drinking 1 or 2 cups a day part of their lifestyle have a reason to be proud; they have a 70% lower chance of developing type 2 diabetes. 

7.Black Tea helps to eliminate the odor of your mouth and keeps you away from bad breath.

8.Caffeine acts as a brief-term stimulate which may provide positive effects on energy state, mood, and application.

It gives you a quick energy boost, which may assist you to shed a couple of unwanted pounds.

9.Black Tea reduces the appetite that can help you with weight loss.

10. Black tea prevents hair fall.

Health benefits by taking Black tea regularly

1.But watch your diet! Take care together with your breakfast! a daily cup of tea could also be just the trick. Black Tea fights oral infections.

Equivalent polyphenols that fight lousy breath repel the bacteria which will cause streptococcal sore throat.

2.For colds and pharyngitis, a warm cup of any tea will likely help soothe pharyngitis immediately.

Teas made up of Tea, i.e., black, green, and oolong, have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that will help alleviate symptoms.

3.If you’ve got diabetes, then Black Tea can assist you to stay top of your sugar frenzy. Tea can even assist you to control your condition.

Consistent with a study within the Journal of Food Science, the derivatives contained within Tea may help within the fight against sugar. 

What is Black Tea Good for?

1.Black Tea fights cavities. Tea may be a natural source of fluoride.

Combine that with the tannic acids in Tea that help naturally strengthen enamel, and you’ve got a natural defense against cavities.

2.Consistent with a study in PLOS One, drinking black Tea also slightly decreases your vital sign.

You’ll have heard that the human attention span has reduced to eight seconds. That’s one second shorter than a goldfish. 

3.Theanine present in Black Tea improves attention by relaxing the brain but stimulating it when it’s time to focus.

4.We must turn our attention to registered dietician Hillary Cecere: “You may have fewer digestive issues.

The tannins found in tea may soothe the intestinal tract, which may reduce indigestion and diarrhea.

5.Better Immune System Let’s not forget our immune system as we plunge into a cup of Tea.

Some of its properties fight viruses and help us keep influenza, stomach flu, and other disorders from launching a surprise attack. 

6.It helps you to reduce your stress level and keep you relax naturally.

Black Tea Brands in India

There are lots of brands available in India that promote black Tea. Lipton black tea is one of them. its brand name is Lipton Darjeeling Tea. Apart from that, we have 

  1. Tata Tea gold,
  2. Taj mahal smoky mountain tea,
  3. Typhoo classic Asam tea and lots more.
  4. Teabox classic Darjeeling Pekoe Loose-Leaf Black Tea
  5. Goodricke Roasted Darjeeling Tea
  6. Cardiology Darjeeling Whole Leaf Black Tea
  7. VANDAM Darjeeling First Flush Organic Loose-Leaf Black Tea
  8. Team one Global Darjeeling Bodh Second flush Organic Black Tea

Black Tea Calories-

Black Tea is a low calory drink that contains approximately 1 to 2 calories(without sugar) per cup. Therefore it’s best for a weight loss program.

How to make black Tea at home or Black Tea Recipe

1.first, take the tea pan and add one and a half cups of water to it.

2.Then add 1/2 teaspoon of black tea powder to it.

3.Now, let the water boil until it reduces to one cup.

4.Your black Tea is ready to drink, do not use sugar or any sweetener.

5.You can also enjoy Black tea with lemon to increase the flavor to your taste bud.

6.Black Tea with lemon is best to get rid of the headache.

Conclusion of the Article Black tea for hair

Here I conclude the topic of how to make Black tea for hair, black tea benefits, and its preparation. hope you all enjoy reading this post. if you like it then please do share it with your social media and with your friends. if there is any query, then comment to me. Thanks and Have a nice day.

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