Lose 5kg in 5 days:Is it Possible?

Lose 5kg in 5 days is a challenge for those who want to lose some pounds fast. but the question is, will it possible? or is someone fooling you? let’s check the truth behind to lose 5kg in 5 days. Everyone wants to lose weight and get slim. We also want to look confident in front of our colleagues. Can everyone achieve this? No, they cannot, because no one knows how to do this. however, losing weight fast is a nightmare for those who are trying to lose some pounds. They don’t know how to lose weight fast in a healthy way.

Lose 5kg in 5 days-techniques

diet plan to lose weight-5kg-in-5days

If you want to know how to achieve fast weight loss, then you just simply follow my steps. it will definitely create a miracle for you. This is the way where you can detox your body as well as get trim within a few days. However, it is the perfect way for those who want to lose their body fat fast. lose 5kg in 5 days is a hard task to achieve but in this technique you can achieve your goal.

This is neither any intense work out nor any severe diet plan. You also donot need to follow intermittent fasting or hardcore cable squat exercise in gym. You just need to know some basic calculation so that you can follow it accordingly.

To achieve Fast Weight Loss Diet Plan to lose 5kg in 5 days, you’ll need to gather some basic information. As we know Weight loss is all about how much calories you consume and how much calories you burn out. For this you don’t need to go for the typical calorie chart. I am giving you a brief description about calorie count for your consideration.

If you follow the trick, then definitely, you’ll be able to drop from size XL to size L in 5 days with considerable inch loss around waist and belly. If you want To lose weight in 5 days, a proper scheduled diet ahead is best. Always keep weight loss-friendly foods in your diet.

What is the importance of “Diet” in weight loss (lose 5kg in 5days)

A human body is nothing but a machine that works all the time to give you energy. Our diet helps our body to produce energy to do our day to day activities. But our diets are causing problems because of zero calorie value. Such foods contain saturated fats, preservatives, toxic chemicals, sugars that don’t help our body but gives an adverse effect. Many of us consume fast, fried, bleached foods that our bodies cannot handle and give rise to obesity.

Hence diet plays an important role to keep us healthy and fit. We read various article in online every day, how to reduce your weight. Some also claim that they can help you to lose 5 kg in 5 days.

Someone is marketing their product that the weight will be lost by eating it. they also claim that with this product you can lose 5kg in 5 days. However, it’s all nonsense. To get caught in their clutches, you will play with your body.This can cause more harm to your body.

Weight loss is all about Calorie count

So, what is the right way in which you can easily reduce your weight that too in a healthy way? This is a very old method but works best. you can’t lose 5kg in 5 days but you can lose weight and get in shape in a  healthy way.It is called calorie count.

Let’s do a simple calculation. How many calories do we consume throughout the day? Suppose 3000 calories and how many calories do we burn through our day’s work. Suppose 2000 calories. We consumed 3000 and spent 2000 to save 1000 calories in our body. It stores 1000 extra calories in our body and our weight starts increasing. Our trick starts from here. If we reduce our calorie intake From 3000 to 1500 calories then?

We consumed 3000 and spent 2000 to save 1000 calories in our body. It stores 1000 extra calories in our body and our weight starts increasing. however, Our trick starts from here. If we reduce our calorie intake. If we consume 1500 calories then? We consume 1500 calories and burn 2000 calories. By consuming fewer calories, our body will need 500 more calories, which will come from the fat accumulated on our body. Likewise, our body fat starts burning and our body gets in shape.

With this, if we do walking at least 7 km a day then 500 calories will be burnt from our body. If we burn 1000 extra calories in a day then it burns 7,000 calories in 7 days. Burning 7,000 calories means losing 2 pounds of weight.

Similarly, if we follow this procedure, then we can get fat to fit comfortably. Never follow any shortcut method. It can do more harm to your body. Let’s see how we plan our diet for a healthy weight loss.

Healthy foods for our health and fitness.


1.Choose foods that are rich in water content, for example, vegetables, beans, watermelon, cucumber, nuts

2.Strictly avoid dairy products, whole-grain foods like oat, bread, pasta, and cereal.

3.Try to eat boiled vegetables if necessary use only Olive oil that is very good for the body.

4.You will take warm water, green tea, fruit juice, and vegetable juice. Avoid soft drinks

5.Your lunch and dinner should contain plenty of green salad and roasted food.

6.It would be best if you ate breakfast because it provides the energy needed for daily activities.

7.Don’t eat anything while watching television. so switched off your television while taking your meal.

8.If you have some leisure time then don’t waste it by watching or playing video games. Keep yourself busy by doing some physical work like gardening, cooking, cleaning your automobile, etc.

Weight Loss Diet Plan to lose 5kg in 5 days

We will divide our one-day diet plan into 3 parts i.e. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner


Diet Plan

After waking up in the morning, mix a tablespoon of lemon juice and honey with a glass of warm water before washing your mouth. This warm water lemon juice helps to detoxify your body and helps to reduce weight. As lemon consists of Vitamin C, B-complex, fiber, and potassium which boost your immune system. It also helps you from viral infections and sore throat.

Now it’s time to have some physical activity. You can start with Yoga to relax your muscles. It helps relax your mind, increases your concentration hence relieves stress. After half an hour goes for a long walk at least 7km. if you maintain an appropriate pace then it will take around 90 minutes to complete 7km. however walking is a perfect exercise for everyone to keep you fit and healthy.

Breakfast time:

At 9 O’clock take your breakfast like a king. if you are a vegetarian then you should have a full plate of boiled chickpeas salad. Or you can go with a plate of raw vegetables like cabbage, onion, carrot, cucumber, etc. then you can take a cup of green tea. If you are non-vegetarian then your breakfast should consist of two boiled eggs with the yolk followed by a plate of green salad and a cup of green tea.

Most importantly, we need energy for doing our day to day life. And we get energy from protein. Boiled eggs and chickpeas salad provide us with plenty of protein that keeps us fresh throughout the day.

Lunch Time

Take your lunch in between 12 O’clock to 1O’ clock. however, Your lunch should contain boiled vegetables with fruit salad or green salad. After that a glass of fruit juice of watermelon or pineapple. At last, finish your lunch with a cup of green tea. If you are non-vegetarian you also follow the same diet followed by two boiled eggs without yolk.

Snacks time

Mean while, At 5 O’clock have some snacks like dry fruits, a glass of fruit juice, and a cup of green tea.

Dinner time

Before 7 O’clock take your dinner. mean while,A plate of “Daliya” with a cup of green tea is best for you. After that don’t consume anything except warm water. However,You can avoid daliya with boiled vegetables. Meanwhile, Go to bed at 9 O’clock.

And the next morning following the same schedule and diet plan that I have mentioned above. During this period always drink plenty of warm water. because, Warm water helps to melt your body fat.

Calorie count

However, I have given the details of the calorific value of different food items that you will include in your diet plan.

Calorie Count of Green salad

Green Salad

Calorie Count of vegetable juice

Vegetable Juice
Bottle guard100gm10.9
Mint leaves100gm37

Calorie Count of Fruit Salad

fruit Salad
Water melon100 gm20.3
Strawberry100 gm24.6
Gauva100 gm32.2
Papaya100 gm23.9
pomegranate100 gm54.7
Orange100 gm37.5
Apple100 gm62.3
Pineapple100 gm40.1

Calorie Count of Fruit Juice

Mixed fruit juice Juice
Water melon100gm20.3

Calorie Count of our Meals

Meal Plan
1Rotimedium sized70
2Rice/Chawal1 bowl136
4Dal1 bowl104
6dry veg Subji1 bowl150
7Chicken Curry1 bowl240
8sweet2 piece220
9Spinach100 gm24
10fruit salad1 plate150
12Chicken Breast100gm168

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