Hindu squats: The ultimate guide to stay healthy and fit

hindu squat

Hindu squats are a great exercise that gives a lot of benefits to our bodies. The question that is coming to your mind is, what are these Hindu squats, and how is it different from typical squats?

There is not much difference between Hindu squats and normal squats. Just the way to do it is a little different.

The best thing is that doing Hindu squats does not have any side effects.

But if we perform the normal squats incorrectly and without knowing how to perform, then it will give some adverse effects on our body.

That is why squats should be performed in the presence of experts, but this does not happen in Hindu squats.

We often follow a variety of expensive exercises in the gym and diet to lose weight. While we have many such effective home remedies related to Ayurveda and Yoga, with the help of which we can lose weight easily.

One such indigenous method of weight loss is Hindu squats or sit up (uthak baithak in Hindi).

Having a sit-down meeting for only 20 to 25 minutes every day can improve your health.

What is the Hindu Squats?

If we talk about typical squats, there are many ways to do squats, such as jump squats, cable squats, dumbbell squats, etc.

To do all that exercise, we have to go to the gym and do the supervision of the expert only. Otherwise, we will have to face its side effects.

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But Hindu Scouts is a technique that has no side effects and will bring many benefits to our body.

We can practice it anywhere at any place and anytime. The biggest thing is that this exercise helps in strengthening our knees, ankles, knee muscles, and thigh and also helps in our weight loss.

If you want to lose your belly fat and make your tummy fatless, then Hindu squat is the best exercise for you.

If you know about Yoga or if you have any knowledge of Yoga and Indian Ayurveda, then it is a part of Yoga that emphasizes every part of the body.

We do not require any equipment or any guidance to perform this exercise. We can do this anytime and anywhere.

But doing it on an empty stomach every morning and 20 minutes can give us many health benefits.

Culture of Hindu squat in India

Hindu squats, or you can say Indian squat is an exercise that people of all ages in India perform.

This exercise is practiced from school time itself. The funniest thing is that this exercise Was given as a Punishment.

We too used to get this pension when we were children and went to school without complete the homework.

The same punishments were given in every Indian family and still given if someone makes a mistake. That is why I call Hindu squat as Indian squat because it’s a part of our life or every Indian.

Knowingly or unknowingly, we do this physical exercise every day. Just then, the method of doing Hindu squats was a bit different.

While doing this punishment, we used to hold our ears and perform this task at least 100 times. In our language (Hindi) we used to call this exercise as “UTTAK-BAITHAK” which means Up-down.

Benefits of Hindu squats

We know that if we want to reduce fat, then we will have to do regular exercise and take care of our food habits. Hindu squats also do the same thing.

But with the reduction of weight here, it makes our knees strong. We often see that with aging, our muscles get loose, and the problem of knees increases.

Knee pain is a common problem in older adults. If we include Hindu squats in our daily exercise, then we can avoid such problems easily.

Apart from this, it also has many more health benefits. Let’s see one by one.

  1. We can easily burn a lot of fat by doing it regularly for up to 15 minutes.
  2. It can easily help belly fat and make us slim and trim.
  3. It is a great exercise for the lower part of the body. It will strengthen our abdominal muscles as well as our thighs.
  4. It helps to maintain blood circulation better, which is necessary to avoid heart-related diseases.
  5. It reduces body fat and maintains cholesterol levels.
  6. It strengthens your back and improves your body posture.
  7. It will shape your hip and thigh.
  8. It will increase the digestion system.

Hindu squat will be very effective if we perform this after walking because the combination of walking and Indian squat is very much effective to lose bodyweight.

Difference between Hindu squats normal squats.

There is not much difference between sit-ups and regular squats, but if you compare them separately, sit-ups are more beneficial. Such as

  1. You may need a gym and expensive tools to do squats, but you don’t need anything like that to get a sit-up.
  2. Squats do not have much use of hands, but in sit-ups, the whole body, including hands and shoulders, are used.
  3. -Squats are slowed down, but the sit-ups are slightly faster.
  4. Squats have a complex technique, and the technique of Hindu squat is easy.
  5. You may need a trainer to do squats, whereas you do not need any trainer to perform Hindu squats.
  6. Even though it looks like squats can be a great way to improve your posture, but Indian squat improves the overall body posture. If you practice this exercise regularly then definitely you can get a fit and fine body by reducing excess body fat.

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How to perform Hindu Squats correctly?

You can perform a Hindu squat in two ways that are standing on your heel or stand on your toe.

First, stand up straight and put your shoulder in front, which makes your shoulder 90 degrees from your body.

Now extend your hand behind when you squat down and raise your hand when you squat up. This is a coordinated effort between shoulders and hips.

It’s a coordinated effort of shoulders and hips and thigh just similar to the jump pattern. When you try to jump, then you follow the same coordinated pattern of your shoulders and hips.

  • Hindu squat is a deep breathing exercise. How you breathe while performing Hindu squats has a very important factor. In this exercise, you have to breathe hard. You can easily hear a person’s breathing while he performs Hindu squats.


  • The most important thing about a Hindu squat is that it follows a reverse inhale and exhale pattern. That means when you squat down, you have to exhale and inhale when you squat up. We call this s reverse breathing pattern because in the other form of squat, say barbell squat, where we inhale when we squat down and exhale when we squat up.


  • We perform Hindu squats in a relaxed manner and don’t bounce when we squat up.


  • We can perform Hindu squat both in flat and elevated heels. An elderly and fatty person should perform this exercise with flat heels.


  • While performing this exercise makes sure your toes should point toward straight. Avoid pointing your toes outwards.

Conclusion of Hindu squat

In this article, we all knew about the Hindu squat and how it’s different from another squat exercise. We also found out the benefits and how to perform this exercise properly.

If you find this article helpful then please do share it with your friends on social media so that everyone will take the benefits from this exercise.


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