Total English practice paper 3 class 9 question answers | Practice paper 3 class 9 solutions

Total English practice paper 3 class 9 question answers – here we will share the Total English practice paper 3 class 9 question answers. students of class 8 icse can also follow Total English practice paper 3 class 9 question answers as well. here we have covered the assignment and practice paper 3 of Total English bit by bit. for the grammar part of the assignment and practice paper 3 you can visit here by clicking the button.

Icse Total English practice paper 3 class 9 question answers

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Q1 (a) write a story ending with “…she couldn’t control her tears”

Once upon a time, there used to be a kind and generous king in a country. He treated his people as his own sons and always stood by their happiness and sorrows. Everyone worshipped the king like a deity. But both the king and the queen were always depressed as there was no son to carry forward their lineage. They had two daughters who were very beautiful and promising.

They got all the education and training that a father wants from his son. Both of them had acquired training in martial arts, horse riding, knowledge of economics, and weapons from their vice-chancellors. Despite having all the merits, the king did not consider them as his successor. He had in mind that only a son could be his successor, who could take over the throne after him.

The king was slowly growing old, and taking advantage of this, the neighbouring countries had planned to attack him. The king also came to know about this and pleaded for help from his people, saying that every man from every house should be ready for war.

Both the daughters also came to know about this, and both of them tried to make their father understand that they could both save their state and their people from the enemy army. They have so much ability that they can defeat any army with their martial arts. But the king did not trust them. He used to think that fighting with an army was not just about girls.

One day, the enemy army attacked the kingdom. The king’s army and his brave daughters fought with great enthusiasm. Their martial arts and tactics were such that the enemy forces fled. The enemy forces could not capture his kingdom because of those whom the king considered incompetent. Seeing this, the king realises his mistakes and declares his elder daughter the heir. Seeing all this, the queen was filled with happiness. She couldn’t control her tears at seeing her daughter sitting on the throne.


Total English practice paper 3 class 9 question answers-Notes

 Q1(b) It is said that childhood is the best period of one’s life. Justify this statement by describing incidents from your childhood days.

If seen, childhood is a time that everyone considers the best memory of their life. This is so much an aspect of the life cycle of human beings that they want to live the same moment again and again. Is this possible? No, not at all. We can smile just thinking about those days, but we can’t go back in time. This is destiny. We can never regain the time that has passed.

Childhood is a stage where everything seems to be full of happiness. It was routine to have fun with friends without any tension or responsibility. Get ready in the morning and go to school with the tiffin box that Mom used to prepare with great love for us. After that, come back from school and have fun with friends and run to play in the playground with friends. This was the routine of the day for every child. 

We always had someone to take care of us, whether it was mom or dad. Papa’s scolding and then mommy’s love seemed really magical. Whatever we wanted was available. The toys we put our hands on used to be ours. Papa Mummy was always ready to meet our demands. Truly, we lived the life of a prince. Neither the tension of money nor the hassle of a job was nothing, just like a free bird that used to fly here and there.

I too remember my childhood very much. Whenever I get sad in this busy life, I remember my childhood. My father’s scolding, my mother’s love, and jokes with friends are dancing in front of my eyes. I wish someone would return to those childhood days. That’s why I must say, and everyone will agree with me, that the day of childhood is a memorable moment for everyone, that everyone wants to live it again and again.

Grammar book Total English practice paper 3 class 9 question answers


You were an eyewitness to a heated argument between two persons in a shop, which turned into a big fight. Narrate what you felt and did at that time.

 Summer vacation was going on. I and some of my friends planned to go see a movie. We decided to watch a movie at a multiplex nearby. All the friends agreed to go to the nearest cinema hall, recently opened. So we quickly booked tickets for the night show and planned to gather at my house after having dinner to go together.

The time of the night show was 9.30 pm, so we gathered at my house. We moved to the cinema hall in my car at 9 pm. It was only a 15-minute drive, so we reached there before the movie started. We entered the cinema hall with some snacks together.

The movie started and we were all enjoying it. Then there was the sound of loud shouting. Nothing was visible in the dark. There was just the sound of loud shouting. Then the lights of the cinema hall were turned on, and it was found that two boys were arguing among themselves. Then they started punching each other.

I can’t understand what happened. Why are they fighting? Then all the people reached out to him and started trying to rescue him. I started doing the same thing, but both of them kept on fighting. Then the security guards from the cinema hall came and tried to handle the situation. After ten minutes, we separated both of them with great difficulty from each other.

Then it came to know that there was nothing special, just one boy’s leg accidentally hitting another and the fight happening there. Then people pacified both of them, and after half an hour, the cinema started again.

We came back home at 12 o’clock at the night, but on that day, I still remember that incident sometimes. That incident was really horrible.

Total English practice paper 3 class 9 question answers icse class 8


 Express your views either for or against the statement: “Online shopping is better than traditional shopping.”

It has always been a matter of discussion whether online shopping is better than offline shopping. If we ask anyone, his answer will probably be 50-50. It means half will say online shopping is better than offline shopping or vice versa.

If we discuss this topic carefully, then we will come to know that the people of the older generation will give more attention to offline shopping than online shopping, but today the new generation will prefer online shopping over offline shopping. So why so? After all, why do children of today’s generation prefer online? If you ask me, I also prefer online shopping. There are many reasons for this, which I am going to tell you today.

With online shopping, we do not need to go to the market, so our precious time is saved. You don’t have to visit multiple shops to buy your favourite thing. But with just one click, we can order our favourite items from our phones. If the goods turn out to be defective or if they want to take other goods in the exchange, then they can also do it. in online shopping. You can avail good discounts by shopping online. During festivals, you can buy branded goods at a very cheap price.

Apart from this, cash back facilities are also available during the festive season or sales. And the biggest thing is that the guarantee and warranty are also available on every item. With online shopping, we can read the reviews of others, which help us, select the correct product. Apart from that, there are so many other reasons that attract today’s generation towards online shopping.

So my answer is, yes, online shopping is better than offline shopping. Although online shopping has some drawbacks, its benefits still attract the younger generation to choose online shopping. Therefore, I would prefer online shopping over offline shopping.

Total English practice paper 3 class 9 solutions-question answers

Q1(e) study the picture given below. Write a short story or description of an account of what the picture suggests to you. Your composition may be about the subject of the picture or may take suggestions from it. However, there must be a clear connection between the picture and your composition.

Horse riding is not a hobby; it is a great way to keep your body fit. Due to this, the whole body gets exercised, which gets rid of unwanted fat from the body. Horse riding is not only a sport but also a great way to burn calories in your body.

Horseback riding is a very colourful game as well as a means of entertainment. Through horseback riding, we can enjoy many sports like horse trekking, mounted games, polo, rodeo, etc. Now women have started to play all these games. Women have also started doing equestrianism with horses. That is awesome.

Apart from sports, horse riding is a great way to keep your body fit. Women, like men, are showing an interest in horseback riding. Whether it is sports or entertainment, women are taking part enthusiastically. Horse riding has many health benefits, such as burning extra calories that help us fight obesity. Research has shown that horse riding burns more calories than any indoor sport. There are many health benefits that we can take advantage of.

Seeing and riding horses keeps our minds calm. This improves and strengthens mental health. As the mind remains calm, it gives energy to the body to work efficiently. Riding horses helps to strengthen our core muscles and alleviate back pain. By doing horseback riding in the morning, we get to enjoy the outside air, which makes our breathing easier. It is especially beneficial for women because it reduces stress and anxiety and strengthens the thigh and hip muscles that keep your body in shape.

That is why it is necessary that everyone, whether a man or a woman, should take an interest in this sport. For this, you can also take training in horse riding so that you can get the advantage of all its benefits. But it also has a hurdle. Because horse riding training schools are not available everywhere and there is no such place where we can ride horses.

Total English practice paper 3 class 9 question answers with assignment

Q2(a)You are suffering from fever and so would not be able to complete your science project in time. Write a letter to your friend requesting him/ her to help you in completing your science project.

Jena colony

Gitagram ,Angul

28th June 2022

Dear Santosh

I hope this letter finds you in good health and in great spirits. Please convey my warm regards to Uncle and aunt. The reason for writing this letter is that I am not quite well. Actually, I have been hospitalized due to Covid19. The doctors predict that it will take a couple of weeks to recover. That’s why I have written to you to seek your help. If you are free then kindly do me a favour by completing my science project. As you know that this project involves some field data which has to be collected. Kindly collect this data for me so that I can complete my project on time. I don’t think that I can manage all these things by myself. It won’t be possible for me to complete this project without your help. If you need any help then my younger brother will assist you in collecting the data.

Dear Santosh, I hope you will not disappoint me. I shall always remain grateful to you for this favour.

Yours sincerely

Anees Prakash

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Q2(b) Write a letter to the MLA of your area, seeking the attention of all concerned about the problem of security for the elderly people in your locality.

Om Apartments

Jena colony




28th June 2022



Sub: Request for ensuring the safety of elderly people in Gitagram, Angul

Dear Sir, I am a resident of Gitagram and on behalf of the residents of the area, beg a few words for your kind consideration. as per the subject mentioned above, I request you to instruct the concerned people to take necessary measures to ensure the safety of the elderly people of the Gitagram.

Day by day crime is increasing in our area and the Elderly People become the easy target for the goons. Police patrolling is negligible, Street lights are not working in Gitagram, which is being taken advantage of by local thieves. Chain snatching and purse snatching have become common practices for these goons. We are not getting any help from the police and there is no night watch who takes care of the society at night. due to which Robbery is also happening. They are targeting the house where Elderly People live alone.

This is a matter of serious concern and I humbly request you to kindly look into this and ensure the safety of elderly people by instructing the power department, police and security agencies to give priority to the elderly residents of our Gitagram.

Please take necessary action for which we will be grateful to you


Anees Prakash

practice paper 3 class 9 question answers with notes

Q3 (A) Your school is organising an inter-school quiz competition. Write a notice to be put up in your school informing the students about the event.

Amarvani Convent School, Turang

28th June 2022


Inter—School Quiz Competition

It is hereby informed to All students that there will be an Inter—School Quiz Competition held on 2nd July 2022 in the school auditorium. Interested students are requested to enrol their names to the undersigned on or before 30th June 2022. A selection round will be conducted on the 30th of June 2022 in the auditorium and only the selected students will allow taking part in the final round on the 2nd of July at 4.30 p.m. it will be an MCQs type so Students are requested to be prepared on current news and general knowledge questions.

Thanking you

Head Boy

Anees Kumar Prakash

Icse class 9 English grammar total English practice paper 3 solutions

Q3(B)) Write an e-mail to the principal of a neighbouring school informing him/her of the event and requesting him/her to send a team to participate in the competition.


Sub: Request to send Team to participate in interschool competition


Amarvani Convent School is going to organize an inter-school quiz completion on 2nd July 2022. Hence, you are requested to send the names of participants from your school for taking part in the Inter—School Quiz Competition. The competition will be held in the school auditorium on the 2nd of July 2022 at 4.30 pm. The participants should reach the venue at least half an hour ahead of the scheduled time.

Thanking you

Head Boy

Anees Kumar Prakash

Total English practice paper 3 class 9 question answers-Assignments


(i) What help did Ivan need from his wife while writing the article?

Answer. Ivan wanted his wife to make sure that he was not disturbed by the cries of the children. And also asked her wife to give him a hot cup of tea.

(ii) In what mental state is Ivan at the beginning of the extract?

Ans. Ivan was in a state of frustration and confusion at the beginning of the extract. He was anxiously expecting something terrible to happen.

(iii) What, in the passage shows that Ivan writes in total concentration?

When Ivan’s wife brought him tea, Ivan closed his eyes and sat in his chair, completely absorbed in his article.

(iv) What does Ivan say in the second paragraph to show that his life demands self-sacrifice?

Answer. Ivan was saddened by the fact that he had to work late into the night alone when others were sleeping. That’s why he speaks to show that his life demands self-sacrifice.

(v) How is Ivan’s wife harassed by her family?

Answer-Ivan’s wife takes care of her home and children alone, without any help. While taking care of the house, sometimes she can’t even sleep at night, because Ivan asks her to make tea at any time, even if it is late at night.

(c) In not more than 50 words, how is the humble and dull-witted little man at the editor’s office a despot at home?

In the office, Ivan behaves humbly as he is cowed and scared of his editor, but at home, he forgets his humbleness and starts bullying his wife and orders her to keep the children quiet. He also demands she serves tea whenever he wants, no matter what time it is.

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