Stamp a window to the world of knowledge

Stamp a window to the world of knowledge-Do you know what a stamp is? Why was it used? When was its trend started in India? All this information is going to be told through this article today. With this, you will also know why stamps are called a window to the world of knowledge.

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Letter writing on Stamp a window to the world of knowledge

As we all know, time is moving very fast. With the passage of time, all the old things are looking blurry. That is, we are moving faster towards the new age and, with it, the old things are being left behind. Now we have reached 5G, i.e., the fifth generation. Technology is changing everything. We can contact our loved ones quickly, no matter where they are in the world.

Stamps can provide information not only about our country but also about every other country. Through stamps, you can also trace the culture, tradition, technology, history, and geography of other countries. It is believed that India’s first stamp was issued in 1947, in which the Indian national flag, the national emblem of India, and a picture of an aircraft are used in three different stamps that have been issued in India. So far, more than 3000 postage stamps have been issued.

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But if we look a few years back, then all this was not so easy. There was only one way of contact with our loved ones, which we used to call the postal service or post office. But today, the postal service is searching for its existence. Postage stamps are not visible nowadays. There was a time when children used to collect postage stamps, which was a hobby for them. Even though they did not know the importance of stamps, it is true that stamps are something that is helpful for the development of our knowledge. Even though stamps are small pieces of paper, if seen carefully, they are the powerhouse of knowledge. We can learn lots of things from these small pieces of paper called stamps.

Stamp a window to the world of knowledge. Postage Stamps give us a glimpse of the important things in history. The images on the postal stamps generally convey a message to the general public. Today Postage stamps help us to promote our national heritage. Our country has issued a variety of stamps that covers the history, geography, culture, biography, tradition and art of our country.

If children again take an interest in stamp collecting, then they will be able to gain a lot of knowledge about our culture, history, and geography. It is now the responsibility of every parent and teacher to educate their children on all of these topics so that today’s children can understand our country’s history from ancient times to the present.

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