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The selfish giant class 6 question answers- Today we will share with you The selfish giant class 6 question answers from the literature book New English ferry. here you will find the notes on selfish giant class 6 new English ferry.

The selfish giant class 6 question answers-New English ferry

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New English ferry class 6 chapter-3 question answers

A. Number these sentences in the correct order.

  1. The giant came back after visiting the cornish ogre.
  2. He was angry to see the children playing in his garden.
  3. He built a high wall around his garden and put up a noticeboard.
  4. The spring did not visit the Giant’s garden.
  5. Things changed after that.
  6. Only the snow and the first lived in his garden now.
  7. The Giant realised his mistake and knocked down the wall.
  8. The children began to play happily in the garden again.

New English ferry class 6 chapter 2 questions and answers

Match the words given in the two columns to make adjective-noun collocations. Then use the collocation in sentences of your own.

Column AColumn B
1. Heavyb. traffic
2. Icye. wind
3. Maind. course
4. Medicalc. care
5. Harda. day

The selfish giant class 6 question answers- Subject and predicate

Circle the subjects and Underline the predicates in these sentences

  1. The colourful birds sat on the trees and sang sweetly.
  2. The giant had gone to visit his friend.
  3. He saw the children playing in the garden.
  4. My own garden is my own garden!
  5. The giant built a high wall all around the garden.
  6. The poor children had no place to play.
  7. The streets were very dusty and full of hard stones.
  8. A beautiful flower saw the noticeboard and slipped back into the ground.

Notes-The selfish giant class 6 question answers

Q. B) Read the following sentences and respond to the questions that follow —

1. ‘spring has forgotten this garden,’ they cried, ‘so we will live here all the year around.’

a) Who are “we”?

Ans: Here, “we” means the snow and the frost.

b) Why did the speakers say that spring has forgotten the garden?

Ans: The speaker says that spring has forgotten the garden because the trees did not blossom. There were no birds to sing and no children to play with in the garden.

c) What did the speaker do to the garden?

Frost painted all the trees with her great white cloak, which covered all the grass. They invited the North Wind to stay with them. Then they asked the Hail to visit them, and he came, who rattled on the roof of the castle till he broke most of the slates.

The selfish giant new English ferry class 6 solutions

2. ‘I believe the spring has come at last,” said the Giant.

a) Why did the Giant think that Spring had come?

Ans – The Giant thought that the spring had come because the linnet had started singing outside his window.

b) What did the Giant see?

Ans – The Giant saw that the children had crept in through the wall and were sitting on the branches of the trees. The trees were covered with blossoms, the birds were happily flying and twittering inside the garden, and the flowers were looking up through the green grass happily.

c) How did the Giant celebrate the coming of Spring?

Ans – The Giant celebrated the coming of spring by knocking down the garden’s wall and making his garden a children’s playground forever.

The selfish giant class 6 question answers-All exercise

Q. C) Answer These Questions –(The selfish giant class 6 question answers)

Why would the children enjoy playing in the garden?

The children enjoyed playing in the garden as it was wonderful that covered with lovely flowers like stars. The garden had twelve peach trees that had pink and pearl blossoms in the springtime and also rich fruit in the autumn. There were birds sitting in the trees, and they sang so sweetly that the children used to stop playing to listen to them.

What did the North Wind look like and what did he do?

The North Wind was wrapped in furs. He roared all day in the garden and blew the chimneypots down.

What was the first sign of spring? Name the four visitors who finally left the Giant’s garden.

The first sign of spring was the linnet’s sweet song. The four visitors who finally left the Giant’s garden were the Frost, the Snow, the North Wind, and the Hail.

How do we know that the trees were happy to have the spring back?

We know that the trees were happy to have spring back because, with the arrival of spring, the trees inside the garden were covered with blossoms and were gently waving their hands above the children’s heads.

Why was it still winter in one corner of the garden?

There was still winter in one corner of the garden because one of the little boys could not reach up to the branches of the tree and was wandering and crying bitterly around the tree.

Do you think the giant’s garden was indeed a very beautiful garden? Give reason.

The Giant’s garden was a very beautiful garden, as it not only had beautiful flowers and sweetly singing birds, but also lovely children who played happily inside the garden.

The selfish giant class 6 new English ferry question answers-

D. Think and answer(The selfish giant class 6 question answers)

1. How does the nature of the selfish Giant change during the course of the story? Give examples to support your answer.

At the beginning of the story, the giant didn’t like the children playing in his beautiful garden. He dragged them away and built a huge wall. Due to this, winter dominated all over his garden. As the spring didn’t enter, there were no singing birds, no children, and no blossoms on the trees. One day, when the children crept inside the garden through the hole made in the wall, the birds and blossoms came along with them. The giant now realized his mistake and allowed the children to play. He spent his time with the children. When he got old and feeble, he enjoyed watching them play and admired his garden while sitting in his armchair.

2. Describe the emotions that the children experienced throughout the story.

The children were happy when they played in the giant’s garden. They liked listening to the song of the birds in the trees. After the giant came back and ordered them to stay away, they became sad. They had no place to play and wandered about the streets. Later, when they were able to enter once again, they saw a changed, unselfish, and kind giant. They were filled with joy as they happily played in the garden with the giant after school.

The selfish giant class 6 chapter 2 solutions

Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the words in brackets, paying attention to subject-verb agreement.

Today is Anya’s birthday. The first thing she does after waking up is call up her friends Raman and Vishwa. They wish her a happy birthday and Anya thanks them. Anya’s parents hug and bless her. Her mother packs a cake and some goodies for her friends. Everyone at school wishes Anya too. Some of her friends give her chocolates. Her best friend Sid gives her a handmade birthday card. Anya is overwhelmed. She shares the cake and goodies with her friends during recess.

New English ferry class 6 the selfish giant question answers

Find the meanings of these words

Haughty- Arrogant or proud

Whimsical- Playful

Intimidate- Close or familar

Outrage- Anger or fury

Prohibit- Stop or prevent

Righteous- Excellent or very good

Chapter 2 The selfish giant class 6 New English ferry questions and answers

Find the synonyms of these words in the story

  1. Small- Tiny, little
  2. Happy- Delight, cheerful, joyful
  3. Covered- Wrapped, shield, protect
  4. Weak- feeble, delicate

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