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The cherry tree question answers class 6 chapter1- Here you can find all the question-answer in the English reader book “New English ferry”. in this post, you will get the solutions to The cherry tree question answers class 6 chapter1 with a great explanation. The solutions of the cherry tree contain questions, answers, and explanations of the complete chapter1 titled “The cherry tree” of “new English ferry”class 6. If you belong to class 6 then you must follow the question and answers which will help you in your exam preparation.

The cherry tree question answers class 6 chapter1- New English ferry

These solutions of “The cherry tree” is best for the students of class 6 for their exam point of view. Follow these solutions and prepare accordingly. The solution to The cherry tree question answers class 6 chapter1 will help you with your homework.

The Cherry Tree Questions & Answers class 6 New English ferry

(A) Write T for true and F for false for these sentences.

1. Rakesh ate all the cherries before he reached his grandfather’s house.


2. His grandfather would tell him stories about ghosts.

Answer– True

3. The cherry tree grew slowly during the monsoon.


4. After the goat ate the leaves, Rakesh’s grandfather said that the tree would die.

Answer– False

5. When Rakesh was nine and the tree was four, it was taller than him.


 6. Rakesh’s grandfather sat under the cherry tree on a cane chair.

Answer- True

The cherry tree question answers class 6 chapter1-Short Answer type

 (B) Read these sentences and answer the questions that follow.

1. ‘Hey, not there!’

 a) Who said these words and to whom?

Ans – The Grandfather said these words ‘Hey, not there!’ to his grandson Rakesh.

b) Why did the speaker say, ‘not there’?

Ans – The speaker means the Grandfather himself did not want Rakesh to plant the cherry seed in that place because he had already planted mustard seeds in that place.

c) Did the listener go somewhere else? If so, where?

Ans – Yes, the listener means Rakesh went somewhere else to plant the cherry seed. Rakesh went to a corner of the garden where the earth was soft and yielding.

2. ‘What’s so special about this tree? Why do we like it so much?’

a) Who said this?

 Ans – Rakesh said these words to his Grandfather.

 b) Why did they like the tree so much?

 Ans – They liked the tree so much because they had planted the seed themselves and had watched it and nurtured it to grow into a big tree.

c) How did the speaker feel about himself after watching the tree grow?

 Ans – The speaker felt almost like God who had created everything after watching the tree grow.

The cherry tree question answers class 6 chapter1-Solutions

( C) Answer These questions –

1. Grandfather says, ‘Nothing is lucky if you put it away. If you want luck, you must put it to some use. What, do you think, he means?

Answer – Grandfather wants Rakesh to realize that we should make use of the opportunity given to us to achieve something. Everything in the world can be useful if we use it properly. so nothing is wasted until it is used for the right purpose.

 2. Why did Rakesh only look at the tree out of the corner of his eye?

Answer –Rakesh felt that the tree was not growing or it had stopped growing, so he decided not to see it further. But Rakesh used to keep looking at that tree from the corner of his eye to find any sign showing that the tree is growing.

3. Do you think that Grandfather was as excited as Rakesh about the cherry tree? Give reasons for your answer.

Ans – Yes, Grandfather was as excited as Rakesh about the cherry tree because they both planted the tree and nurtured it to grow from a seed to a big tree. They were both excited when they first discovered the pale pink blossom on the cherry tree. The grandfather enjoyed his time sitting beneath the tree and looking at the leaves.

4. Who benefitted from the cherry tree besides Rakesh and Grandfather? How?

Ans – Besides Rakesh and Grandfather, the birds benefitted from the cherry tree. They came to feed on the nectar in the blossoms and tiny birds pecked at the blossoms. The bigger birds like bulbuls and scarlet minivets liked the cherry tree as they flitted in and out of the foliage and feasted on the fruit

The cherry tree question answers class 6 chapter1-long type answers

(D) Think and Answer –

1. How many years of Rakesh’s childhood does the story cover? Describe how his relationship with his Grandfather changes as the tree grows.

Ans – The story covers four years of Rakesh’s childhood. When Rakesh was 6 years old he was having a good time with his grandfather. Grandfather used to tell him stories of ghosts that Rakesh enjoyed a lot. During this time Rakesh enjoyed a good relationship with his grandfather by spending a lot of time together. Both had also planted a cherry tree and took great care of it. When Rakesh grew up, he started reading new books, yet he used to sit next to his grandfather and listen to stories. They enjoyed spending time under the cherry tree. Their bond of affection became stronger as the tree grew up.

 Values and Life Skills –

In the story, Rakesh and Grandfather take care of the cherry tree. They also take care of each other. How do you think we can show concern for the needs of other people?

Answer-In the story “The cherry tree” where Rakesh and Grandfather take care of each other. Rakesh reads the newspaper for his Grandfather and in return, the grandfather tells him the story.  In this way, we can also show concern for the needs of other people by helping them in any manner. We can help our friends with homework. We also help our parents if they need it. We can distribute our old clothes, books, bags, shoes and toys to needy children.

New English ferry class 6 chapter 1 –


Without much strength — weak

An insect that grows to become a butterfly ——Caterpillar

Moved quickly in and out——————– Flitted

Walked slowly with heavy feet —————-Plodded

A particular point in time——————–moment


Look at something quickly ——————Glance

Stopped from growing to its full height——– Stunted

Soft and easy to move or bend —————Yielding

A flower on a tree ————————-Blossom

The low point between two mountains ——–Valley

New English Ferry Class 6 solutions chapter 1

Complete the table given below with the nouns from the box.-The Cherry tree

John Mary kindness happiness pile, selfishness, friend, stones, Irfan, laughter, friendliness, clump, Riya, children, flower, rubber, wood, ogre, army, cotton, iron, flock, Oscar, Wilde, group, gold

Proper NounsCommon NounsCollective NounsAbstract NounMaterial Nouns
Types of Nouns

The cherry tree question answers class 6 chapter1-Nouns

B Fill in the blanks with suitable nouns from the story.-The Cherry tree chapter 1 class 6

In the winter Season, Rakesh and Grandfather sat over a charcoal fire. Grandfather told Rakesh stories of people who turned into animals and Rakesh read out the newspaper to him. One day, Rakesh gazed up at the praying mantis through the leaves of the cherry tree. Grandfather and Rakesh wondered why they enjoyed looking at this particular tree when there were so many trees in the Forest. Grandfather reasoned that it was because they had planted it themselves. Rakesh said that he felt like God because they helped a tiny seed to grow into a full-grown_Tree

Cherry tree New English Ferry class 6 chapter 1-Collective noun

C Read the words in the boxes and match them to form collective nouns.

a band of  ——————–  Musicians

a heap of———————- toys

a bag of ———————- Mushrooms

a  troop of —————- Musician

a grove of —————- Trees

a constellation of ————— Stars

a swarm of ———————– Bees

an army of ———————— Ants

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