Travel question answers class 8 chapter2|New English ferry

Travel question answers class 8 chapter2- Here we are going to explain the poem Travel question answers class 8 chapter2 of the New English ferry. in this post, you will get the solutions to chapter 2, Travel with a great explanation. The solutions of travel question answer class 8 chapter2 contain a summary, question-answers and explanations of the complete chapter 2 titled “Travel” of New English ferry class 8. Here you can find the complete English Solution for New English Ferry Class 8.

Travel question answers class 8 chapter2-New English ferry

These solutions to Travel question answers class 8 chapter2, are best for the students from their exam point of view. Follow these solutions and write them down in your copy and prepare accordingly. the solution to the chapter2 poem Travel will help you with your homework.

Travel question answers class 8 chapter2-Summary

Travel poem Summary class 8 chapter 2-New English Ferry

Travel is a part of the collection of poems by Robert Louis Stevenson. This poem is written in the voice of a child, who imagines travelling the whole world to discover the wonders that he dreamt of. He wants to feel and observe the places that he heard whether it’s real or fiction.

In this poem, the boy says that he can travel far. He imagines that after waking up he would like to go to the place where golden apples grow. This is inspired by the fictional incident where Hercules was tasked with getting golden apples from the garden of the Hesperides. That is why the boy wants to go to the garden of the Hesperides where the golden apple grows.

After that, he wants to go to Parrot Island where many birds like cockatoos and parrots live. The child also says that he will see the boats built by Crusoe on this secluded island.

The boy now wants to visit the Eastern Cities where mosques and minarets are found. He now wants to see the Great Wall of China, which has deserts on one side and cities on the other, where along with people’s voices, bells and drums also resonate.

he wishes to visit such a place where forests are hot as fire, places are wide as England and buildings are tall as a spire. he wishes to visit the place of apes and coca-nuts.

Now the boy wants to visit the Nile of Amazon where he wants to see crocodiles, red flamingos, and man devouring tigers.

In the end, he wants to roam the desert of Egypt, sitting on a camel caravan where no one lives far and wide. After that, he comes to a house, lights the fire and sees the walls have pictures of great heroes, festivals, war and some old toys which probably belong to an Egyptian child.

Travel question answers class 8 chapter2-QA

Answer these questions within 20 words each.

 1. Where does the speaker hope to see mosques and minarets?

Answer- The poet hopes to see mosques and minarets in the eastern cities.

2. What do the forests ‘hot as fire’ abound in?

Answer-The poet wants in his imagination to go to another part of the desert city where a thick forest is available and whose temperature is hotter than fire. According to the speaker, the heat of the desert, which is as hot as the fire, can be felt even in the forest.

 3. What does the ‘knotty’ crocodile do?

Answer- The knotty crocodile lies and blinks inside the river Nile.

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Travel question answers class 8 chapter2-QB

B Answer these questions in 30-40 words each.

1. Name any three places that the speaker wishes to go to and why.

Answer-The three places where the speaker wants to visit are Eastern City where Mosques and Minarets will be seen and wants to go to China where the great wall of China will be seen and finally wants to go to Egypt where he will ride the Camel Caravan and roam through the desert.

 2. Describe the flamingo as the speaker sees it.

Answer-The poet tells about the red coloured Flamingo which is a tall and wading bird that hunts fish. According to the poet, these birds are seen in the Amazon forest near the river Nile.

3. What does the speaker say about the tigers?

Answer-The speaker says of tigers that they are all man-eaters and they are lying close to each other for hunting in the forest.

 4. What does the ‘kindly’ night bring?

Answer- The kindly night brings darkness to everywhere. because when night falls, the darkness falls everywhere. Even a glimpse of light will not be seen far away. because the place where the author wishes to visit is a desert where there is no sign of living beings.

Travel question answers class 8 chapter2- Answer in 80 to 100 words

Answer these questions in 80-100 words each.Travel from New English ferry

1. Describe how the speaker’s imagination is vividly brought out in the description of the places he wishes to visit.

Answer- The speaker wants to go to the fantasy land where Hercules went in search of golden apples, that is, to the garden of the Hesperides where golden apples grew. After that, he wants to go to the parrot island where cockatoos and parrots live and where Crusoe used to build his boat to sail across the sea. After that, the speaker wants to go on a tour of the desert land that is situated in the eastern cities, where he can get a glimpse of the mosques and minarets and can feel the whole view of the Great Wall of China over there.

2. Write a short note on any one thing about the poem that you like most. • You may choose words, phrases or lines from the poem to support your description.

Answer-In this poem, the boy wants to travel to the fantasy places that he always dreamt of. He wants to visit every place whether it is a fantasy or real. This shows the innocence and simplicity of the child who is eager to see those places that he imagines as the real ones. And he also thinks that when he grows up then he would like to go to those places which he could not go in childhood. This shows the determination of the child that how he is able to travel to distant places. This is the thing that I like about the poem is the boy’s simplicity and innocence.

Travel question answers class 8 chapter2-exercise solutions

D Read these lines and answers the questions that follow.

1. I should like to rise and go Where the golden apples grow;—

a. What does the speaker mean by the word ‘rise’ here?

Answer-The poet is thinking in his imagination that he wants to rise and go which means he wants to fly as fast as possible to the place Where he always wanted to go and see the Golden apples.

b. Why do you think the speaker uses the word ‘golden’ to describe the apples?

Answer-The speaker uses the word golden to describe the apple because he recalls the fictional incident where Hercules was assigned the task of bringing the Golden Apple from the Garden of the Hesperides. The poet is so inspired by this fictional incident that he also wants to go there to see the golden apples.

c. What characteristics of the speaker do these lines reveal?

Answer-These two lines reveal that the speaker is a small child who loves to listen to stories and these stories fascinate him so much that he starts believing them to be true. That means the speaker starts believing this fictional world to be true with his imagination.

2. There I’ll come when I’m a man With a camel caravan;

a. What does the speaker mean when he says `…when I’m a man’?

Answer-All those imaginary stories that the speaker used to hear in his childhood want to go to that places when he grows up where he could never go in his childhood.

b. Where does he want to go?

Answer-He wants to go to the desert land with his camel caravan where none lives and Where there is darkness everywhere as soon as the night falls.

 c. What does he intend to do there?

Answer-he wants to go inside the house and light up the fire to discover what is kept inside. he intends to discover the old Egyptian paintings and toys that are kept inside the house.

FAQs-Travel question answers class 8 chapter2

Who is the writer/speaker/author of the poem “Travel”?

Answer-Robert Louis Stevenson is the writer/speaker/author of the poem Travel

Where did the speaker want to go after becoming a man?

Answer- After becoming a man the author wanted to go to the desert land(Egypt) in a camel caravan

Where did the speaker wish to see the red flamingo and knotty crocodile?

The speaker wished to see the red flamingo and knotty crocodile in the River Nile.

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