Practice paper 4 class 9 Total english no 4 unseen passage

Practice paper 4 class 9 Total english no 4 unseen passage-ICSE total english Solutions Practice paper 4 class 9 Total english no 4 unseen passage. Practice paper 4 class 9 Total english for Class 9 question answers provided here with easy explanations. These solutions for Practice paper 4 class 9 Total english unseen passage is important from the exam point of view.

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Practice paper 4 class 9 Total english no 4 unseen passage

Question 4 Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow:

Both Robi and Quin wanted to win the affection of Madam Suzanne, who was a captivating actress. Robi and Quin were comedians with her at the Theatre Supreme. Professional rivalry aside, the two were good friends. Both were equally popular among their audiences.

One fine day, tired of their constant competition for her, Suzanne laid the condition that she would marry the one that was the better actor; and the judge shall be Paris. Robi and Quin concluded that in comedy, neither of them could prove supremacy, and so the competition should be to play a solemn part.
The issue became increasingly complicated till one evening a brilliant opportunity came Robi’s way. Jacques, a public executioner who had to deliver a lecture on the horrors of his job, offered for Robi to take his place, as he suffered from severe stage fright. Robi jumped at the offer.

Suzanne and Quin accompanied him to the hall for the lecture. Robi was made to resemble Jacques as closely as possible. The opening of the address consisted of imaginary incidents from his boyhood. Gradually, the anecdotes grew gruesome and hideous based on the facts Jacques had provided. The hall shivered. There was no applause when he finished; he howled and withdrew amid tense silence. After the mesmerising performance, he received a card from the Marquis requesting an interview at his home.

“An invitation from a Nobel! It is an honour. I shall assuredly go,” exclaimed Robi. He arrived at the given address at the scheduled time. Marquis, his host, appeared old—so old that he seemed to be falling to pieces as he tottered forward. He began, “Sir, your lecture was wonderful, most interesting, and instructive.” Robi bowed at his compliments.

As he offered Robi some wine, he asked about a prisoner, Victor, whom he had mentioned in his lecture.
“He was brave.” “I shall always recall his courage,” declared Robi. “But you still executed him.” He was innocent, my boy, my only son—he died at your hands. You are his murderer. I hope the wine is to your taste. Do not spare it! “It is poisoned,” said the old man. “In an hour you will be dead and my revenge will be achieved,” he added.

Robi was paralysed with terror; the host wore the smile of a lunatic. And then the host slowly removed the makeup and lifted his wig. It was Quin. While Robi had duped his audience, Quin had duped Robi himself with his performance. Finally, Suzanne married Quin, and Robi became the best man at the wedding.

Practice paper 4 class 9 Total english no 4 unseen passage solution

  1. Give the meaning of each of the following words as used in the passage. One word answers or short phrases will be accepted.

 (i) captivating (line 2)

Ans. captivating- The word “captivating” means to be extremely interesting or attractive, holding someone’s attention and interest.

(ii) supremacy (line 7)

Ans. supremacy – The word “supremacy” refers to the state of being superior or having dominance over others.

(iii) lunatic (line 30)

Ans. lunatic – A person who is mentally ill. It is used to describe someone who is perceived to be behaving irrationally and crazy

Practice paper 4 class 9 Total english questions and answers

(b) Answer the following questions briefly in your own words:

(i) Who were Robbie and Quinn? What was the nature of their relationship with each other?

Answer. Robbie and Quinn were comedians who worked at the Theater Supreme. They were good friends but professionally they were rivals of each other.

(ii) What condition was given by Madame Suzanne?

Answer. Madame Suzanne had put a condition that she would marry the one who would act better or be a better actor out of Robbie and Quinn.

(iii) What do Robbie and Quinn decide to do? What was the obstacle to his plan?
Answer. Robi and Quin believed that no one could prove their supremacy in comedy because both were good actors. So they had to move from comedy to a serious role to prove their supremacy, and finding the right serious role was the biggest obstacle.

(iv) What happened to Rabi?
Answer. Robi got a chance to play a serious role when he played the character of an executioner, Jacques, where he had to give a speech about the horrors of the job of the executioner. Jacques was afraid to act on stage, which is why Robi got the chance to play his character.

(v) How was Robbie’s performance? How did the audience react?

Answer. The character of the executioner Jacques was brilliantly played by Robbie on stage. And Robi’s performance was so lifelike that no one realised he wasn’t the real Jacques. The audience was so mesmerised by Robi’s performance that there was silence on the stage even after the performance was over.

Total english Practice paper 4 class 9 question no 4 unseen passage

(c) In no more than 50 words, explain how Robi cheated the audience and how Quin cheated Robi.
Answer. Robi performed the horrors of executioner Jacques’ work on stage so well that the audience was so mesmerised by his act that they began to imagine that he was the real executioner. Similarly, Robi cheated the audience with his acting. And on the other hand, Queen betrayed Robi and the audience by playing the character of the old man.

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