Great fun with grammar class 6 chapter4 solution

Great fun with grammar class 6 chapter4 solution- Hello everyone in this blog we will solve Great fun with grammar class 6 chapter4 solution. please read it and write it down in your notebook and prepare accordingly.

Great fun with grammar class 6 chapter4 solution- Nouns(number)

Great fun with English Grammar is an important subject for class 6 students which teaches us the basics of English grammar that help us how to read, write and speak English perfectly. deals with the subject wise solutions of the book Great fun with English Grammar class 6.

Today we are discussing the singular and plural forms of countable nouns. and learn how to convert a singular noun into a plural one. the chapter Great fun with grammar class 6 chapter4 solution deals with the Nouns and numbers. Let’s start

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1. Nouns form their plurals by adding “s” to their singular formTree-Trees, Boy-Boys, Apple-Apples
2. if the noun ends with the letter s, ss, ch, sh, and x then you have to add “es” to their singular formBus-buses, Bench-Benches, Box-Boxes, Bush-bushes
3. if a noun ends with “o” then also add es to their plural formMango-Mangoes, cargo-cargoes, potato-Potatoes
Exception-pianos, Radios
4. If the noun ends with a consonant + y, then add “ies” in place of “y”Baby- Babies, story-stories,
5. If the noun ends with a vowel + y, then add only s after yKey-Keys, Boy-Boys, tray-Trays
6. If the nouns end with f or fe then add “ves” in place of f and feWife-Wives, Thief-Thieves, Calf-Calves, leaf-leaves
Exception-Hoofs, Dwarfs, Chiefs
7. some nouns have the same singular and plural formSheep, Deer, Fish
8. Some nouns have only plural formsClothes, series, News
9. Compound noun(with hyphenated)Mothers-in-law, Sisters-in-laws
10. Compound nouns (without hyphenated)Banknotes, Letterheads
Nouns plural form rules

Great fun with grammar class 6 chapter4 solution-Plural form

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A. Write the plural of the following words

Plural forms of a noun

Great fun with grammar class 6 chapter4 solution-Rewrite the sentences

Rewrite the sentences making all the nouns plural. Change other words where necessary.

  1. The child saw a sheep, a deer, an ox, and a buffalo

Answer- The children saw sheep, deer, oxen and buffaloes

2. The woman carried a toolbox and a torch

Answer- the women carried toolboxes and torches

3. The thief stole the key of the safe from the drawer

Answer- Thieves stole the keys to the safe from the drawers

4. we put a puppy, a daisy, a pansy and a lily in the bouquet

Answer- we put puppies, daisies, pansies and lilies in bouquets

5. The chairman announced a bonus for the entire staff

Answer- The chairmen announced bonuses for the entire staff.

Great fun with grammar class 6 chapter4 solution-plural to singular

C. Rewrite the following sentences in the singular form. (plural to singular)

  1. The women told stories about fairies to the children

Answer– The woman told a story about a fairy to the child.

2. The foremen instructed the workers about their duties.

Answer-The foreman instructed a worker about his duty.

3.The valleys rang with the echoes of horses hooves.

Answer-The valley rang with the echo of a horse hoof.

4. The actors have worked in several popular television series.

Answer-The actor has worked in a popular television series.

5. The police apprehended many lorries carrying smuggled goods

Answer-The police apprehended a lorry carrying smuggled good

6. Some well-known series of books for young adults are written by multiple authors

Answer– A well-known book for a young and an adult is written by an author

7. The children ate boiled potatoes, raw tomatoes and slices of bread.

Answer– a child ate a boiled potato, a raw tomato and a slice of bread.

8. The elves and the dwarfs fought many battles.

Answer– An elf and a dwarf fought a battle.

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