Great fun with grammar class 6 chapter-2

Great fun with grammar class 6 chapter-2- In this blog, we are going to solve the question answers of Great fun with grammar class 6 chapter-2.please write down in your copy and practice accordingly.

Great fun with grammar class 6 chapter-1

Great fun with grammar class 6 chapter-2(Proper Noun)

What is a Proper Noun With an example

If any noun has a specific name, whether it is a person, place or animal then that noun is called a proper noun. ie A proper noun is a specific name for a “person, animal, place, or thing”.

When we use Proper Noun in a sentence, we always start it with a capital letter whether the proper noun comes at the beginning or at the end of the sentence.

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Example of Proper Nouns-

Name of peopleRakesh, Sheela, Mr Jacob
Name of PlaceNew Delhi,
Name of ThingsCandle, wall clock, Tata bus
Name of Street and buildingsShanghai Tower, Gandhi Marg
Name of Mountains, rivers and oceansThe Himalayas, The Ganga, The Indian Ocean
Name of days, monthsSunday, Monday, January, February
Name of books, newspapers and magazinesMathematics, The Samaj, Times of India, Filmfare
Name of ContinentsAsia, America, Australia
Name of FestivalsEid, Diwali, Holi
Name of special daysIndependence day

Great fun with grammar class 6 chapter-2(Exercise)


A. Work in pairs. Think of a proper noun for each common noun given below.

  1. a river ——————————- The Yamuna
  2. a mountain————————— The Himalaya
  3. a sportsperson ———————— Virat Kohli
  4. an actor —————————– Shahid Kapoor
  5. a street —————————— Dakhinakali
  6. a market—————————– Golbazar
  7. a city ——————————– Mumbai
  8. a Country —————————- Japan
  9. a book ——————————- Grammar
  10. a film ——————————– Karz
  11. a scientist —————————- Abdul Kalam
  12. an inventor ————————— Charle Babage
  13. a special day ————————– Gandhi Jayanti
  14. a festival —————————– Diwali
  15. a temple —————————– The Konark Temple
  16. a monument ————————- The Taj Mahal

Great fun with grammar class 6 chapter-2 question answers

B. Rewrite the following sentences using capital letters wherever necessary.

1. The largest city in america is new york.

Answer-The largest city in America is New York.

2. queen elizabeth is the monarch of great britain.

Answer- Queen Elizabeth is the monarch of Great Britain.

3. The red sea is to the east of egypt.

Answer- The Red Sea is to the East of Egypt

4. ashok’s birthday is on wednesday, the 15th of february.

Answer- Ashok’s birthday is on Wednesday, The 15th of February.

5. The man who first sailed to america was christopher columbus.

Answer- The man who first sailed to America was Christopher Columbus.

6. The prime minister of india lives at 7 race course road, new delhi.

Answer- The Prime minister of India lives at 7 Race course road, New Delhi.

7 . marine drive in mumbai is often called the queen’s necklace

Answer- The Marine drive in Mumbai is often called The Queen’s Necklace.

8. The nile is a longer river than the ganga.

Answer- The Nile is a longer river than The Ganga.

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