Great fun with grammar class 6 chapter-1|

Great fun with grammar class 6 chapter-1-Hello everyone, in this blog we are going to provide you with the solution of Great fun with grammar class 6 chapter-1 Noun. please follow and write the question answer of Great fun with grammar class 6 chapter-1 in your notebook and practise accordingly.

Great fun with grammar class 6 chapter-1 Noun

To learn English, it is very important to have a good knowledge of English grammar. That is why today we will understand the basic grammar of Great fun with grammar class 6 chapter-1 and solve all the questions and answers given in the Great fun with grammar book so that you can prepare yourself for your upcoming exam.

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Great fun with grammar class 6 chapter-1-What is Noun?

A noun is nothing but a name of a person, animal, place and things. Nouns are further classified as common nouns, proper nouns, abstract nouns, material nouns, and collective nouns. Apart from this nouns may be countable nouns and uncountable nouns

Types of Noun

Common NounHouse, River, Mountain, Bird, Animal
Proper NounSameer, Chennai, The Ganga, The Himalaya
Abstract NounSadness, Friendship, happiness, Love,
Collective NounTeam, Group, Family, Army, jury
Material NounWood, Iron, Cotton, Copper, Gold,
Countable NounShoe, Cup, bed, Chair, Rupee
Uncountable NounMilk, Sand, Money,
Concrete NounChair, foot, Scooter
Types of Noun

Great fun with Grammar class 6 chapter-1 solutions

(A)Work in pairs. Think of appropriate nouns to complete the following phrases

A slice of Bread
A cake ofSoap
A pinch ofSalt
Agust ofWind
A ray ofSun
A grain ofRice
A piece ofPaper
A blade ofGrass
A pair ofShoes
A coil ofCable
Nouns for phrases

Great fun with grammar class 6 chapter-1-Who am I?

B. Who am I?

1. I am trained to care for the sick or infirm:   Nurse

2. I have expert knowledge of one or more of the natural or physical sciences.-Scientist

3. I sell goods and services to other entities:  Seller

4. I create paintings or drawings as a profession:   Artist

5. I am the person who flies an aeroplane, helicopter, etc.: Pilot

6. I am the chief cook of a large kitchen staff:   Executive chef / Head chef/Head cook

7. I am a public officer appointed to decide cases in a law court: public prosecutor/Advocate

8. I am the person in command of a ship: Captain

Great fun with grammar class 6 chapter-1 (Animals and their homes)

Write the names of the animals that occupy the following homes.

Burrow————– Rabbit

Pen——————Cow/ Sheep

Hive————— Honey bee

Kennel————- Dogs/ cats

Drey————– Squirrel

Ophidarium——– Snakes

Rookery- ———-Rook

Eyrie- ————-Eagle/Falcon/Hawk

Byre- Cow

Match the column-Great fun with Grammar class 6 chapter-1

D. Match the sentence opening to an appropriate noun on the right. Then read the sentence.

A photographer uses a  ———————-   camera

An artist uses a—————————- Palette

An accountant uses a ———————- calculator

A referee uses a ————————– whistle

A cook uses a —————————- recipes

A diver uses a —————————- Scubasuit

An explorer uses a———————— Compass

A doctor uses a ————————– stethoscope

A surgeon uses a————————- Scalpel

A programmer uses a ——————— computer

An astronomer uses a ——————— telescope

A music conductor uses a—————— baton

Great fun with grammar question answers class 6

E. Use the words in the box to answer the questions

What do we call a person who:

Fond of sports—————————-sportsperson

Writes play—————————— playwright

Is in charge of a museum or an art gallery—–Curator

Host a show on television or on stage——– anchor

Examines accounts officially—————auditor

Writes for a newspaper or magazines——–journalist

Edits a newspaper, magazine, and other periodicals—–editor

Guides an orchestra during a performance- ———-Conductor

Does clever tricks which appear magical————- Conjurer

Travels into or through a country for the purpose of learning about it- Explorer

Is responsible for the production of a play, film, or TV show——– Producer

Conducts sales at which goods are sold to the persons making the highest bid or office- auctioneer

Great fun with Grammar class 6 solutions


Your cousin has written a letter to you. He wants to know more about your classmates. Answer the following questions he has sent you.

  1. Who sits next to you in class?  ———- Gopal
  2. Who has long hair? ——————Sheela
  3. Who likes to read books in your class?—- Jayashree
  4. Who enjoys playing in the playground? —-Mahesh
  5. Who is your best friend? —————-Rakesh

Common Errors (nouns)

Hari was a bad gentleman (error)

Answer- Hari was not a gentleman(Correct)

Two females played basketball (error)

Answer- Two women played basketball.(correct)

Rama is my cousin brother(error)

Answer- Rama is my cousin.

They attended a marriage yesterday(error)

Answer- They attended a wedding yesterday

Basanti was learning a new poetry(error)

Answer- Basanti was learning a new poem

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