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The world of Mowgli worksheet 4 question answers- Here we will share The world of Mowgli worksheet 4 question answers of class 6 of New English ferry. also provides the solutions of class 6 New English ferry literature and Fun with English grammar chapter-wise. you can also follow these question answers for the exam point of view.

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The world of Mowgli worksheet 4 question answers-Class 6

01 Answer these questions.

1. What would Mowgli do when he was not learning?

Answer- When Mowgli was not learning he would like to sit under the sun, sleep and ate and again going for sleep.

2. When would Mowgli use the forest pools?

Answer-When Mowgli felt hot and dirty then he used the forest pool to swim over there.

3. What would Mowgli do at the Council Rock?

Answer-Every night the herd of wolves used to meet on the Council Rock. Mowgli had grown up among wolves, so he also used to go to Council Rock to attend the meeting and used to sit in his place.

4. How was Mowgli taught not to trust men?

Answer-Mowgli did not trust men because Bagheera told him that they cannot trust humans because they harass the animals and trap them and take them away from the jungle. In the middle of the forest, Bagheera had showed him a square box with a drop gate which was a trap put up by humans.

5. Why was Mowgli not scared of Shere Khan?

Answer-Mowgli knew that a herd of wolves is with him and also Baloo, a powerful animal who can even fight Shere Khan for Mowgli. That’s why Mowgli was not afraid of share khan.

The world of Mowgli worksheet 4 question answers-New English ferry

Write short notes on Mowgli’s life among the animals In the jungle

Answer-Mowgli grew up with cubs of wolves. When he was free, Mowgli used to sit under the sun and after eating food, he used to sleep over there. When he felt hot and dry he used to go inside the water to take a bath or swim. When he wanted to eat honey, then he used to climb on the tree which Bagheera had taught him how to do it. Every night he would reach Council Rock where flocks of wolves gathered for meetings.

Notes-The world of Mowgli worksheet 4 question answers

Match the idioms with their meanings.

1. straight from the horse’s mouth — directly from the original source

2. be like a bear with a sore head — careless in the way you move or behave

3. eager beaver –. very enthusiastic

4. sitting duck —- an easy target

5. get on your high horse — behave in a haughty manner

6. like a bull in a china shop — irritable

Worksheet 4 The world of Mowgli solutions class 6

B Complete the sentences with the correct idioms from the box.

The world of Mowgli worksheet 4 question answers-New English ferry

(the cat that swallowed the canary, keep the wolf from the door, take the bull by the horns,

a red rag to a bull, have a bee in her bonnet, stirred up a hornet’s nest)

1. Please do not remind Father of the watch he has lost. It is like showing a red rag to a bull.

2. Suparna can talk of nothing but her role in the play. She seems to a bee in her bonnet.

3. When my neighbour realised that the boys could not be stopped from troubling the poor dog, he decided to take the bull by the horns and called the secretary of the SPCA immediately.

4. When the teacher appreciated Rohit’s skilful handling of the problem, he looked like the cat that swallowed the canary.

5. Veronica’s announcement about securing a job abroad stirred up a hornet’s nest in her family.

6. Although the family had hardly enough money to keep the wolf from the door they were always cheerful and optimistic.

questions and answers the world of Mowgli worksheet 4

Rearrange the words in each set to form sentences. Punctuate your sentences correctly. ‘then, write 1’ if the verbs arc transitive and IT if the verbs are intransitive. Circle the obiects in the sentences with transitive verbs. One has been done for you.

1, a diana is novel reading

Answer-Diana is reading a novel. (Transitive verb)

2. drawing picture am a i

Answer- I am drawing a picture. (Transitive verb)

3. pasta we salad ate dinner for

Answer- W e ate salad pasta for dinner. (Transitive verb)

4. dog kennel sleeping the is in the

Answer- The dog is sleeping in the kennel. (Intransitive verb)

5. her gone mother has a walk for with a friend

Answer- Mother has gone for a walk with her friend.(Intransitive verb)

6. stopped laptop working my has

Answer- My laptop has stopped working. (Intransitive verb)

7. appreciated audience exhibition the yesterday the

Answer- The audience appreciated the exhibition yesterday.(Transitive)

8. the film the children watching attentively are so 

Answer- The children are watching the film so attentively. (Traansitive verb)

The world of Mowgli worksheet 4question answers-Grammar

Underline the direct objects and circle the Indirect objects in these sentences.

 I. Father gifted us new board games yesterday.

Aanswer- board ganes(direct object)

                 Us- (Indirect Object)

2. We fed the rabbits lots of carrots.

Answer-  Carrots( Direct object)

                Rabbit (Indirect Object)

3. I bought Mother a bouquet of flowers.

Answer-  Bouquet of flowers (Direct object)

                Mother (Indirect Object)

4. The teacher handed over the answer scripts to the students.

Answer- answer scripts (Direct object)

               The students ( Indirect Object)

5. Tani gave a few seashells to her sister.

Answer- seashells (Diect object)    Sister-(Indirect object)

6. The wise man gave the youngsters some valuable advice.

Answer- Youngsters (indirect object) advice ( Direct object)

7. Mother gave the baby a bath.

Aanswer- Bath (direct object)  The baby (Indirect object)

6. Sameera gifted a beautiful bracelet to her sister.

Answer- bracelet (Direct object) sister (Indirect object)

Solutions of The world of Mowgli worksheet 4 question answers

Coordinating conjunctions Read these sentences. The coordinating conjunction in each sentence has been incorrectly used. Rewrite the sentences using the correct coordinating conjunctions. (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so.) FANBOYS

1. It was raining heavily, so we stayed indoors.

2. Keith will go to the airport, so Nita will accompany him.

3. Rohan is tall, but his sister is short.

4. Garima injured her right hand but she did not cry.

5. Priya went to the party and met many of her friends there.

6. The walk was very refreshing but Sujatha felt very tired.

7. We have finished studying for the test, so we are relaxed.

8. The baby sparrows are in the nest, and the mother sparrow is feeding them.

The world of Mowgli questions and answer New English ferry

fill in the blanks  with the correct conjunctions from the box.

(although, whenever, if , though , even if, because, unless, since )

1. Aalthough it was raining heavily, we decided to go into the garden.

 2. She did not go for her karate class because she was unwell

3. The train was delayed because it didn’t get the signal from the station.

4  Though you cannot complete the entire exercise, you must finish at least half of it.

5. I will not come to the market with you unless you let me pick up some bread from the bakery on our way back.

6.even if there is another route, we will still go this way.  

7.  Although it was a holiday, Dipu went Inr his swimming practice.

8. My mother gives a bowl of biryani to our neighbor whenever she cooks it.

The world of Mowgli worksheet 4 notes-New English ferry

Rewrite the sentences by putting commas wherever necessary.

  1. Seeing the stranger ringing the doorbell, the dog started barking loudly.
  2. He was disappointed to see the scores, but he did not lose heart.
  3. Annie, can 1 borrow your pen to complete this composition?
  4. Brenda, not Mita was responsible for breaking the vase.
  5. Yes, Father did promise to take us to the new restaurant in town this weekend.
  6.  If you do not complete these chores on time, you will not be able to make it to the theatre.


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FAQs-The world of Mowgli worksheet 4 question answers

Q1- What is the meaning of straight from the horse’s mouth

Ans-directly from the original source

Q2- What is the meaning of be like a bear with a sore head

Answer- careless in the way you move or behave

Q3-What is the meaning of get on your high horse

Answer-behave in a haughty manner

Q4-What is the meaning of like a bull in a china shop


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