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My grandfather’s house question answers – here we will solve the question answers of worksheet 1 My grandfather’s house from New English ferry by Ruskin bond.

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My grandfather’s house question answers- Worksheet 1

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My grandfather’s house question answers-Ruskin bond

A. Answer these questions from My grandfather’s house question answers

1. How long was the walk to the house that once belonged to the narrator’s grandfather? What trees could be seen on the road leading up to the house?

Answer-The walk was a furlong to the house that once belonged to the narrator’s grandfather. the road is lined with eucalyptus, jacaranda, and laburnum trees that lead up to the house.

2. What did the narrator say about the owners of the bungalows in the neighbourhood?

Answer-The narrator said about the owners of the bungalows in the neighbourhood that were built by old Indian hands on their retirement from the army, the police or the railways.

3. Who was the present owner of the house?

Answer– Major General Saigal was the present owner of the house.

4. Why was the narrator unable to get a clear view of the house and garden?

Answer- The narrator was unable to get a clear view of the house and garden because the wall had been raised and the wicket gate had disappeared.

5. Name an important thing that the narrator observed about the house.

Answer- The narrator observed about the house that there were no signs of age as the house was built with granite rocks.

6. What was the narrator’s whimsical urge? What does this tell us about him?

Answer- The narrator’s whimsical urge was to take permission from the owner of the house and then walk in at the gate, climb into the branches of the jackfruit tree and recover his lost possessions. This tells that the narrator was very much passionate about his belongings.

B. Write a paragraph describing the narrator’s association with the jackfruit tree which was still there in the garden.

My grandfather’s house worksheet 1 solution

Answer- the narrator is very much associated with the jackfruit tree which still remains in the garden. He used to spend his afternoon under the tree and keep all his belongings inside a hole in the tree. He wishes to climb up the tree with the permission of the owner to recover all his belongings from the tree.

My grandfather’s house questions and answers worksheet 1

C Which words in the passage are the synonyms of these words?

1. engrossed — absorbed

2. playful —  whimsical

Rewrite the sentences by replacing the highlighted words with the words from the box.

(impenetrable, furious, journalist, incredible, inimitable, calligraphy, barren, benevolent)

1. His style of writing cannot be imitated.

Answer-His style of writing is inimitable. 

2. My cousin works as a writer for newspapers and magazines.

Answer– Journalist

3. Everyone likes Mr Sharma who is ready to help everyone in trouble.

Answer– benevolent

4. Stella has done a course in the art of handwriting.

Answer– Calligraphy

5. The lady was extremely angry when she came to know what had happened.

Answer- furious

6. The fields the travellers passed through were completely devoid of vegetation.

Answers– barren

7. The passage was so narrow that it was impossible to go through it.

Answer- impenetrable

8. I feel the story you have just narrated is so surprising that it is difficult to believe.

Answer- incredible

New English ferry class 6 worksheet 1 solution

My grandfather’s house question answers

B Give one word for these groups of words.

1. that which cannot be conquered — Unconquerable

2. that which cannot be heard — Unhearable

3. that which cannot be expressed – Inexpressible

4. that which cannot be understood- Incomprehensible

5. that which is bound to happen— inevitable

6. not to be grateful to someone— Ungrateful

7. to remain in disguise — Indisguisable

My grandfather’s house worksheet 1 question answers

Fill in the blanks with correct nouns from the brackets and write the type of noun

(Australia, flock,  ring, litter, honesty, cotton, wool, table)

kangaroos are native to  Australia  —- proper noun

flock of birds flew over my head. —- Collective noun

This sweater is made of wool —– material noun

His honesty is appreciated by all. —– Abstract noun

The litter of puppies looked really cute. — Collective noun

My mother gave this ring to me. —— Common noun

This sari is made of cotton —- material noun

The book is on the  table—- common noun

Worksheet 1 my grandfather’s house question answers

Complete these sentences by choosing the correct collective noun

1. a platoon of soldiers

2. a panel of experts

A load of trucks

A knot of toads

A clan of hyenas

A colony of beavers

My grandfather’s house question answers New English ferry

C Unscramble these letters to form abstract nouns. Their meanings are given in the brackets as clues.

N C R E A G A R O (excessive pride——– ARROGANCE

 I E T E D C (dishonest behaviour) ——– Deceit

 E A J L U O Y S (feeling upset about others’ success ——–Jealousy

 S M M I P I O T (quality of expecting that good thing will happen)——Optimism

 CA N I E G O N R (lack of information or knowledge ——- Ignorance

 RL 0A UV (courage) —- valour

My grandfather’s house worksheet 1 class notes

Make anagrams from these words.

1. potion —- option

3. votes —- Stove

5. siren —- Resin

7. danger—- Garden

2. tugs — Guts

4. shout— South

6. tablet– Battle

8. rental— Learnt

My grandfather’s house class 6 notes

Add a homophone to each set.

 1. pique   – peak -pick

2. course –  coarse 

3. straight – Strait

4. to – too –  two

5. meet – mete – meat

6. seller –  Sailer

 7. by – bye – buy

8.  bass- Base

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