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Storing kindness worksheet 2 question answers- here we will solve Storing kindness worksheet 2 question answers class 6 of new English ferry. here we cover all the questions and answers of Storing kindness worksheet 2 of New English ferry one by one.

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Storing kindness worksheet 2 question answers-Class 6

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Storing kindness worksheet 2 question answers-New English ferry

Reading comprehension

f) Fill in the blanks.

1. A community fridge is a refrigerator located in a public place.

2. The needy can consume healthy and nutritious food from a community fridge.

3. The community fridges in Bengaluru can store at least 50 food packets.

4. Hotels and restaurants often have leftover food.

5. Organisers have to ensure that the community fridges are kept clean.

Storing kindness worksheet 2 question answers-Class 6

B Answer these questions.

1. Explain the concept of a community fridge.

Answer- A community fridge is a refrigerator with food stored in it and is located in a public place so that anyone can keep ready to eat food in it. the needy can take it out and consume healthy and nutritious food.

2. When and where was the first community fridge set up? When did the concept come to India?

Answer- The first community fridges were set up in Germany in 2012. The concept of community fridge came to India in 2017

3. Describe the storage capacities of the community fridges in Gurugram, Kochi and Mumbai.

Answer-The storage capacities of the community fridges in Gurgaon, Kochi and are 50 and 40 food packets respectively. The community fridges in Mumbai feed a total of 300 people every day.

4. how can restaurants and hotels contribute to the community fridge?

Answer-Restaurants and hotels can store cooked and leftover food in the community fridges for the needy.

5. What care must be taken before depositing food in community fridge?

Answer-Food should be deposited in community fridge with clean and disposable containers where date of cooking and date of expiry should be mentioned.

6. How do you think community fridges raise awareness about food wastage?


Solutions of Storing kindness worksheet 2 Class 6 New English ferry

Match the columns to make adjective-noun collocation.

I. startling —————Discovery

2. incredible ————- Story

 3. miraculous ———– Escape

4. innovative ———— Idea

5. magnanimous——— gesture

 Escape, gesture, idea, discovery, story

Storing kindness worksheet 2 notes

Complete these sentences with suitable predicates using the hints given in brackets. One has been done for you.

  1. The car has a metallic blue bonnet.
  2. Mr Nair is a tall man
  3. We are very punctual to your work.
  4. You are reading an interesting book.
  5. The dogs bark loudly at strangers.
  6. The baby is happy with its doll.
  7. The song tunes good for the audience
  8. The film was good as the theme was excellent

question answers of Storing kindness worksheet-2

B Fill in the blanks with the correct verb from the brackets.

 1. The chairman was  present at the inauguration of the new office.

 2. The bunch of roses looks fresh.

3. The poet and singer are always on time for any programme.

4. Both milk and cornflakes are healthy.

5. Mohit, as well as his family, always act responsibly.

6. Either Sunita or Jane has to complete the assignment on the conservation of water.

7. Every student of this school is working very hard to make the programme a success.

8. Neither Vikram nor his friends seem enthusiastic  to participate in the race.

Storing kindness worksheet 2 class 6 solutions

C Complete these sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

1. All my friends like to play basketball.

2. It seems that the mall is rather crowded today.

3. The lady with a dozen cats reside  in this neighbourhood.

4. Nobody realize how difficult it is to drive on slippery roads.

5. Anita, as well as her brothers, play basketball very well.

6. Either my father or my mother drives me to school every morning.

7. The principal, along with all the teachers, always attend the programme that the students organise.

 8. There were fifteen oranges on the table, but now there is only one left.

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