The prank class 6 question answers|worksheet 3 New English ferry

The prank class 6 question answers- Today we are going to solve the Worksheet 3 The prank class 6 question answers of the New English ferry book. here you can also find the question answers to worksheet 1(My grandfather’s house) and worksheet 2(Storing kindness)

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The prank class 6 question answers- worksheet 3

Queryexpress is the ideal choice for the students of class 6 to learn the English literature book New English ferry.

These Solutions to The prank worksheet 3 question answers will definitely help students prepare for their upcoming examinations. We are here to give the students a clear view of the chapter and the best answers pattern

The prank class 6 question answers New English ferry

Complete these sentences

  1. The narrator describes the experience she had that day as an embarrassing day
  2. The narrator’s nephew accompanied her when she was called to report at the nearest studio
  3. The peon stopped the narrator from meeting the director as she did not have an appointment.
  4. Since the narrator’s first experience at the radio station, she has had recordings of many of her poems there.
  5. The nephew played the prank on the narrator because it was 1st April.

The prank class 6 question answers New English ferry

Answer these questions

  1. How was the narrator planning to spend the morning?

Answer- The narrator was planning to spend the leisurely morning by reading her favourite book with a cup of coffee.

  • Why couldn’t the narrator carry out her plans that morning?

Answer- The narrator couldn’t carry out her plan that morning because she had a call that informed her to report to the nearest radio station with her nephew Prasant.

  • What mood was the narrator in when she reached her destination?

Answer-Narrator had a great mood as she was going to give an interview to an RJ and wanted to show off her intelligence with her answers. Besides, she was just overwhelmed and dreaming about that interview.

  • How were the narrator and the nephew received at the radio station?

Answer- When the narrator and his nephew reached the radio station for the interview, the peon of the radio station drove them away saying that the director was busy with his work and they did not even have an appointment to meet the director.

  • How did the narrator and her nephew occupy themselves while waiting for the director?

Answer- The narrator and her nephew sat on the sofa and occupy themselves by reading newspapers, magazines and recalling the names of the miscreants in the country while waiting for the director.

  • Why did the nephew throw glances of admiration at the peon?

Answer- the nephew threw glances of admiration at the peon because he stopped the narrator to enter the director’s chamber for the second time.

The prank class 6 worksheet 3 solutions

Describe the narrator’s meeting with the director of the radio station when she finally got a chance to speak to him. ( Word limit: 80-100 words)

Answer-finally, the narrator and her nephew entered the director’s chamber and took their seat. then the narrator showed her impressive resume where she mentioned all about her carrier, her achievements, and her multifaced personality as well. she was thinking that the director would read her resume carefully and get all the information about her which is written in the resume. but at the start, The director looked at her and politely told her that she might have come for the interview due to some mistakes because there are no vacancies available for radio jockeys at present.

Which words in the passage have these meanings?

  1. Confusion or surprise– stunner
  2. Saintly — beatific
  3. Wrongdoers
  4. Proud or arrogant- supercilious

Worksheet 3 The prank class 6 question answers

Match the columns to form pairs of antonyms

  1. Artificial—- natural
  2. Barren—- Fertile
  3. Cunning—- Innocent
  4. Deference—-gullible
  5. General— Particular
  6. Guilty— Innocent
  7. Vague— Clear
  8. Virtue—- Vice

New English ferry worksheet 3 The prank question answers

Match the words

  1. Impossible—- not possible
  2. Unable—- Can’t do something
  3. Overcook—- Cooked too much
  4. Autobiography— The story of one’s own life
  5. Illegal— against the law
  6. Mislead—- Give incorrect information
  7. Outperform—- Perform better than others
  8. Transatlantic—- beyond the Atlantic Ocean

Notes: worksheet 3 The prank class 6 question answers

Fill in the blanks by adding the correct suffixes to the words I brackets

  1. How could you be so careless as to lose your pencil box?
  2. Reena had ___ finished her homework before her cousins arrived.
  3. The valley had a wonderful view.
  4. This chair is more comfortable than that one.
  5. Father spoke softly since Granny was sleeping.

Class 6 worksheet 3 The prank solutions- New English ferry

Write the kind of sentences mentioned for each.

  1. Declarative sentence- my sister is learning to play the guitar.
  2. Imperative- Please give me your pencil.
  3. Declarative sentence- Priya is searching for food inside the refrigerator
  4. Exclamatory—what an excellent runner she is!
  5. Declarative sentence- The tailor takes the measurement of the dress.
  6. Exclamatory- What beautiful scenery it is!

worksheet 3 The prank questions and answers

Rearrange the words in each set to form a sentence.

  1. What a funny show it was! ( Exclamatory)
  2. Don’t run across a busy street. (Imperative)
  3. It is a very well-maintained garden. (Declarative)
  4. Where are you going early in the morning? (Interrogative)
  5. Please distribute the sweets among these children. (Imperative)
  6. What did the effect mark Antony’s speech have on Romans? ( Interrogative)


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