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The children’s hour class 8 question answers- Dear students, today we will share The children’s hour class 8 question answers to the New English ferry book. The children’s hour class 8 is written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. here you can also find the summary of The children’s hour class 8. In our previous posts, we have shared the questions and answers to The discover Delhi hunt, Travel and Planning a surprise so, you can check these posts as well.

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The children’s hour class 8 question answers- New English ferry

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The children’s hour class 8 Summary- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Summary of The Children’s Hour poem

Summary- At the beginning of the poem, the poet tells that the day is falling and night is about to come i.e. it is evening time and everyone is getting ready to spend time with their families after taking a break from their day’s work. Because it is children’s hour and the speaker has also completed his day’s work and is eagerly waiting for his daughters in his hall.

Sitting in the hall, he hears the melodious sound of his daughters coming down the stairs. The speaker speaks about his daughter, stating that Alice is a grave girl, Allegra a smiling girl and Edith with blonde hair.

The speaker sees that they are whispering and they are plotting and planning something to surprise him. All of a sudden they enter the hall through the doors as all the doors were unguarded and all surrounded their father in such a way that he could not escape and then they sat on his lap and started kissing his father lovingly.

This shows the fatherly love and affection of the poet towards his daughters and the poet does not want to let them go away from his heart till his death.

The children’s hour class 8 question answers-Chapter-4

A-Answer these questions within 20 words each.

1. What is the Children’s Hour?

Answer- Children’s hour is the time when the day ends and the night is about to come, that is, the time of evening is called Children’s hour because all the work of the day ends at this time and children are ready to play with their parents.

2. Who invades the poet’s castle?

Answer-The poet’s three lovely daughters invade his castle.

3. How do the invaders enter the castle?

Answer-The invaders mean his three daughters rush from the stairway and enter inside the hall through the three unguarded doors and enter the castle.

4. Where does the poet wish to keep the intruders forever?

Answer-The poet wishes to keep the intruders in the dungeon in the round tower of his heart forever.

The children’s hour class 8 question answers with solutions

B.Answer these questions in 30-40 words each.

  1. What is the mood in the first stanza? Is there a shift in the mood in the second and third stanzas? Explain.

Answer-In the first stanza, the poet describes the time between daylight and night as children’s hours because during this time the day’s work comes to an end and every child is ready for the fun with their parents. But In the second and third stanzas, shows the eagerness of the poet to spare time with his beloved daughters. Therefore, yes, there is a shift in the mood in the second and third stanzas.

2. What do the invaders do to the poet?

Answer- The invaders suddenly raid the castle and climb up into his lap over the arms and the back of his chair. They surround the speaker and devour him with kisses and at the same time, the invaders encircle the speaker in their arms in order to restrict him of escape.

3. Quote the lines that show that the poet welcomes the invasion.

Answer-The lines that show that the poet welcomes the invasion is- “I have you fast in my fortress And will not let you depart, But put you down into the dungeon In the round tower of my heart”.

The children’s hour poem class 8 question answers

A-Answer these questions within 80-100 words each.

1. Describe how the poet brings out his affection for the three invaders. Mention the images he uses.


Answer- The poet feels the sound of the invaders coming. They enter the hall and climb into his lap and encircled him in such a way that he could not escape. the poet calls them blue-eyed bandits as they have invaded his fortress by scaling the wall. He wants to hold them fast and put them inside his heart and will never allow them to go away till he dies. All these reflect his unconditional fatherly love for his daughters.

2. The poet uses the language of an attack by an invading army or an intrusion to describe his daughters’ actions. Do you think their manners prompt him to do so? Justify your answer.

Ans- They slowly come down the stairs and whisper as they are plotting and planning some startegy to give him a surprise that looks like an army strategy. then they suddenly raid the hall through the doors as they left unguarded. They encircled him and climb up into his lap so that he couldn’t escape.

Solution of the poem the children’s hour- New English ferry

1. Do you think, O blue-eyed banditti, Because you have scaled the wall Such an old moustache as I am Is not a match for you all! Absolutely prepared at home

a. Who are the blue-eyed banditti referred to here?

Ans- The poet’s three daughters Alice, Allegra and Edith are referred to as blue-eyed banditti referred here.

b. How have they scaled the wall?

Ans-They have scaled the wall by coming suddenly into the hall through the doors that were left unguarded.

c. What does the poet wish to convey through the last two lines of the stanza?

Ans-In the last two lines, the speaker wants to convey that he is no longer strong enough to pick up the three on his lap. here Speaker wants to show his old age to his daughters.

2. And there will I keep you forever, Yes, forever and a day, Till the walls, shall crumble to ruin, And moulder in dust away!

 a. What place does “there” refer to?

Ans- “there” refers to the poet’s heart where he wishes to keep his daughters forever.

b. What are the feelings of the speaker for the ones he wants to keep forever?

Ans- The feelings of deep affection and love of the speaker for the ones he wants to keep forever.

 c. Explain the last two lines of the extract in your own words.

Ans- The poet expresses his feelings towards his daughters and that he will never let his daughters away from his heart until the day he crumbled to dust.

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