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Planning a surprise class 8 summary- Dear students, today we will share the Summary of Planning A Surprise class 8 New English ferry book. Planning A Surprise is an extract from Louisa May Alcott’s famous novel ‘Little Women’. In our previous posts, we have shared the questions and answers to The discover Delhi hunt and travel so, you can check these posts as well.

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Planning a surprise class 8 summary-Louisa May Alcott

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New English ferry-Planning a surprise class 8 summary

The story Planning a surprise is written by Louisa May Alcott and is adopted from her famous novel “Little women”. Here she explains about the four March sisters whose father was away at war and their mother takes care of them. The four sisters are loving, and caring and have a strong sense of responsibility towards their family.

Though they lived in a comfortable room, the colour of the carpet was faded with some ordinary-looking furniture. They had also some good pictures hanging on the wall that showed the economic condition of the family was not good.

Margaret was the eldest of the four sisters, who was 16 years old. She was very beautiful in appearance with big eyes and soft brown hair. After that Jo was 15 years old and was very tall and thin in appearance. He had long hair which was always tied. The third sister was Elizabeth who was 13 years old. Beth was a shy girl whom her father called “Little Miss Tranquility”. Then Amy was the youngest of all who had blue eyes and yellow hair that was always curly.

Planning a surprise summary class 8 new English ferry

One day all four saw that their mother’s slippers were damaged and they needed a new one. That’s why the four sisters decided that on the occasion of Christmas, they should gift their mother instead of buying something for themselves. Margaret said that she would give her a nice pair of gloves. Joe said that she would give her a pair of army shoes, while Beth said that she would give her some handkerchiefs. In the end, Amy said that she would give her a bottle of cologne as she liked it so much. Then they decided to put all the gifts on the table and will invite her to open the packets.

In the midst of all this, Mrs March entered the house and took off her wet clothes and sat on the easy chair wearing her hot slippers. Four sisters sat beside her after arranging all that made things comfortable.

Now Mrs March told them about the letter that their father had sent to them. In his letter, Mr March sent lovely wishes for Christmas and a special message to their daughters. He also explained the life of a soldier during the war as he was serving as a chaplain in the army.

Summary of Planning a surprise by Louisa May Alcott

The letter was a cheerful one that described their camp life, marches and war news. Apart from that, the letter showed the fatherly love of Mr March towards his little daughters who were a long way in the home. In the letter, Mr March expressed the hope that his girls would be following everything he had said to them. Will be performing all their responsibilities honestly and will be fighting bravely with their enemies. Apart from this, they must have taken care of the house and their mother as well.

Now it was night and at nine o’clock everyone finished their work and went to bed and started singing the song which they always sang. Beth sat by the piano, and Meg and her mother began to sing. According to them, their mother was a good singer whose melodious voice resonated in the morning and ended at night.

Conclusion-Planning a surprise class 8 summary

Here we conclude our topic “Planning a surprise class 8 summary”. hope you guys learn the basic theme of the chapter by reading the summary Planning a surprise. any suggestions..please do comment.

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