Festival of eid class 8 question and answer| festival of eid class 8 summary

Festival of eid class 8 question and answer- here we are sharing the Festival of eid class 8 question and answer. here you can also find out the summary of the festival of eid. if you want to know the Idgah festival of eid question answer then follow the entire post.

Festival of eid class 8 question and answer

Festival of Eid, written by Munshi Premchand, shows the unconditional love between a grandmother and her grandson. How much the grandson loves his grandmother is the theme of this story. It is a lesson to be learned that the grandson prioritised the grandmother’s pain over his own happiness. 

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Festival of eid class 8 summary

About the Story: The Festival of Eid is an inspirational story written by Munshi Premchand that depicts the selfless love a 4-year-old boy has for his grandmother. The story begins with Hamid, a 4-year-old orphan boy who lives with his old grandmother. He is very poor, and because of this Hamid does not have shoes in his pair and walks around barefoot wearing a dirty cap whose thread has also turned black.

There is a wave of happiness in the villages. All the shops are decorated. From children to elders, everyone is looking happy because they are all going to celebrate the festival of Eid. Everyone is looking happy because they are all going to celebrate the Eid festival. That’s why everyone is going to the fair wearing new clothes and perfume.

But Grandma Amina is worried about how to let Hamid go to the fair. because he is still a child and the fair is far away. But the grandmother bows down to Hamid’s insistence and allows him to go to the fair. Hamid flies to the fair in happiness as if he has wings on his feet.

There he goes to toy and sweet shops with his friends, but instead of buying something for himself, he buys a pair of tongs for his old grandmother. Because he knows that her grandmother’s fingers often get burned while making bread, and these tongs will save her fingers from burning.

Because of this pair of tongs, he remains a laughingstock among his friends, yet he returns home to justify his purchases. Dadi gets angry with Hamid when she sees the iron tongs in his hand. When Dadi learns the whole truth, she cries and hugs Hamid, seeing his selfless love for her. 

Festival of eid class 8 question and answer class note

A. Answer these questions within 20 words each.

1. How old was Hamid?

Answer. Hamid was four years old at the time. 

2. What did Amina tell Hamid about his parents?

Answer. Amina tells Hamid that her father has gone to earn money, and her mother has gone to Allah to get beautiful gifts for him.

3. What do people do after the prayer is over?

Answer. After the prayer is over, people hug each other and go to the shops to buy sweets and toys.

4. How much did Hamid pay for the tongs?

Answer. Hamid spent three paisas to pay for the tongs.

5. Why did Mohsin laugh at Hamid’s tongs?

Answer. Mohsin laughed at Hamid’s tongs because Hamid had bought an iron tong instead of toys, which was not normal for a child. He laughed at the fact that “why does he act like a fool?” and “what would Hamid do with it?”

Idgah festival of eid class 8 question answer

B. Answer these questions in 30-40 words each.

1. How does the narrator describe the excitement on the day of the celebration?

Answer. There was a wave of enthusiasm in the village. All the shops were decorated. Everyone was wearing new clothes, and perfumes were also applied. Small children were more excited than adults because there were fairs in the villages, and they were all going to the fair. They were going to buy countless toys and sweets with the money in their pockets.

2. Why did Hamid want to give the tongs to his grandmother?

Answer.. Hamid was a four-year poor orphan boy who lived with his grandmother Amina. Hamid loved his grandmother Ameena a lot. he really cared for her due to this he wanted to gift a pair of tongs to his grandmother, as she used to burn her fingers while baking chapati in the fire. That’s why Hamid wanted to give a pair of tongs to his grandmother so that her fingers would not get burnt while backing the chapatis.

3. How did Hamid convince the other boys that his tongs were better than their toys? 

Answer. Hamid convinced the other boys that his tongs were better than their toys because his tongs were like a brave tiger and strong enough to withstand any damage.  His tongs could withstand any storm and be carried like a gun. Apart from that, it could be used as a singing mendicant.

4. What was Amina’s reaction when Hamid gave her the tongs?

Answer.. When Hamid gave Amina the tongs, Amina beat him and expressed her concern that, because of the tongs, he neither ate nor drank anything at the fair. And when she came to know the whole truth, she hugged Hamid, loved him a lot, and also expressed surprise at his selfless love for her.

Festival of eid class 8 solutions exercise

1. Hamid goes to his grandmother and says,’ Granny, don’t you fret over me! I will be the first to get back.Don’t worry!’

a. Why was Granny worried?

Answer.-Granny was worried because Hamid was just 4 years old and it was three miles to reach the fair. Grandmother did not want to let the small little child go to the fair alone.

B. Why did grandmother shed tears before Eid?
Answer. Amina shed tears in memory of her son before Eid because she did not even have a handful of grains to cook on Eid. If he had his son, the festival of Eid would have been special.

c. Did Granny accompany him? Give reasons.

Answer. Hamid’s grandmother had to make vermicelli for Eid. Since she had no money, she stayed at home to beg someone for ingredients so that she could make vermicelli at home.

2. But the shopkeeper does not scream.

a. What was the shopkeeper selling?

Answer.The shopkeeper was selling iron tongs and other hardware items.

b. Why do you think the shopkeeper would have screamed?

Answer. I think the shopkeeper must have screamed because Hamid was bargaining to buy the iron tongs worth 5 paisas for 3 paisas. while the shopkeeper’s lowest price was 5 paisa for the tongs.

c. Why does he not scream?

Answer. Seeing the poverty and innocent face of Hamid, the shopkeeper must have felt pity, for which reason he probably did not scream at little Hamid.

The festival of eid question answer class 8 Cambridge

C. Answer these questions in 80-100 words.

1. Write a short character sketch of Hamid.

Answer. Hamid was a four-year-old poor orphan boy who lived with his grandmother Amina. Although he was poor, he did not have shoes like other children and used to wear a dirty cap, but he was much richer at heart. He had a big and loving heart. The quality of loving others, and feeling their pain was surprising. His selfless love for his old grandmother was exemplary. At the age when children are fond of playing and eating, he was only concerned about his grandmother. That’s why he bought a pair of tongs for his old grandmother at the fair without eating or drinking so that her finger would not get burned while baking chapatis.

3. Do you think that Hamid really believed that toys are a waste of money? Justify your answer.

Hamid was a poor orphan boy who roamed around his village without shoes and wearing a dirty cap. Despite being a small child, he knew the importance of money. He knew very well where to spend the three paisas he kept in his pocket. Should he buy toys from the fair with that money or buy a pair of tongs for his dear grandmother to save her fingers from getting burned while baking chapati? Yes, being a small child, he thought it right to spend his money on iron tongs rather than on toys. From here, it is known that Hamid found it useless to spend money on toys.

4. At the end of the story, the narrator says that Ameena’s love was ‘mute, solid and seeped with tenderness.’ What do you think the narrator wishes to convey through these words.

Grandmother Amina was overjoyed when little Hamid got her a present. She was surprised that 4-year-old Hamid returned from the fair with empty hands and an empty stomach, carrying iron tongs in his hand so that she would not burn his finger while baking bread. Grandma was shocked to see this. She was surprised that little Hamid felt his grandmother’s pain instead of her own happiness. The grandmother’s eyes welled up with tears as she witnessed her grandson’s unconditional love for her. His selfless love made Dadi speechless. 

Essay on eid

FAQs- Festival of eid class 8 question and answer

Q1- How old was Hamid?

Answer- Hamid was 4 years old.

Q2- Why is Hamid happy?

Answer- Hamid was happy as he was going to buy something for her grandmother, who loved her so much.

Q3-Who is the main character of the story the festival of Eid?

Answer-The main character of the story the festival of Eid is a 4 years old orphan little boy Hamid who lived with her grandmother Amina.

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