Saving the Gharial appreciating the text solutions| Saving the gharial class 8 appreciating the text

Saving the Gharial appreciating the text solutions- Here we will share Saving the Gharial appreciating the text solutions. students should go through the entire content and write it down in their copy. if you want to know the solution to Saving the gharial class 8 question and answer then visit the link given below.

Saving the gharial class 8 questions and answers

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Saving the Gharial appreciating the text solutions


1. What do you think was the writer’s intention behind writing the text? Does she want to persuade us about something? Can you identify the line in para 16 in which she makes her plea to the readers?

Answer- The intention of the author behind “Saving the Gharial” was to raise awareness among the masses about this endangered species, the Gharial. Basically, she wanted to explain the unique characteristics of gharials and how they deal with their enemies, lay eggs, and protect their young from predators so that people can save this species from extinction and make them understand the need to conserve them so that they can increase their population. The line where the writer makes her plea to the reader is …….. but we are hopeful that people are at last ready to do what it takes to save the gharial.’’

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2. Let’s try and understand how the writer makes her appeal to us through the text.

a. Would you call the text factual or opinion-based? What parts of the text support your answer?

Answer- I would call the text that has been given to us by Janki Lenin facts rather than opinions. because here she has furnished the real facts about the gharial and its natural habitat that her husband and his team observed during their mission, “Project Gharial.”

b. In your opinion, does writing the text as ‘I’-a first-person account of events’ make the text more believable or less so? Give reasons for your answer.

Answer- Yes, in my opinion, writing any text as “I,” a first-person account of events, certainly makes the text more believable because it makes it real and authentic to the text. This type of writing assures the reader that what he is reading is based on facts rather than fiction.

Saving the Gharial appreciating the text solutions class 8

c. Would you describe the writing as dry and informational or vivid, visual and interesting? What are the phrases or sentences that caught your eye?

Answer- The writing is absolutely vivid and informative. The way she presented the whole story was quite interesting, as she used some catchy phrases to describe the whole mission. She described the river as “ribbons of cobalt,” “churning the water into a foam with its tail,” and “clashing like swords” in the air, which made the writing more interesting.

d. What information about the gharials’ behaviour and lifestyle gives us an emotional connection with them?

Answer- The way humans take care of their children and the way their lives are devoted to their children, in the same way, gharials are also devoted to their children. From laying eggs to growing up, they follow all the duties that every human does for their children. But the way their natural habitats are getting destroyed due to our interference and climate change is threatening their existence. These are some causes that have an emotional connection with them.

e. Were you convinced by the writer’s arguments? Did it change the way you think about crocodiles? Why or why not?

Answer- Yes, I completely agree and agree with the author’s arguments as well. It definitely helped me enhance my general idea about crocodiles and their species. This article has altered our perception of crocodiles. A crocodile is not only an aquatic animal but also a beautiful creature who has the right to live like a human being. Due to our selfishness, we cannot bring this species to the brink of extinction. It is our duty to conserve these extinct species and help in increasing their numbers.

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