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When the Mop count did not tally summary- Here we will share the “When the Mop count did not tally summary” from the new English ferry class 8. read it, write it down in your copy, and prepare accordingly.

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When the Mop count did not tally summary-new English ferry

Sudha Murthy’s father was a renowned professor of obstetrics and gynaecology. In his classes, students never used to feel boredom because, during his teaching, he used to tell small real-life incidents to the students through stories.

Sudha Murthy always had the same complaint that why her father used to tell stories to medical students. In response, her father used to say how well you teach and no matter how interesting the subject, no student can concentrate for more than 45 minutes. That’s why he tells the story so that the concentration of the students increases.

Here Sudha Murthy is referring to a story told by her father which was built in England. One day a well-known senior surgeon was going to operate. in the operation theatre, an OT nurse has a key person in making the operation successful. All doctors and surgeons respect them because they are senior and experienced. OT nurse has a lot of contribution to the operation theatre. But that day the OT nurse was on leave and a smart young nurse was appointed in her place who was an expert in her work.

When the Mop count did not tally summary of class 8 new English ferry

It is the job of the OT nurse to count the cotton mops before the operation so that after the operation is over, it can be ensured that all the cotton mops are outside and not inside the patient’s body.

The surgeon started the operation and it was successful too. According to the routine, the nurse was asked to count the cotton mops before the patient was sewn up. But from the counting, it was found that a cotton mop was missing. Then the surgeon searched inside the patient’s abdomen, if the cotton mop might not have been accidentally left inside and the OT nurse started searching in the operation theatre but they did not find that cotton mop.

Now the doctor started getting irritated and told the OT nurse whether she was doing some mistakes in counting. But the OT nurse confidently said that she is right and there is no mistake in her counting. Now the doctor asked for a needle and catgut to sew the patient, but OT Nurse politely refused because the cotton mop was still missing. Now the doctor started searching inside the patient again, but he did not find anything. Now he again asked for a needle and catgut and threatened to be fired if she did not give them to him. But the OT nurse stuck to her insistence and did not give the needle and catgut to the doctor. Finally, the OT nurse found the missing cotton mops lying on the floor. Now the nurse gave the needle and catgut to the surgeon and then the operation was over. After the operation, the surgeon called the OT nurse apologized to her and also appreciated her work.

Summary of When the Mop count did not tally summary class 8

The surgeon also asked how she stuck with her decision after being threatened by him. She replied that she was only following her teacher’s word. Her father always says each and every patient is precious. if the patient dies it will be a  permanent loss for that unfortunate family. So be careful when you treat a patient.

This was an essential principle that Sudha Murthy’s father used to teach throughout this story.

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