Scarecrow poem summary class 6 dreamcatcher|Walter de la Mare

Scarecrow poem summary class 6 dreamcatcher-Today in this post we will discuss the summary of a beautiful pom scarecrow from dreamcatcher, an English reader book for class 6 icse students. It’s an Excellent Poem from which Many questions come from this chapter in the exam. If students knew the summary of the poem Scarecrow, then it wouldn’t be a problem for Question Answers.

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Scarecrow poem summary class 6 dreamcatcher-Madhuwan publication

scarecrow is a great poem for class 6 icse medium students. The summary of this Poem tells us how the scarecrow guards its owner’s cornfields against crows regardless of the weather. This beautiful poem is written by Walter de la Mare who is an English poet who writes short stories and novels apart from English poetry. Let’s know without delay, Scarecrow poem summary class 6 dreamcatcher

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Scarecrow poem summary class 6 dreamcatcher – Walter de la Mare


Summary of the poem The Scarecrow by Walter de la mare?

The summary of the poem Scarecrow tells us about the Scarecrow, who waits for the spring season so that it can drive away his master’s worst enemy crows from the grains. During this, what hardships he endures in every season has been mentioned in this poem Scarecrow.

Throughout the winter, the scarecrow stands with its head bowed as it has nothing to do during this time. That is why it bows down silently under heavy rain.

When the north wind blows during the cold, the weather becomes colder and snow begins to fall, which falls on the scarecrow, but when the wind gets stronger, it also moves the snow away from the scarecrow.

At night, many stars keep shining in the sky, which also seems to sparkle even the snow lying on the body of the scarecrow.

Now the scarecrow compares itself to the cut stalks of cereal plants left in the ground after harvesting because it also stands in one place without moving a little bit.

But when spring arrives, there is a certain amount of joy and hope within the scarecrow. Now the scarecrow raises its eyes languishing in winter and looks up at the vast sky and searches for its master’s worst enemy, the crows.

The Scarecrow now knows that grain plants are soon to grow, for which he stood there to protect. He would be able to see the snow-covered grain in the vast fields shining in the sunlight and this is the time he had been waiting for a long time.

Scarecrow poem summary class 6 dreamcatcher- Chapter questions

. Answer these questions.

  1. What does the Scarecrow endure during winter?
  2. What is stubble and how has the poet described it? Is the description apt?
  3. How does the world change with the arrival of spring’
  4. Why do you think spring has been called a`child’?
  5. Who is the Scarecrow’s master? Do you think strange is an appropriate, word to describe this master?
  6. How do we know that the Scarecrow is man’s friend?
  7. Why do you think the snow has been described as ‘sterile’?

B. Answer these questions with reference to the context.

1. at midnight `neath the maze of stars

I flame with glittering rime,

and stand above the stubble stiff

as mail at morning prime

  1. Explain what is meant by ‘maze of stars’.

Why is the scarecrow ‘glittering’ and what does the word ‘flame’ suggest?

How has the scarecrow described itself in the last two lines?

2. I lift void eyes and scan the sky for

a. Why does the poet use the expression void eyes’?

 b. What does his eyes scan and why?

When does this happen?

3. Which my unflinching watch bath sealed for harvest once again

a. What is the scarecrow referring to?

b. What does the expression ‘unflinching watch’ tell us about the scarecrow?

c. What image suggesting abundance has been used just before this?

C Use these words from the poem differently in sentences of your own.

  1. Bow-
  2. Mail-
  3. Rime-
  4. Host-
  5. Blows—
  6. Prime-

D. Unscramble these words from the poem

  1. rtpaeru-
  2. iomnrgn-
  3. lhcirned-
  4. gyraenni-
  5. eacsr-
  6. thevars–
  7. utblbse-
  8. dsitrgni—

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