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The surprise party class 6 question answer-here we are going to solve The surprise party class 6 question answer one by one. students of class 6 should read it carefully and write it down in their notebooks so that they will prepare this wonderful story “The surprise party” by the English reader book Dreamcatcher for their examination.

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The surprise party class 6 question answer-Dreamcatcher

The surprise party class 6 question answer of Dreamcatcher an English grammar by Madhuban publication where students can learn the chapter 1 question answer.


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  14. The Happy Prince——- ——–Oscar Wilde.
  15. The Charge of the Light Brigade —Alfred Tennyson
  16. Griffin in the Emporium ———H G Wells  
  17. Macavity: The Mystery Cat———T S Eliot  
  18. Introducing Fantastic Beasts—JK Rowling
  19. The Merchant of Venice —Edith Nesbit.  
  20. Lochinvar—— Waiter Scott  
  21. The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding Part I–Agatha Christie
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The surprise party class 6 question answer-icse Dreamcatcher

Exercises-The surprise party class 6 question answer

A. Answer these questions.

1. Who was Bilbo expecting? Quote a line to prove that he was anxious to meet that person.

Answer- Bilbo Baggins was expecting Gandalf. The lines that prove that Bilbo was anxious to meet that person were “I am so sorry to keep you waiting!” he was going to say to Gandalf.

2. What surprise awaited Bilbo when he opened the door for the first time?

Answer-When Bilbo opened the door for the first time he saw a dwarf with a blue beared that tucked into a golden belt standing at the door instead of Gandalf.

3. Describe Bilbo’s reaction to the onslaught of visitors

Answer- Bilbo was very surprised as he was not expecting so many dwarves as he was waiting to meet Gandalf instead of this onslaught of visitors. That’s why he was very angry and confused with the onslaught of visitors.

4. When did Gandalf arrive and with whom?

Answer- Gandalf arrived at the last with a dwarf named Thorin.

5. Mention two instances that prove that Bilbo was not happy with the intrusion.

Answer- Various instances in the chapter indicate Bilbo’s unhappiness over the sudden arrival of so many dwarves. For instance:
‘He sat in a corner trying to collect his wits! The poor little hobbit sat down in the hall and put his they would all stay to supper!

6. Mention two significant cues conveyed by the song.

Answer-  In the song, the dwarfs explained how the dragon came and destroyed their houses. They also wanted help from Bilbo.

7. How did the song affect Bilbo?

Answer- Answer: Bilbo heard the song and he felt the love of beautiful things made by hand. Then something woke up inside him and he wished to go and see the great mountains and explore the caves.

8. Compare the first and last stanza of the song. How are they different?

Dreamcatcher-The surprise party class 6 question answer

B. Answer these questions with reference to the context.

The surprise party class 6 question answer

1. ‘1 don’t like the sound of that.’

 a. Who says this and when?

Answer- Bilbo Baggins says this when the “killi” joins the throngs.

b. Comment on the mood of the speaker.

Answer- The speaker was angry and confused.

c. What kind of talk was reaching his ears at that point of time?

Answer-The dwarfs were talking about mines, Gold, the threat of dragons and troubles with the goblins.

d. Did his mood undergo any change?

Answer- No his mood didn’t undergo any change because he didn’t like the unexpected guest (dwarfs) and the throng

The surprise party class 6 icse dreamcatcher solutions

2. ‘Quite a merry gathering!’

a. Who said this and when?

Answer- Gandalf said this ‘Quite a merry gathering!’ when he saw thirteen dwarfs sitting at the table.

b. What is being described as a merry gathering?

Answer- The gathering of thirteen dwarfs is said to be a merry gathering as all of them were discussing and enjoying the party.

c. Did the host also find the gathering to be ‘merry’? Answer with reference to the account provided.

Answer- No the host didn’t find the gathering to be merry. because the host was doing all the work alone and no one was helping him. He was doing all the work like bringing the dishes, plates, spoons, forks, glasses, and things piled up on a big tray to the table

d. What instructions did the speaker give to the host soon after?

Answer- The speaker gave instructions to the host to bring some more coffee and cakes.

The surprise party class 6 English reader dreamcatcher-question answer

3. Then something woke up inside him—

a. What is being described here?

Answer- The interest in adventure to explore the mountains, caves, and waterfalls are being described here.

b. What feelings were stirring inside whom?

Answer- The feelings were stirring inside Bilbo bagging to explore the mountains, caves, and waterfalls and hear the pine trees.

c. What fearful thoughts disturbed him briefly?

Answer-The fearful thoughts of the dragon destroying his house by burning it all to flames disturbed him.

d. How long did these feelings last? Can you explain why he felt this way?

Answer- The feelings lasted for some time because Bilbo Baggins didn’t like adventure and also the fear of the dragon made him to come back to plain Bilbo Baggins again.

C. Make sentences with these words:

Tucked into – they tucked into their dinner as they were very hungry.

Made a move- he made a move toward his victory to conquer Mount Everest.

Piled up – he piled up all the vegetables for making salad

Collected his wits – he collected his wits for doing something special

Marched in – They marched into the room to capture the culprit.

Swept off – she swept off the dirt from the house completely.

Died down- I waited for the traffic to die down before I start my journey.

Get through – Last year I got through a severe financial crisis due to lockdown.

Dreamcatcher English reader class 6 solutions-The surprise party

D. Give two synonyms for each of these words.

1. Understand – Realize, Know

2. Puzzled – Confuse, Mistify

3. Remembering – recollect, think of

4. Uncomfortable – unbearable, intolerable

5. Adventurous – courageous, daredevil

6. Throng – Crowd, mass, troop

7. Polite- Courteous, Respectful

E. Mention five adjectives that describe Bilbo’s feelings

Answer- Angry, surprised, Puzzled, red in the face, beautiful

F. Mention five adjectives that describe the dwarves

Answer- Proud, important, little,  blue beared,

Direct to Indirect

1.“It Gandalf for certain this time”, he thought.

Answer-He thought that it was the Gandalf for certain that time

2.‘ Now we are all here.” Said Gandalf. ‘Quite a merry gathering! I hope there is something left for the latecomers to eat and drink

Answer- Gandalf said that they were all there at that time

3.’I suppose you will all stay to supper?’, he said in a polite and unpressing tone.

Answer-He politely asked them whether they would all stay to supper.

4.’ What can I do for you?’ said Bilbo

Answer- Bilbo asked what he could do for me. 

5.’I am so sorry to keep you waiting”! he was going to say

Answer-: He was going to say that he was sorry to keep me waiting.

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