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Scarecrow class 6 question answers-Today we will discuss the Scarecrow class 6 question answers in detail. Scarecrow is a fantastic poem written by Walter de la Mare which is an important chapter for the student of class 6 icse. so all the students are requested to read the question answers carefully and write them down in your copy and practice accordingly.

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The Surprise party class 6 chapter 1 Dreamcatcher question answer

Scarecrow class 6 question answers-Dreamcatcher

Before we start Scarecrow class 6 question answers let’s learn the summary of the poem first. for the summary of the poem, scarecrow click on the link above.

Contents of Dreamcatcher an English reader, class 6


  1. The Surprise Party ——————J R R Tolkien
  2. An Uncomfortable —————-Bed Guy De Maupassant 
  3. Birds of Paradise——————-Christina Rossetti 
  4. Johanna ————————–Jane Yolen
  5. The Scarecrow———————Walter de la Mare 
  6. The Little Prince——————-Antoine de Saint-Exupery
  7. Big Brother————————Munshi Premchand 
  8. Cradle Song———————–Sarojini Naidu 
  9. The Woman on Platform 8 ———Ruskin Bond 
  10. A Work of Genius —————-An Indian Folktale
  11. You Are Old, Father William ——-Lewis Carroll
  12. His First Flight——————-Liam 0′ Flaherty 
  13. The Road Not Taken—————Robert Frost.
  14. The Happy Prince——- ——–Oscar Wilde.
  15. The Charge of the Light Brigade —Alfred Tennyson
  16. Griffin in the Emporium ———H G Wells  
  17. Macavity: The Mystery Cat———T S Eliot  
  18. Introducing Fantastic Beasts—JK Rowling
  19. The Merchant of Venice —Edith Nesbit.  
  20. Lochinvar—— Waiter Scott  
  21. The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding Part I–Agatha Christie
  22. The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding Part II—Agatha Christie

Scarecrow class 6 question answers-Walter de la Mare

ICSE class 6 English literature solutions


A. Answer these questions.

1. What does the Scarecrow endure during winter?

Answer-During the winter months the Scarecrow bears the driving rain and bitterly cold with incessant snowfall that covers the scarecrow. The north wind freezes the Scarecrow and as well as blows the snow away from the scarecrow and leaving it black and bare. During this cold winter, the scarecrow is left so stiff that he cannot move.

2. What is stubble and how has the poet described it? Is the description apt?

Answer-Stubble is the cut stalks of cereal plants that are left out of the ground after the harvesting has been done. The scarecrow is comparing himself to armour as he is also not able to move freely just like stubble that is stuck inside the ground. Yes, the description is appropriate.

3. How does the world change with the arrival of spring’

Answer-  The world changes visibly in full bloom on the land with the arrival of spring. During this spring nature wakes up after the melting of snow and prepares itself for a renewal of life. trees covered with buds and flowers that create a certain amount of delight and hope. now the dull eyes of the scarecrow look at the vast sky in search of crows.

 4. Why do you think spring has been called a`child’?

Answer- Spring has been called a child because the cycle of the season starts with spring. as we know that winter is the ritual of death of nature and after that Spring arrives like a child to the world of nature during the spring the world of nature is young and extremely beautiful as it covers with buds and blossoms.

ICSE class 6 English literature solutions-Dreamcatcher

 5. Who is the Scarecrow’s master? Do you think strange is an appropriate, word to describe this master?

Answer- Scarecrow’s master is the farmer who puts the scarecrow on his farm to save his crops from crows. According to the scarecrow, His master is a stranger to him because the master leaves the scarecrow in the fields to bear the ravages of every season. therefore strange is the appropriate word to describe this master.

6. How do we know that the Scarecrow is man’s friend?

Answer- With hard work and dedication, the farmer grows crops and the scarecrow protects the crop from being destroyed by the crow. The scarecrow keeps off the crows from the crops.  that’s why is known as the friend of the farmer.

 7. Why do you think the snow has been described as ‘sterile’?

Answer- When winter comes the whole of nature covers with white snow. Because of this, neither leaves grow nor flowers bloom on the trees. As if the greenery has been swallowed up by a white cover of snow. Therefore the snow has been described as sterile as it prevents nature to bloom.

Scarecrow class 6 question answers- Chapter 5 Dreamcatcher

B. Answer these questions with reference to the context.

1. at midnight neath the maze of stars

I flame with glittering rime

and stand above the stubble stiff

as mail at morning prime

Explain what is meant by ‘maze of stars’.

Answer-A maze of stars means the complex arrangement or pattern of stars looks in the sky.

Why is the scarecrow ‘glittering’ and what does the word ‘flame’ suggest?

Answer- The Scarecrow is glittering under the maze of stars in the night sky as the white snow on its body shines as a flame with the light of the stars. the word flame suggests that the scarecrow is glittering like the gas flame in the night.

How has the scarecrow described itself in the last two lines?

Answer-In the last two lines, Scarecrow has expressed his happiness because he has kept the biggest enemy of the farmer away from the crop so that the farmer can reap the good harvest of his hard work.

Dreamcatcher class 6 solutions -Icse chapter 5

2. I lift void eyes and scan the sky for

a. Why does the poet use the expression void eyes’?

Answer-Throughout the winter, Scarecrow had seen no greenery except a white blanket of snow. But when it was spring, Scarecrow happily looked at the sky. therefore the poet use the expression void eyes.

 b. What do his eyes scan and why?

Answer-  With the arrival of spring, The scarecrow lifts its void eyes and searches the vast sky for crows who are enemies to his master’s crop. Because it is his duty to protect his master’s crop from being destroyed by the crow.

When does this happen?

Answer- This happens when the spring knocks on the door after winter.

3. Which my unflinching watch bath sealed for harvest once again

a. What is the scarecrow referring to?

Answer- the scarecrow is referring to a good harvest as the spring arrives, it starts its work to save the crop from its master’s worst enemy and that is the crow.

b. What does the expression ‘unflinching watch’ tell us about the scarecrow?

Answer-The expression ‘unflinching watch’ tell us about the scarecrow that the Scarecrow begins its work as spring arrives, with strong and determined to protect its master’s crop from crows. For this, his eyes look upon the vast sky in search of crows.

scarecrow class 6 question answers-Madhubun educational books

C Use these words from the poem differently in sentences of your own.

  1. Bow- bow your head before your elder
  2. Mail- he mailed me about his success.
  3. Rime- He brushed away the frost that rimes his beard.
  4. Host-India was asked to host the commonwealth games in New Delhi
  5. Blows—cold air is blowing from the north pole
  6. Prime- he is the prime member of our team.

D. Unscramble these words from the poem

1. rtpaeru— Rapture-feeling of intense pleasure

2. iomnrgn–Morning


4. gyraenni-Ravening- extremely hungry and hunting for prey


6. thevars–harvest

7. utblbse— stubble—Cut stalks of cereal plants

8. dsitrgni—striding—walk in a specified direction

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