For the love of a man by Jack London Solutions| For the love of a man Dreamcatcher 7 answer key

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For the love of a man by Jack London Solutions- Dreamcatcher

The passage tells the story of Buck, a powerful dog stolen from sunny California and mistreated until he is rescued by John Thornton in the cold Yukon region. Initially mistreated, Buck becomes the leader of a dog pack, forming a unique bond with Thornton. Thornton’s love and care help Buck recover physically and emotionally. The passage highlights Buck’s newfound experiences of genuine love, contrasting with his past life. Despite the call of the wild, Buck’s love for Thornton keeps him close. The story explores themes of friendship, loyalty, and the clash between wild instincts and domestication.

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for the love of a man questions and answers class 7
for the love of a man questions and answers class 7

For the love of a man Dreamcatcher answer key

1. What do we learn about Buck’s present condition?

Buck was a powerful dog who had undergone a journey from sunny Santa Clara, California, to the bitterly cold Yukon region of Canada. Initially, he was stolen and mistreated by his owners, but later he was rescued by John Thornton. For the first time, he experienced genuine love and care.

2. What was Skeet’s role in Buck’s recuperation?

Skeet, a little Irish setter, played a significant role in Buck’s recuperation. In a motherly manner, Skeet washed and cleansed his wounds regularly. This caring behavior contributed to Buck’s physical and emotional recovery.

3. How were Buck’s feelings for Thornton different from his feelings towards his previous masters?

Buck’s feelings for Thornton were characterized by genuine love, adoration, and deep friendship. Unlike his previous masters, who had mistreated him badly, Thornton treated Buck with kindness and love, creating a great bond between them.

4. How did Thornton treat Skeet, Nig, and Buck? What does this tell you about him?

Thornton treated Skeet, Nig, and Buck with kindness, love, and adoration. He took care of his dogs as if they were his children. This shows that Thornton is not just a responsible owner; he has a deep emotional connection with his animals.

For the love of a man questions and answers class 7

5. How has the writer explained the strange bond between Buck and Thornton?

The writer attributes their strong bond to Thornton’s life-saving actions, ideal mastery, and genuine love, expressed through unique interactions.

6. How was Buck’s behavior different from that of Skeet and Nig?

Unlike Skeet and Nig, who were more demonstrative in seeking attention and physical contact,  Buck expressed his love through adoration from a distance. He would keenly observe Thornton, studying his expressions and movements and lying at his feet for hours.

7. What do we learn about Buck’s ability to steal?

Buck retained the wildness and wiliness of his primitive instincts due to his great affection for Thornton. He did not steal from Thornton due to his great love, but he could steal cunningly from others without detection.

8. What strange feelings would often stir within Buck, and what kept him from responding to them?

Buck felt a calling to go into the woods, but his love for Thornton always brought him back, causing him to restrain his primal desires for Thornton’s sake.

For the love of a man questions and answers

B. Answer these questions with reference to context.

1. They seemed to share the kindliness and largeness…

a. Whose kindliness and largeness is being referred to and with whom are they being compared?

Answer- The kindliness and largeness refer to John Thornton, and they are being compared with the owners of the other dogs in the context.

b. What comment precedes this statement?

Answer- This statement follows the description of Skeet and Nig being friendly towards Buck.

c. How is this statement explained?

Answer- The statement is explained by highlighting that Skeet, Nig, and Buck all share the same kind and large-hearted nature as John Thornton.

d. What thoughts came to Buck’s mind in this context?

Answer- Buck, in this context, reflects on how these dogs, like him, share the generous and kind spirit of John Thornton.

For the love of a man dreamcatcher 7 Answer key

a. Who says this about whom? Why?

Answer- This exclamation is made by John Thornton about Buck. It expresses Thornton’s amazement at Buck’s ability to almost speak.

b. What do you know about the speaker’s treatment of animals?

Answer- The speaker, John Thornton, is described as someone who treats animals with genuine love and care just like his sons.

c. How is the relationship between the two described in the next paragraph?

Answer- The relationship between John Thornton and Buck is described as having a deep and affectionate bond.

d. Mention two adjectives that would describe the speaker.

Answer- Two adjectives describing John Thornton could be amazed and affectionate.

for the love of a man questions and answers class 7 Dreamcatcher

a. Whom did Buck adore?

Answer- Buck adored John Thornton.

b. With whom has Buck been compared in this context?

Answer- Buck has been compared to Skeet and Nig in this context.

c. What do we learn from the comparison?

Answer- The comparison suggests that Buck’s way of expressing love is different from the more physically demonstrative nature of Skeet and Nig.

d. What is our impression of Buck in the given context?

Answer- In this context, Buck comes across as observant and reserved, expressing his love in a more distant but profound manner.

Dreamcatcher class 7 questions and answers

a. Who is being spoken about?

Answer- Buck is being spoken about.

b. Why did he not have this love earlier?

Answer- He did not have this love earlier because his previous experiences with owners were more about duty and partnership, lacking genuine affection.

c. How has he finally found genuine love?

Answer- He has finally found genuine love through his relationship with John Thornton, who treats him with deep care and affection.

d. What do you know about the relationship between the two who love each other?

Answer- Buck, in this context, is portrayed as experiencing true and passionate love for the first time in his life.

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