Marriage by Rajendra prasad CHSE Odisha Solutions| Marriage question answer +2 1st year English

Marriage by Rajendra prasad CHSE Odisha Solutions- Here, we will share Marriage by Rajendra prasad CHSE Odisha Solutions. If you are searching for Marriage question answer +2 1st year English, then you are in the right place.

Marriage by Rajendra prasad CHSE Odisha Solutions

How was the author’s marriage finalised?

The author’s marriage was arranged at the age of thirteen. The bride’s father and uncle visited him, asked questions, and approved. The Tilak ceremony followed, along with customary gifts and a cash present.

What idea of the ritual of Tilak do you get from the passage?

The Tilak is a significant betrothal ritual, marked by the approval of the bride and groom’s parents. It involves the exchange of gifts, including clothes, utensils, and a cash present.

What was the financial condition of the author’s family? Did it affect the pomp and show of the author’s wedding?

The financial condition of the author’s family was not good. They faced financial strain due to deaths, unprofitable zamindari, and increased expenses. But his father spent generously on the wedding, including ornaments, to maintain the family’s reputation.

Marriage chse question answer pdf

Marriage chse question answer pdf
Marriage chse question answer pdf

Marriage chse question answer odisha

How does the author describe his marriage party?

In his marriage party, elephants and horses were included in the procession. Special people along with groom were riding in the palanquin and others were travelling by bullock carts. The palanquin of the bride and groom was made of silver. The wedding procession had to cross the Sarju River, for which they had to take the help of boats. This way, after traveling 40 miles, they reached the bride’s house.

Why was the author’s father unhappy? How was his wish fulfilled?

The author’s father was upset because he couldn’t make his son’s wedding procession as grand as he wanted. He hoped to use many elephants, just like at his own wedding, but the only elephant they had didn’t want to cross the river. Luckily, they ran into some elephants from another wedding party and borrowed them for a more impressive procession.

1st year marriage chse question answer

What are the author’s remarks on his marriage?

The author describes his marriage, which he went through like an automaton, without understanding its importance or its responsibility. He just followed the Pandit and the women of the house during the rituals. He felt it was similar to the childhood game of dolls’ marriages.

How does the author describe the ritual of Duragman?

After the marriage, sometimes the bride doesn’t immediately accompany the groom to his home. sometime later a small party went to fetch the girl to the groom’s house. This return ceremony of the bride to the groom’s home is called Duragman.

How does he narrate the custom of purdah observed by his sister-in-law?

The author’s sister-in-law followed strict purdah, keeping to herself in a separate room and avoiding the verandah or courtyard. Only essential staff were allowed there, but they had to announce themselves before entering. The sister-in-law covered herself with a veil, even around family.

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