Bravo Manju Dreamcatcher class 7 mcqs

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Bravo Manju Dreamcatcher class 7 mcqs

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Bravo Manju Dreamcatcher class 7 mcqs with answers

1Who was Manjula’s brother Amol
2Which artist did Manju admire?M.F Hussain
3Which football player boost Manjula’s morale? Richard Belanger
4What gift did Father give to Manjula on her birthday?Painting book
5What gift did her brother give to Manjula on her birthday?Three watercolour brushes
6“Don’t say that ever again,” who said this to whom?Manjula’s mother said this to Manjula’s father.
7“It’s not a matter of a few sheets”, who said this to whom?Manjula’s father said this to Manjula’s mother.
8Where was Manjula’s father going next week?Mumbai
9Who did Manjula show her first painting?Manjula showed her first painting to her mother
10“ Go ahead and buy whatever you need”, who said these words to whom?Mother said these words to Manju.
11“You would have easily bagged the first prize”, who said this to whom?Amol said this to Manjula.
12Who helped Manjula’s brother at the entrance gate?Ma. Rattan
13“ I did not keep it there”, who said these words?Manjula said these words
14“Don’t give in Manju”, who said these words?Manjula’s mother
15“I might still win one”, who said to whom?Manjula said to her brother
16Fight Manju Fight, Who told to whom?Mother told to Manjula
17Who is the writer of the story “Bravo Manju”?Sirgun Srivastav
18Why did Manjula want to learn cooking?To satisfy his father
19Which competition did Manju participate in at his brother’s school?On-the-spot painting competition
20What gift did her mother give to Manjula on her birthday?A set of Artist’s watercolours
Bravo Manju class 7 dreamcatcher MCQs

Class 7 Dreamcatcher Bravo manju extra short answer type questions and answers

What is the character sketch of Bravo Manju?

Answer- Manjula is a very enthusiastic handicapped girl who loves to paint despite her deformed fingers on both hands.

What is the moral of Bravo Manju?

Answer- If you have the will to do something and work hard to achieve it, then you can do all that work no matter how many obstacles come your way. Don’t give up is the moral of the story “Bravo Manju”.

What gift did Manju receive from her brother?

Answer- Manju received three watercolour brushes from her brother as a gift for her birthday.

What kind of man was Manjula’s father?

Answer- Manjula’s father was a responsible and supportive person. But he was also very worried about Manju’s passion because he thought that pursuing a better career was far preferable to painting.

How were Manjula’s hands different?

Answer- Manjula’s hands were different, as she had two fingers on each of her hands rather than five fingers.

Did Manjula’s handicap affect her daily life?

Answer- No, Manjula’s handicap did not affect her daily life; in fact, she did all her daily routine as a normal child and also could make good paintings despite her deformed fingers.

Which artist did Manjula admire?

Answer- Manjula admired M.F Hussain as she loved to paint despite her physical limitations.

What are the qualities of Manjula’s mother?

Answer- Manjula’s mother was supportive and caring. She always encouraged her daughter to do what she wanted.

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