Class 4 grammar trove chapter 5 solutions

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Class 4 grammar trove chapter 5 solutions



Wormy, the worm has come out to learn adjectives. Show him the adjectives by underlining them in the given sentences.

  1. The young farmer pilled out an enormous turnip.
  2. What a childish behaviour!
  3. India Today is a weekly magazine.
  4. Radha is a very talented dancer.
  5. Winnie the Pooh is a loveable bear.
  6. These are such crunchy apples.


Add an adjective to each Underlined noun and rewrite the sentences.

  1. The lazy cat lay on the wooden sofa.
  2. The naughty children laughed at the funny clown.
  3. The colourful birds flying in the blue sky.
  4. The big boat sailed down the deep river.
  5. The small kitten was adopted by the young family.
  6. This blue car belongs to that fat boy.


Wormy has another bag of adjectives. Use them to fill in the blanks

( Several, challenging, Those, Friendly, Fifth, Fluffy, Classic, plump, whose, silly)

  1. My parents like to watch old classic movies.
  2. The test was challenging.
  3. Those purple flowers are artificial.
  4. We got seats in the fifth row for the concert.
  5. Our neighbour has a friendly attitude.
  6. Reena pulled the fluffy blanket up over her shoulders.
  7. The chef bought plump tomatoes for making the sauce.
  8. There were several squirrels in the garden.
  9. Raman made silly mistakes.
  10. Whose gloves are these?

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Grammar trove class 4 worksheets answers


What kind of person is your friend? Do you want to find out?

1Is your friend usually in a good moodYesCheerful
2Does your friend often give you presents, or pay for any eatables?YesKindful
3Does your friend work hard? YesLaborious
4Does your friend get angry or annoyed if he/she has waited for something or someone?YesAnnoyed
5Can you trust your friend with a secret?YesTrustworthy
6Does your friend listen to you well when you are speaking? YesAttentive
7Does your friend keep his/her feelings to himself/herself?YesReticent

Grammar trove class 4 English grammar book questions and answers


Add the suffixes as instructed. Take the help of the instructions given in brackets.

  1. Adding ‘y’( Drop ‘e’)
  2. Anger— Angry
  3. Ease —- easy
  4. Greed— greedy
  5. Ice —- icy
  6. Oil —– oily

Add ‘ful’( change ‘y’ to ‘I’)

  1. Care —- careful
  2. Doubt — doubtful
  3. Peace —- peaceful
  4. Beauty — Beautiful
  5. Pity ——- pitiful

Add ‘al’ (drop ‘e’)

  1. Music —- Musical
  2. Nation — national
  3. Person — personal
  4. Nature — Natural
  5. Agriculture — agricultural

Add ‘ able’

  1. Accept —- acceptable
  2. Comfort — comfortable
  3. Enjoy ——- enjoyable
  4. Fashion —- fashionable
  5. Respect —- respectful

Add ‘ous’ or ‘ious’ (drop ‘y’)

  1. Mountain — mountainous
  2. Danger——- dangerous
  3. Industry —– industrious
  4. Mystery —– mysterious
  5. Glory ——– glorious

Add ‘ic’

  1. Acrobat —- acrobatic
  2. Artist ——- artistic
  3. Photograph – photographic
  4. Hero ———- heroic

Add ‘less’

  1. Aim —– aimless
  2. End —— endless
  3. Harm —- harmless
  4. Sense — senseless
  5. Use —– useless

Add  ‘ive’

  1. Attract —- attractive
  2. Effect —– effective
  3. Act ——– active
  4. Instruct — instructive

class 4 grammar trove class 4 worksheets solutions and notes


Wormy, the worm has another bag of adjectives. He wants you to write them in the right prefix column to form their opposites.

Opposite meaning

Grammar trove english grammar book solutions for class 4


Arrange the following group of words in the right order. One has been done for you

  1. French, talented, chef —- talented, French chef
  2. Modern, big, Indian city — A big modern Indian city
  3. German, fast, car ———- A fast German car.
  4. New, shoes, leather, black —–A new black leather shoe
  5. Cute, white, small, puppy —– A cute small white puppy
  6. Orange, crunchy, big, carrots —- a crunchy big orange carrots

English grammar book grammar trove class 4 answers

Worksheet- 8

Complete the table



Complete the table

1ActiveMore ActiveMost Active
2FamousMore famousMost Famous
3IntelligentMore intelligentMost Intelligent

Class 4 grammar trove book question answers


Alex, the alligator has written a few sentences. He wants you to underline the adjective in each sentence and write the degree of comparison on the blank.

  1. Pinto is a funny clown. ——————– Positive
  2. Tina is the most intelligent student in the class. —– Superlative
  3. Cheetah is the fastest animal. —————— Superlative
  4. Krish has many video games.  ——————  Positive
  5. Gold is more expensive than silver. ———-  Comparative

Fill in the blanks using the comparative or superlative degree of the adjective in the bracket.

  1. Anil is stronger than Vinay.
  2. Varun is a better player than Vivek.
  3. This is the largest watermelon I have ever seen.
  4. My apple is redder than the one you have.
  5. Baked food is healthier than fried food.
  6. My bat is bigger than yours.
  7. This is the oldest temple in our town.
  8. This is the longest bridge in the world.
  9. Who is the richest woman on the earth?
  10. He was the cleverest thief of all.
  11. This is the happiest moment of my life.
  12. A feather is lighter than a pen.
  13. Tobu is fatter than Niku.

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