Class 4 grammar trove chapter 2 solutions

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Class 4 grammar trove chapter 2 solutions


Read the sentences and colour the correct pronouns that can replace the underlined nouns.

1.Bob wants to eat a burger.

2. The cat chased the rat.

3. Bugs and beetles are insects.

4. Mother and I went to a mall.

5. The grandmother is baking a cake.

6. Harry and John are friends.


Class 4 grammar trove chapter 2 solutions- Worksheets


  1. Underline all the pronouns that can be used for the given nouns. One has been done for you.
(a)Mrs. PaulheSheher
(e)Mr. AlbertShehimhis

2. Write the correct form of the pronouns for the nouns given in the brackets. One has been done for you.

(a) ___ likes popcorn. ( Rahul)———————————– He

(b)___ are going to Shimla. (my family and I) ————- We

(c)____ are fond of coffee. (My Parents)——————— They

(d)____ is learning to swim. (Ankita) ————————- She

(e)___ are shifting to London. ( My neighbour) ———- They

(f) ___ has expired the toaster. (Uncle) ——————— He

Grammar trove class 4 chapter 2 answers


Tick the correct set of personal pronouns present in the given sentences.

1.They always get angry at us.—- (they, us)

2. They saw us with you.(They, us, you)

3. We have invited them for dinner. ( we, them)

4. You can make my car or hers. ( you, my, hers)

Fill in the blanks using possessive pronouns.

(a) The Mehras have bought a car. The car is theirs.

(b) The dog is licking ____ paws (its)

(c) The scarves belong to Rashmi. They are hers.

(d) The album is _____. It has my name on it. (mine)

(e) Rajeev has a skateboard. The skateboard is his

Class 4 grammar trove chapter 2 questions and answers


The sentences given below have some errors, correct them by using the appropriate demonstrative pronoun.

(a) This are cherry tomatoes —— These are cherry tomatoes.

(b) Those is Ronnie’s new tennis racquet.— That is Ronnie’s new tennis racquet.

(c) That books belong to Neena. —– Those books belong to Neena.

(d) These boy is always late. —— This boy is always late.

(e) That are the buses that need repair.— Those are the buses that need repair.

Identify and tick the demonstrative pronouns in each of the given sentences.

(a) These are my dresses. —– These

(b) Those are his vans. ——— Those

(c) That is a beautiful vase. — That

(d) This is my PC. —————- This

Grammar trove class 4 chapter 2 notes


Fill in the blanks with correct reflexive pronouns.

The puppy hurt itself when it jumped over the wall.

The children organized the party themselves.

Raman looked at himself in the mirror.

Goldilocks ate the porridge all by itself.

We completed the difficult project all by ourselves.

Set it right! Underline the incorrect pronouns and write the correct ones in the blanks.

Namrata fell off her skates and hurt himself. —– herself

The boys hid himself behind the tree. —— themselves

The book by themselves is not very interesting. —- Itself

I did the painting all by herself.—- Myself

My mother and I do the shopping themselves. —– Ourselves

Class 4 grammar trove english grammar book solutions

Worksheet- 6

Fill in the blanks with interrogative pronouns.

  1. Which is your house?
  2. Who planted the saplings in the garden?
  3. What is the matter with you?
  4. Whom do you want to meet, Sania?
  5. Whose are these notebooks?

Grammar trove class 4 book worksheets solutions


Fill in the blanks with suitable pronouns to complete the story

Every year Mr. Das’s family celebrates a balloon festival. It is really a fun festival. They buy deflated balloons from the market and then blow air into it. Then the balloons have tied to the end with strings. After they have blown about fifty balloons, they take turns to burst them.

Rumi, her sister does not like to burst balloons as she is afraid of the sound that makes. Rocky is her elder brother. He loves to tease Rumi so she often takes a pin and quietly pokes t into the balloons. Pop!Pop! Rumi runs out of the room while big tears roll down his cheeks. Papa and Mummy come to scold them.

“But what have they done?” I ask them. Papa and Mummy look at me and smile. “Peace! Peace! Here are some chocolate doughnuts for you all.”

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