An Exemplary Leader Class 9 Solutions [2023 edition]

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An Exemplary Leader Class 9 Solutions latest edition 2023

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CBSE main course book An Exemplary Leader Class 9 Solutions latest edition 2023

A1. Read The following conversation between two friends.

A2. In pairs discuss the problem Ravi is facing. Do you think Ravi’s boss is right/ Give a reason for your answer. Tick mark the qualities that you feel are desirable in a boss.

Answer- Ravi’s boss was doing what was beneficial for his company. But he may allow Ravi a half-day leave so that he can take his daughter to the doctor. Therefore, I think Ravi’s boss was wrong.

Desirable Qualities in a boss: Trustworthy, problem-solving, ability to take a decision, oratory skills, meticulous, willing to take a risk.


A4. Think of an occasion when you participated in a team competition. Think back on the leadership qualities displayed by your team leader/captain. Recollect the specific incidents when those were displayed and how they contributed to the success of the team. Write an e-mail to your mentor-teacher sharing this experience.


Date: June 5, 2023
Subject: Success story as a team leader in the quiz competition held last Sunday
Dear Kapil,
I am writing to you to share my success as a team leader in the quiz competition held last Sunday with you. Last Sunday, our school organised an interschool quiz competition in Indira Gandhi Stadium. I was the team leader at our school. I took care of all the quiz-related responsibilities very well. I myself managed the entire team’s activities and also focused on the weak and strong points of our team and guided them accordingly. The quiz was based on women’s literacy and women’s empowerment. I helped our team prepare themselves with the help of newspapers, magazines, and the internet. Finally, our effort made us win the trophy. This was a proud moment for me and my teammates to achieve this success.
With love and regards

9th class English main course book solutions

A6. Following are eight incidents from the story but their order is mixed up. Put them in the right sequence.

  1. Scientists were working for 12-18 hours at Thumba.
  1. Scientists had heavy work pressure but they were loyal.
  2. A scientist approached the boss for permission to leave at 5.30 pm to take his children to the exhibition.
  3. The boss consented.
  4. The scientist became so engrossed in his work that he continued working till 8.15 pm.
  5. Suddenly, he remembered his promise to his children.
  6. The scientist rushed home anticipating the disappointment of his children.
  7. To his surprise, he learnt that his boss had kept his appointment for him.

A7. When we talk about people, we discuss their qualities. The box below contains some words which best describe people.

1The Scientisttireless, laborious, diligent, workaholic
2The Bossunassuming, sympathetic, kind-hearted, thoughtful, sagacious

A.8 Based on your reading of the extract, answer the given questions by selecting the correct options.

(As he drove home ……… stayed quiet)

Choose the option which best reflects the scientist’s thoughts as he drove home.

    Answer-This should never happen again. I should never break my promise.

    Choose the option that DOES NOT evoke the same feeling as when the scientist ‘let his children down’.

    Answer- Iqbal managed to reach the Railway station just in time to bid his friends goodbye.

    Select the option that appropriately fills the blank.

    Answer- Admire: Detest

    Choose the correct option that lists the correct meaning of ‘adding fuel to the fire’ 1) worsen 2)pacify 3) provoke 4) aggravate 5) conciliate

    Answer- 1-3-4

    A.9 Answer the questions by selecting the correct options.

    1. When the scientist ‘gathered enough courage to go up to his boss, he was


    • Choose the quote that is the most suitable for the text.

    Answer- if your action inspires others to dream more, learn more and become more, you are a leader.

    • Pick out the option that is ODD with reference to what the scientists felt at Thumba.


    An Exemplary Leader Class 9 Solutions CBSE 2023 latest edition

    A.10 Answer briefly

    1. Eustress” or positive stress is defined as stress which enables employees to perform better and increase their job satisfaction. Relate the above information to the scientists at Thumba

    Answer- Eustress produces satisfaction and positive feelings towards life. “It enhances excitement, confidence, and satisfaction in ourselves.” Eustress is good for all human beings because it makes us feel stimulated and confident about the challenges we experience in our lives. Due to Eustres, the scientist from Thumba got encouraged and finished his work without watching his watch.

    • Validate the scientist’s choice of staying quiet after reaching home.

    Answer- The scientist’s choice of staying quiet after reaching home was because he did not want to upset his wife as he did not fulfil his promise to his children.

    • Explain how Dr. Kalam was an exemplary leader.

    Answer- Dr. Kalam was loyal to his work and used to expect the same from his employees—that they should also do their work faithfully. He also knew that every person has some duties towards their family, and it is equally important to fulfil them. That is why Dr. Kalam took his employee’s children to visit the exhibition when his father could not fulfil the promise given to the children due to his dedication towards his work.  Dr. Kalam’s loyalty made him an exemplary leader.

    A.11 Imagine that the incident ended in a different way. Predict the outcome based on the following lines and complete the given cue.

     “As he drove home, he felt guilty for having let his children down. He reached home, entered the house and saw his wife and children watching the television…

    Answer- As the scientist from Thumba drove home, he was feeling guilty for his children as he hadn’t fulfilled his promise. when he walked towards his home thinking of a strong reaction from his wife and children. But he was surprised as he found them enjoying their favourite programme on television. Finally, he begged for an apology for being late and promise them not to repeat this again. but he was surprised when his wife explained the whole story about how his boss took his children to the exhibition. This incident developed a great respect in his heart towards his boss.

    Main course book class 9 unit 1 solutions

    A.12 from page 159, your teacher or a student will read out a speech by honourable former President of India, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, on his ‘Vision for India’. While listening, fill up the following.

    a) Select the option that Dr. Kalam HAS NOT mentioned as capturing our country or mind

    Answer- The Spaniards

    b) State the reason why ‘Freedom’ is Dr Kalam’s first vision.

    Answer- Despite being ruled by so many external forces, we have not invaded anyone because we respect the freedom of others. This is the only reason why Dr Kalam’s first vision was Freedom.

    c) ______ was the speaker’s second bliss.

    Answer- The speaker’s second bliss was the development of India.

    d) Select the scientist who was succeeded by Professor Satish Dhawan.

    Answer-Dr. Vikram Sarabhai who was succeeded by Professor Satish Dhawan.


    Cbse main course book An Exemplary Leader Class 9 Solutions

    A.14 Now, using the ideas given below, write a speech on ‘The Role of Youth in Realising the Dreams of Dr. Kalam. (Refer to CODER)
    (a) fighting for equal rights
    (b) fighting corruption
    (c) empowering the masses
    (d) looking for jobs within the country
    (e) active involvement in social issues
    (f) promoting national integration
    (g) equal participation of women in all fields


    Answer- Today, I stand here to address an extraordinary visionary, an individual who devoted his life to the advancement and prosperity of our nation. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam was famously recognized as the Missile Man of India.

    Dr. Kalam firmly believed in the potential of the youth in India. he believed in the capacity of the young generation to bring about positive transformation.

     Dr. Kalam ardently advocated that every individual, irrespective of their background, merits equal opportunities and equitable treatment.

    Secondly, we must combat the scourge of corruption. Dr. Kalam accentuated the significance of integrity in public life. Corruption impedes progress and deprives the masses of their fundamental rights and essential services. As young individuals, we must pledge to uphold honesty, transparency, and accountability in all our endeavours. By steadfastly refusing to engage in or tolerate corrupt practices, we can construct a corruption-free India.

    Empowering the masses assumes paramount importance in the realization of Dr. Kalam’s dreams. We must endeavour to uplift the underprivileged segments of society and grant them access to education, healthcare, and basic amenities. By actively participating in community development initiatives and offering our time and skills as volunteers, we can effect a tangible difference in the lives of those most in need.

    Furthermore, let us strive to seek employment within our nation. Dr. Kalam consistently encouraged self-reliance and harboured a firm belief in the potential of the Indian youth to drive economic growth. Instead of seeking opportunities abroad, our focus should be on nurturing entrepreneurship, fostering innovation, and promoting skill development within India. By creating avenues for employment and contributing to the advancement of our economy, we can realize Dr. Kalam’s vision of a self-sufficient and prosperous India.

    Active engagement in social issues assumes a pivotal role in our responsibilities. Dr. Kalam often expounded upon the importance of social consciousness and collective action. Let us raise our voices against social maladies such as poverty, illiteracy, gender inequality, and environmental degradation. By participating in social campaigns, advocating for transformative change, and supporting grassroots initiatives, we can foster a more equitable and just society.

    Promoting national integration lay at the core of Dr. Kalam’s values. He envisioned a united India where diversity is celebrated, and differences are bridged. As youth, it is our duty to foster harmony, comprehension, and respect among all communities. Let us dismantle barriers of caste, religion, and language, and cultivate a sense of unity that fortifies the fabric of our nation.

    Finally, Dr. Kalam ardently advocated for the equal participation of women in all domains. He recognized the tremendous potential within women and championed their empowerment.

    Conclusion-An Exemplary Leader Class 9 Solutions

    We hope CBSE Class 9 English Main Course Book Unit 1 People Chapter 1 An Exemplary Leader answer key will help you to solve the question answers. If you have any queries regarding CBSE Class 9 English Main Course Book Unit An Exemplary Leader, then write a comment below and we will get back to you at the earliest.

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