Book Review: The Whistling Schoolboy by Ruskin Bond

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Book Review: The Whistling Schoolboy by Ruskin Bond

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The Whistling Schoolboy by Ruskin Bond- Book Review

The Whistling Schoolboy

1.     Title of the book

The whistling schoolboy and other stories

2.     Name of the Author

Ruskin Bond

3.     Name of the illustrator/ book Cover artist

Ruskin Bond

4. Name of the Publication

Rupa Publications India; First edition (6 March 2015)

5. Genre of the book

Fictional, Children, Stories

6.     The central idea of the Book

The Whistling Schoolboy is a collection of children’s short stories. The stories reflect the school memories of Mr Ruskin Bond when he was a young boy. The writer mentioned some of the unforgettable incidents of his school days in the book. Here the book tells about the writer’s boarding school funny, hilarious, weird experiences. 

7.     The important Characters in the book

The strict Headmaster, school friends, School teachers, Hostel nurse, The servant Chota and his family.

8. Short Description

“The Whistling Boy” is a lovely and nostalgic story about a young boy who loved to whistle. This story was written by the famous writer Ruskin Bond. In this book, The Author recounts his own experiences as a young boy studying at a boarding school in Shimla. The story tells us about the good and bad times the main character had at his boarding school. It describes the young boy’s friends, teachers, headmasters, roommates, and servant Chhota.

9.     What do you like about the book?

The Whistling school boy tells the story of the writer’s childhood, which thrills everyone because we too have gone through the same phase. In this story, we can also refresh our childhood memories because we are also able to relate to the main character.

10.     Why do you want others to read the book?

Ruskin Bond is a very good storyteller. His descriptions are so real that everyone imagines them in their minds. His story makes the reader feel happy and also brings back memories of the past. The book The Whistling Schoolboy can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

11.     What did you learn from the book?

The Whistling Schoolboy is a wonderful collection of short stories that attract children so much. Both parents and children can enjoy reading this book together at home. You can also carry this book while travelling. This book is the best choice to develop and initiate reading habits in children.

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