Stay Hungry stay foolish question answers| Chse Invitation to English +2 solutions

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Stay Hungry stay foolish question answers

1.What does Jobs say about his mother?

 Ans: According to Steve Jobs his mother was a young, unmarried college graduate. She wanted to leave her child for adoption. But the willing couple must be graduates. She finally allowed a couple to adopt her son.

 2.How did his foster parents adopt him?

 Steve Jobs’ mother insisted that adoptive parents be graduates. The couple interested were undermatriculated, leading to a delay in signing adoption papers. They promised to send Steve to college for a bright future. Once assured, Steve’s mother signed the papers, and the couple adopted him.

 3.What does he say about his studies at Reed College?

 Ans: Steve Jobs went to Reeds College when he was 17 years old. It was an expensive college. But his parents kept their promise and allowed him to attend college. But he could not continue as the curriculum did not provide what he wanted to be. Hence, he finally decided to quit the college.

 4.Why did he drop out of college?

Ans: There are two reasons why he dropped out of college. The first one was that the college was too expensive for his parents. and the second one was that he was not satisfied with the curriculum and thought it would not help him in the future.

5. What difficulties did he face after he dropped out?

Ans: After dropping out of college, Steve Jobs lived a miserable life. He had no room to stay. He used to sleep on the floor of his friend’s room. He used to walk seven miles every Sunday to have a good meal at the Hare Krishna temple. He also buys food by returning coke bottles.

 6.Why did he decide to learn calligraphy?

 Ans: As Steve Jobs dropped out of college, he decided to take a calligraphy class to learn how to do this. He was very fascinated by the hand calligraphy work drawn on throughout his college campus.

7. How did his knowledge of Calligraphy help him?

 Ans: Jobs knowledge of calligraphy helped him to make great typography with the help of Serif and Sans Serif typefaces. This knowledge helped him design the first Macintosh computer with beautiful typography. Due to this, Macintosh got multiple typefaces, which were later copied by Windows.

8. What does he mean by connecting the ‘dots’? 

Connecting the “dots” means understanding and recognizing the significance of various experiences, events, and choices in one’s future. Connecting the dots involves looking back and seeing how unrelated elements come together to form a meaningful life path or direction.

Invitation to English +2 Chse Odisha solutions

1. How did Jobs set up the Apple Inc. ? 

Answer: Steve Jobs, along with his classmate Steve Wozniak, founded Apple Inc. in his parents’ garage at the age of 20. Started. After 10 years of hard work, Apple became a two-billion-dollar company where more than 4000 employees worked.

2. How did he lose his position in Apple Inc. ? 
Answer: The Apple Company was becoming increasingly popular, due to which Steve Jobs hired a talented person so that the company could be maintained properly. But after a few years, there was a difference in the views of both. Ultimately, the board of directors decided to remove Steve Jobs from the Apple company.

3. How did he feel about his dismissal ? 

Ans: Steve Jobs was shocked and ashamed when he was publicly defamed by stepping out of the Apple company. Steve tried to apologize to David and Bob, but it was of no use. Due to his public failure, he once wanted to run away from the place, but his love for Apple decided Steve to start over.

4. How did he return to the Apple Inc. ? 

When Apple bought Steve Jobs’ company, Next, he got a chance to return to Apple again. The technology that Next had developed is now being used by Apple Inc.

Chse Invitation to English +2 question answers

1. How did the quotation on death affect Jobs ?

the quotation on death made him active. He forgot pride, fear of embarrassment, failure and harassment in life by working hard before the last time came to him.

2. How did consciousness of death inspire him ?

Ans: Death consciousness helped Steve Jobs to take big choices in life. Due to this Steve forgot all his expectations, all his pride and fear of failure.

3. What was the doctor’s advice to him when he was diagnosed with cancer?

Ans: Steve Jobs was suffered with pancreas cancer which was incurable. in that scenario a patient lives up to six months. Therefore, the doctor advised him to go back so that he will spend rest of his life in his home.

4. How does Jobs view death?

Jobs sees death as a reminder to live each day meaningfully and to use it as a tool for making important life decisions.

5. What is most important in the face of death?

The most important thing in the face of death, according to Jobs, is focusing on what truly matters in life, letting go of external pressures and fears.

6. What was Jobs’ farewell message? 

Jobs’ farewell message is “Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.” It encourages a mindset of curiosity, continuous learning, and the courage to take unconventional paths in life.

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