Passage grammatical errors detection and correction| Spotting the errors in a passage

Passage grammatical errors detection and correction- Here, we will share Passage grammatical errors detection and correction. if you are searching for Spotting the errors in a passages, then you are in the right place. queryexpress gives you the varieties of error corrections passages that helps you to score good marks in your up coming examinations.

Passage grammatical errors detection and correction

error correction passage with answers

In summer of 1998, Sachin was involve in a painful incident that he would like to forget. He was representing India at the Common Wealth games, while much of the other Indian cricket stars had gone to Toronto to take part in Sahara Cup Tournament. At Kuala Lumpur, India lost to the Newzealand in early match and next day Sachin flew to Toronto where India was to play in the final of Sahara cup. India lost that match too. Suresh Kalmadi, president of the India Olympic Association hinted that Sachin had played half hearted with Newzealand so that he would be free to fly to Toronto if the India team had lost because there was big money involved in the Sahara cup match.

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1In summerIn the summer
2was involvewas involved
3much ofmany of
4Sahara cup TournamentThe Sahara cup tournament
5The NewzealandNewzealand
6early matchan early match
7next daythe next day
8half heartedhalf-heartedly
9With Newzealandagainst Newzealand
10had lostlost

Error correction in a passage worksheet

June 25, 1983 changed the face of Indian cricket. It also convinced a reed thin, reticent ten year old to put the covers over his tennis rackets and focus wholly in cricket. Today that ten year old has blossomed to a legend, his unleashing inning that are India's pride or the envy for every other cricket playing nation. We are talking of Sachin Tendulakar, the most explosive product of that post World Cup victory boom. Infact, you can say we are speaking of an one man industry. He was as much interested into tennis as he was into cricket. As a first step towards total commitment Sachin accompanied by elder brother Ajit, to Shivaji Park for a audience with the vererable coath. Ramakanta Achrekar who has since been honoured with Dronacharya Award "I was nervous", recalls Sachin Tendulkar "and it dosen't help that hundreds of boys were playing across the length and breadth of the park. It's not that I wanted to return to home but frankly I got terribly confused. I mean, I had never seen many kids together at the same place.


1over his tennis racketson his tennis rackets
2focus in cricketfocus on cricket
3blossomed toblossomed into
5envy forenvy of
6an one mana one man
7accompanied byaccompanied
8a audiencean audience
9Dronacharya awardThe Dronacharya Award
10to homehome

Grammatical error corrections in a given passage

error correction passage with answers class 12

Many years later, Sachin is most grateful for Achrekar for given him complete freedom. “He allowed me to play my natural way. He didn't seek to impose any thing; you can say he didn’t change my natural style. Achrekar sir fine-tunes my techique, work hard". The guru shishya relationship continues to this day. When ever Sachin can, he drops in at Achrekar’s modest dwelling in the Shivaji Park area. “We don’t discuss about anything in particular, but obviously, much of the talk is about cricket-related". Sachin credits Achrekar with having help him develop the right temperament for the game. “He made me play numerous friendly games at the park. And each outing helped me to learn I gave a cent percent in every match and gained immensely by interacting so many cricketers of my age as well as some who were senior than me . In an atmosphere where you literally breathe cricket development comes easy.


Sl.NoErrorsRectified Answers
1Grateful forGrateful of
2for given himfor giving him
3fine tunesfine tuned
4made me to workmade me work
5discuss aboutdiscuss
6having helpHaving helped
7to learnlearn
8cent percenthundred percent
9interactinginteracting with
10senior thansenior to

Error detection and correction in a passage

Error correction in a passage examples

Like all the scientific inventions, the television is a good servant but a bad master. It is extremely useful in few ways if we will make the proper use of it, but can prove rather harmful if it is not properly used. Accordingly, it is also known as the small silver screen and the idoit box. We get both sound as well as vision in the television. So, it has an individual effect. The telecast of T.V programmes via the satellites is a great achievement of modern science. As a result of it, television has reached almost every part of our country, except perhaps remotest areas. We can get news, views and reviews over the television. We can watch live sports matches, leaders; speeches, Republic day parades and other things. There are several instructive as well as entertainment T.V. seriels besides regular films. We have University and teaching programmes which add to our knowledge. But an over indulgence with T.V can be equally harmful. The children should be asked to sit at a safe distance from the screen. They should not allow to be exposed to adult programmes which are replete by excessive violence and sex. It moderate viewing can be useful to our mind and act as relief of boredom.


Sl.NoErrorsRectified Answers
1in few waysin a few ways
2we will makewe make
3both sound as well as visionboth sound and vision
4remotest areathe remotest area
5entertainment TV Serials Entertaining TV Serials
6relief ofrelief from
7which addthat add
8indulgence withindulgence in
9should not allowshould not be allowed
10replete byreplete with

Error correction exercises for CHSE/CBSE board exam

Television is one of the most significant invention of twentieth century. At first we had only black and white television, but now we have colour television companies among whom there is a hard competition. While some programmes in the T.V are good, some others are just boring and unimaginative. Now Dooradarsan is facing a tough competition from star and zee T.V.s. There is the cable system also children should advise not to spare more time on watching T.V. We have instructive as well as enjoyable programmes telecasted by the T.V. Often children love cartoons, mythological series and ghost stories. Too many lads often mar the interesting series. In certain parts of the world T.V is being condemn. In Europe people are tired by it as it causes T.V addiction among adolescents. In Afghanistan and parts of Pakistan it is being attacked for being anti- Islamic. Should it be banned?


2twentieth centurythe twentieth century
3colour televisioncoloured television
4there is thethere are the
5among whomamong which
6should adviceshould be advised
8often children loveoften do the children love
9being condemnbeing condemned
10tired bytired of

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