Grammatical errors in a given passage| Error detection and correction in a passage

Grammatical errors in a given passage- Here, we will share grammatical errors in a given passage that are to be corrected. If you are searching for error detection and correction in a passage, then you are in the right place. QueryExpress provides the best examples of detecting and correcting grammatical errors in a given passage.

Grammatical errors in a given passage

Is there some child who doesn’t love a butter fly? If you will go to any garden you will see butterflies of many colours flitting flower to flower. How bright and lovely are their wings! Every child will be pained to know that the life of a butterfly is very short, may be a month or so. As the wingless caterpillars wriggled out of the eggs of the butterflies, they feed in the leaves of plants. After sometime as they turn into chrysalises, they stop eating. Like the bees, the butterflies also help in pollination of flowers which result on the formation of seeds. It is bit painful to know that the lizards are fond for eating butterflies. As long as there were flowers in the garden, the butterflies will be there and they will continue alluring the heart of little children, many of which can be seen running on grassy beds in the parks trying to catch them. Some excessively fascinated children sometimes tie some thread to the leg of a butterfly and try to fly it. Often the poor creature gets killed. Because of gorgeous dresses and flitting nature of butterflies, some ultra fashionable ladies specifically those with rare nature are known as butterflies. Let us learn the lesson of beauty, love and service from the butterfly.

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1Some childany child
2if you will goIf you go
3Flower to flowerfrom flower to flower
4are their wingsTheir wings are
5feed infeed on
6which resultwhich results
7fond forfond of
8there were flowersThere are flowers
9many of whichmany of whom
10often the pooroften does the poor
Error detection and correction

Spotting the errors and correction in a given passage

On last Monday was a particularly rainy day As I was returning from the school. I got thoroughly drenching in rain as a result of which I shivered in cold. By the evening the thermometer showed my temperature reading at 104F. Our family doctor was called. He advised me for blood test and asked his assistant to collect my blood sample. My father went to the doctor's clinic with him. After the examination of the sample, it was clear that I had been caught malaria infection. The doctor gave some medicines. The medicines administered to me regularly for few days. I advised complete rest. An application for leave for one week sent to my school. I found it hard to stay in bed round the clock. Sometimes I got up and read some interested stories or watched the television or just played at cards with my brother. The fever was gone after four or five days, but at that time I was rather weak and was given some food rich with vitamins. It was only after a week I was allowed to leave the bed and go to school. I heaved a sigh of relief.


Sl. NoErrorsCorrections
1on last MondayLast Monday
2from the schoolFrom school
4shivered in coldshivered with cold
5had been caughthad caught
6administeredwere administered
7few daysa few days
8sent to my schoolwas sent to my school
9interested storiesinteresting stories
10rich with vitaminsrich in vitamins
Spotting the errors

Errors in a passage detection and correction example

Every year more than two thousand people die of road accidents in Bhubaneswar alone. What are the major causes of these accidents? We know quite well that reckless driving on the wrong side or on a drunken state and pedestrians’ indifference or waywardness are among the causes, but there is other causes too. For example poor lighting on roads, fog, smoke caused by vehicles and absence of road markings, wrongly positions dividers, lack of zebra crossings etc. There is often a lack of understanding among the police and civic authorities in the matter of construction of subways and railings and installing the lighting system. Police say, they are rarely consulting, but the civic bodies say that the lighting system is sometimes stolen and it is the duty of the police safeguard it. The digging up of roads for sewage or other purpose is also a big cause when the building matter is dumped all around on the road. All of us will follow the rules of the road.


1die of road accidentsdie in road accidents
2there is other causesthere are other causes
3wrongly positionwrongly positioned
4lack of zebra crossingthe lack of zebra crossing
5among the police and civicbetween the police and civic
6police saythe police say
8safeguardto safeguard
9all round on the roadall round the road
10will followshould follow
Grammatical error corrections

Probable questions with answers for passage correction

In ancient times, the earth was covered by greenery. Every where there are lush green forests. At that time people worshipped some kinds of trees and plants like pipal and Tulsi which is still considered as sacred. With the advancement of civilization, a large number of trees have cut down. But man will find it hard to live on this earth if there are no trees at all. Trees cause cool in atmosphere and thus attract clouds which causes rain. They get carbon from the carbon dioxide gas in the air and thus release oxygen and cleanse the atmosphere. Oxygen is essential to life. If there were no trees the balance of oxygen in air would disturb and man found it difficult to breathe. The same would happen with animals since most of the birds live in trees, they will find it hard to have any other alternative places. Apart from this, several industries like paper, ply wood, furniture making etc. will suffer terribly.


1covered bycovered with
2there arethere were
3which iswhich are
4considered asconsidered
5have cut downhave been cut down
6cool in atmospherecoolness in atmosphere
7which causeswhich cause
8would disturbwould be disturbed
9found itwould find it
10any other alternativeany alternative
Grammatical error corrections

Probable passage error correction for CHSE/CBSE board exam

Aeroplanes are indispensable to modern life, although in general we don’t seem to be very affected by them. They carry not only passengers from one country to the other but also transport essential commodities. So, our postal system will become much slower which would affect the common man as much as the slow speed during the movement of certain items of use. International interaction would suffer greatly and as a result of which mutual suspicious and conflicts would increase and global peace would affect. But aeroplanes are used to carry war machineries will be at disadvantage. Sometimes aeroplanes used to drop food items in flood areas or areas affecting by earth quake or some other natural calamities. In the absence of aeroplanes people will not be able to getting these facilities. So, modern civilization got a serious set back if there were no aeroplanes.


1very affectedmuch affected
2carry not onlynot only carry
3which would affectwhich will affect
4would affectwould be affected
6at disadvantageat a disadvantage
7flood areasflooded areas
9to gettingto get
10civilization gotcivilization would get
Spotting the errors

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