Class 7 grammar trove chapter 2 solutions

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Class 7 grammar trove chapter 2 solutions

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Class 7 grammar trove worksheets solutions


Circle the different kinds of nouns in the following sentences and write their types.

SentenceCommon NounsProper NounCollective NounAbstract nounCountable NounUncountable noun
1. A herd of cattle greeted the farmer in his backyard.FarmerHeard of cattleBackyard
2. For making the dessert, we need sugar, milk and honey.Dessertsugar,
3. Dhoni is a good batsman.CommonDhoni
4. He has good knowledge of cricket.CricketKnowledge
5. Ravi is a man of great wisdom.RaviWisdom
Kinds of Nouns

Class 7 grammar trove chapter 2 solutions and answers


Fill in the blanks with the noun forms of the words given in brackets. The first one has been done for you:

1. Children should avoid movies which depict violence.

2. Ronnie’s ignorance of the facts helped his classmates fool him.

3. The Australian team protested against the umpire’s decision.

4. Her knowledge about animals is more than what most people have.

5. Every school should ensure the safety and security of the students.

6. We attended her marriage ceremony on Saturday.

7. The ozone layer gives us protection from the harmful UV rays of the Sun.

8. The length of the rope had to be 5 m.

9. India gained freedom in the year 1947.

10. The general’s bravery has earned him many accolades.

11. His arrival was welcomed with clapping.

12. Nitish was waiting for his father’s approval for the trip.

Grammar Trove class 7 chapter 2 noun answers

Worksheet – 3

fill in the blanks with concrete nouns:

1. The air we breathe is full of pollutants.

2. How much sugar do you take in tea?

3. I own six pairs of shoes.

4. Gargle with lukewarm water to relieve throat ache.

5. Shelly loves reading books by Rick Riordan.

6. The bus stop is near my home.

7. I couldn’t see the face of the stranger.

Grammar trove class 7 questions and answers- Chapter 2″Noun”

Worksheet – 4

Fill in the blanks with collective nouns using the given help

(Bunch, band, bouquet, group, battalion, board, crowd, pride)

1. We spotted a pride of lions in the jungle.

2. A ____ of men rushed to their rescue.

3. Ananya was eating a ____ of grapes with fruit cream.

4. The ____ of musicians played the whole night.

My friend gifted me a ____ of roses on friendship day.

The ___ of soldiers returned victoriously.

The ___ of directors proceeded with the meeting.

The comedian waved towards the ___ of spectators.

Given below is an excerpt from an article from the Times of India. Circle nouns in the excerpt and write them in the appropriate columns:

Mount Shasta is one of California’s’imost beautiful mountains. It is visible even from around 100 miles on a clear day. However, there is a legend associated with this mountain. According to the legend, mysterious people supposedly live inside the mountain. These people are believed to be descendants of an ancient society from Lemuria, a continent that sunk years ago. These Lemurians are believed to live deep inside the mountain in apartments made of gold. These people are described as graceful and tall around seven feet, with long, flowing hair. They dress in white robes and, sandals. The most unusual feature of these Lemurians is a walnut-sized organ that emerges from the centre of their forehead, which provides them sixth sense.

a doctor named M. Doreal claimed many years ago that he had visited the Lemurians inside the mountain. Another man claimed that he once slept on the mountain and was awakened by a Lemurian who took him inside the mountain. The emergence of strange lights from the mountain is a common phenomenon, Lemurians are believed to possess the power oLiavisibility. However, there are many people who don’t believe any of this. What the real story about this mysterious mountain is will never be known.


Common NounsProper NounsCollective NounsAbstract NounsMaterial Nouns
1. Mountains
2. Day
3. Legend
4. Society
5. Continent
6. Apartments
7. Hair
8. Robes
9. Sandals
10. Organ
11. Forehead
12. Man
13. lights
14. Power
14. Story
1. Mount Shasta
2. California
3. Lemuria
4. M. Doreal.
1. People1. Beauty
2. Mystery
3. Belief
4. Sense
5. Phenomenon
1. Gold
Types of Nouns

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