Three Questions CHSE Questions and Answers|+2 1st year|Summary|Extra Questions

Three Questions CHSE Questions and Answers- Here, we will share Three Questions CHSE Questions and Answers. if you are searching for Three Questions CHSE +2 Solutions, then you are in the right place. queryexpress provides the best solutions to Three Questions CHSE +2 Invitation to English -2.

Three Questions CHSE Questions and Answers

In this article, we will share the detailed solutions to the chapter Three Questions written by Leo Tolstoy. Apart from that we have already published other chapter’s questions and answers to Invitation to english 1 and English 2.

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Three Questions Short summary in English

A king wanted to know when to do the right things, who to listen to, and what’s most important so that he would never fail in anything. To know his answers he proclaimed throughout his kingdom that he would give reward to those who would give the right answers to his questions. He asked many wise people but got different answers. At last, he met a hermit inside a deep jungle and helped him with his work in order to receive a positive answer to his questions. Later, the hermit told him that the important time is now, the important person is the one with him, and the important thing is to help them. The king understood and helped a wounded enemy. The hermit’s advice made the king happy and he learned that doing good now is most important.

Three questions CHSE answers keys

1. What were the three questions that occurred to the king? What did he do to get the answers to his questions?

Answer- The three questions that came to the king’s mind were:

a) What is the right time to do or start work?

b) Who are the most necessary people to listen to?

c) What is the most important thing to do?

To find the answers to these questions, the king proclaimed throughout his kingdom that he would reward anyone who could provide him with the right answers to his questions.

2. What answers did the wise men give to his first question?

Answer- To his first question, the wise men gave various answers to the king.

a)     Some suggested that one should create a precise schedule of days, months, and years to strictly follow.

b)    Others believed that one should always stay attentive and focus on what is happening and then decide what is most needful.

c)     Some proposed that the king should rely on a council of wise men to help him decide the appropriate timing for different actions.

d)    Some others said one should decide immediately, even without consulting a council.

3. How did the wise men answer his second question?

Answer- The wise men gave differing answers to the king’s second question. Some stated that the king’s most needed advisors were his councillors, while others believed them to be priests, doctors, or warriors.

Three Questions CHSE Questions and Answers class 12

4. What answers did the king get for his third question?

Answer- For the king’s third question about the most important occupation, the wise men provided a range of answers.

a)     Some believed that science was the most important pursuit.

b)    While others argued for skill in warfare or worship.

c)     And some believed that religious worship is the most important thing to do.

5. Why did he decide to consult a hermit?

Answer-The king decided to consult a hermit because of his wisdom. Despite receiving various answers from his wise men, he remained dissatisfied and unconvinced. He hoped that the hermit would be able to provide him with the true and correct answers to his questions.

 Three questions UNIT-2 answers

 1. Where did the King meet the hermit? How did the hermit receive the King?

Answer- The King met the hermit in a wood. The hermit received the King calmly and continued doing his work without saying anything to the king.

2. How did the King help the hermit?

Answer- The King helped the hermit by taking the spade and helping with the digging when the hermit was tired.

3. How did the King nurse the wounded stranger?

Answer- The King washed and bandaged his stomach wound in order to stop bleeding. Then he gave him water to drink and eventually carried him into the hermit’s hut to rest.

4. Why did the wounded person desire to serve the King as his most faithful slave?

Answer-The wounded person wanted to serve the King as a faithful slave because the king helped him to get well even though he was the King’s enemy. He realized his mistake and felt grateful for the King’s mercy. For the king’s greatness, he wanted to repay him by becoming a loyal servant and having his sons do the same.

 Three questions CHSE UNIT-3 solutions

1. How did the hermit answer the king’s questions?

Answer- The hermit answered the king’s questions by showing him through examples that the most important time is the present moment, the most necessary person is the one you are with and the most important thing is to help the needy people.

2. Was the king satisfied with the hermit’s answers? Give a reasoned answer.

Answer-Yes, the king was satisfied with the hermit’s answers. The hermit’s response made the king realize that his previous actions, helping the hermit and caring for the wounded man, were indeed the right things to do at those moments. The hermit’s wisdom provided the king with valuable insight.

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