The Monkey’s Paw Invitation to English 2 Solutions| The monkey’s paw questions and answers

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The monkey’s paw Invitation to English 2 Solutions CHSE Board

Answers to all the questions from the lesson ‘The Monkey’s Paw’ of the CHSE +2 book ‘Invitation to English, Part 2

Scene 1

1.Describe the weather and its influence on the theme.

    Answer: The weather was stormy and cyclonic. Strong winds and heavy rain flooded the roads and forced the whites to stay inside. The scene was creating an eerie atmosphere.

    2. What was special about the monkey’s paw?

    Answer-The monkey’s paw was a mummified, dried monkey’s paw. It was believed to have magical powers and be capable of fulfilling the three wishes of its owner.

    3. How did the first owner of the monkey’s paw use it?

    Answer: As per Sergeant Major Morris, the first owner made two undisclosed wishes and a third for death.

    4. Why couldn’t Morris sell the monkey’s paw?

    Answer: Morris couldn’t sell the monkey’s paw due to skepticism by the people. The paw had a bad reputation for misfortune. People thought it was a fairy tale or were afraid to try it.

    5. How did the Whites get the monkey’s paw?

    Answer –Sergeant Major Morris brought the monkey’s paw as a gift to Mr. White. But despite warnings from Morris, Mr. White accepted it to find out its magical power.

    The Monkey’s paw CHSE +2 Invitation to English 2 Solutions

    6. How does Morris describe the monkey’s paw?

    Answer: Morris describes that an old holy man in India put spells on it, and as a result, the monkey’s paw can fulfill the wishes of three different people.

    7. What did Morris say about how to use the monkey’s paw? What was his warning to the whites’?

    Answer: Morris said that, to make a wish, first hold the paw in the right hand and wish out loud. Morris strongly warns the Whites about the consequences of potential sorrow and unforeseen outcomes.

    8. What were the things mentioned by Sergeant Major hinted at the Whites?

    Answer-Sergeant Morris hinted at the dangers and consequences of using the paw. He shared the tragic story of the previous owner’s third wish for death, trying to discourage the Whites’ interest.

    9. What was the first wish? How was it made?

    Answer-The first wish was for two hundred pounds. Mr White holding the monkey’s paw in his right hand made the wish aloud.

    10. Compare Mr. White’s and Herbert’s attitudes toward the monkey’s paw. Why was it logical that Herbert would be the victim of the first wish?

    Answer-Mr. White was eager and willing to test the magic of the claw, while Herbert was teasing his father about the possible consequences. It was logical for Herbert to suffer because his attitude was contemptuous, and he humorously took the incident.

    The monkey’s paw questions and answers +2 CHSE board

    11. What was the effect of the first wish?

    Answer-The effect of the first wish was evident in the next morning while a colleague of Hebert visited their home and informed that Herbert had died due to accident. for this the company compensated of two hundred pounds for Hebert’s death.

    12. Why did not Mr. White want to make the second wish?

    Answer-Mr. White hesitated to make the second wish because he was fearful of the consequences after the tragic outcome of the first wish. He was reluctant to further test the powers of the monkey’s paw.

    14. “Bring him back! Do you think I would fear my own son?” Why does Mrs. White say so?

    Answer-Mrs. White says this in grief and desperation. She wants to use the second wish to bring her son, Herbert, back to life. Her love for her son overpowers any fear of the potential consequences of using the monkey’s paw again.

    15. What was the final wish?

    Answer-The final wish was to come back their son Hebert to life again.

    The Monkey’s Paw – CHSE Odisha +2 2nd Year questions and answers

    16. Did the Whites get what they really wanted? Give reasons for your answer.

    Answer-No, the Whites did not get what they really wanted. They had to lose their son in exchange for 200 pounds. Although Herbert did return, but it was not in the way they desired. He came back as a  horrifying figure that causing immense pain to the family.

    17. What role did the author want the monkey’s paw to play here?

    Answer-The author included the monkey’s paw in the story to show how wishing for things can lead to problems. The paw is like a magical item that causes trouble, and it helps tell the story by showing the bad things that can happen when people try to change their fate.

    18. What did the holy man want to prove to people by putting a spell on the paw?

    Answer-The holy man wanted to prove that fate ruled people’s lives. By putting a spell on the paw, he aimed to demonstrate that anyone who tried to interfere with fate would face sorrow and regret.

    19. In your opinion, did the holy man make his point? Why or why not?

    Answer-Yes, the holy man made his point. The tragic events that unfolded after the wishes clearly showed the consequences of trying to alter fate.

    FAQs-The Monkey’s Paw Invitation to English 2 Solutions

    Q1-What is ‘The Monkey’s Paw’?

    Answer-“The Monkey’s Paw” is a short story written by W.W. Jacobs. The whole story revolves around a magical mummified monkey’s paw that fulfills three wishes with some tragic consequences.

    Q2-What is the significance of the monkey’s paw in the story?

    Answer-The monkey’s paw served as a supernatural power that symbolized the dangerous consequences of tampering with fate.

    Q3-How does the monkey’s paw grant wishes?

    Answer-If someone will hold the monkey’s paw in the right hand and wish aloud then the monkey’s paw grants his wishes.

    Q4-What happens when the first wish is made for two hundred pounds?

    Answer-After the first wish is made for two hundred pounds the family receives the money as a compensation for their son’s death.

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