The Doctor’s Word CHSE Question and Answer | Invitation to English 2 | +2 2nd Year

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The Doctor’s Word CHSE Question and Answer

In this article, we will solve the question and answers to the chapter The Doctor’s Word for the +2 CHSE board. We will solve the questions given in the textbook unit-wise. Apart from that, we will also solve some extra questions in the chapter The Doctor’s Word written by RK Narayan.

  1. What is the moral story of the doctor’s word?
  2. What is the theme of the doctor’s word by R.K. Narayan?
  3. What is the character sketch of Dr Raman?
  4. How did Gopal accept Dr Raman’s words?

The Doctor’s Word CHSE +2 2nd year solutions

Unit – 1

1. Why did the patients visit Dr Raman only when they were hopeless? 

Answer- The patients visited Dr Raman only when they were hopeless because the visiting fee of Dr Raman was twenty-five rupees, which was quite high for them to afford. And secondly, Dr Raman used to give straightforward answers to the relatives of the patient about his health condition without hiding anything that used to scare people.

2. What impression of Dr Raman do you get from the passage? 

Answer-The passage conveys Dr Raman’s truthfulness and faithfulness towards his duty as a Doctor. It states that Dr Raman was a skilled doctor who never hid anything about his patients and never said agreeable words to them or their relatives. He used to focus on his work to pull the patient out of danger.


The doctor’s word class 12 questions and answers

1. How does the writer describe the friendship between Dr. Raman and Gopal?

Answer- Dr. Raman and Gopal were childhood friends. As per Dr Raman, Gopal was his dearest friend; they had known each other for forty years. Though they did not frequently meet with each other, they occasionally used to meet on Sundays, where they spent their time watching movies, talking, and dining together. Nothing had changed in their friendship over time.

2. How did Dr. Raman come to know about Gopal’s illness? 

Answer- Dr. Raman and Gopal were close friends but they did not meet with each other frequently. But when he talked with Gopal’s elder son in the consulting hall, then he came to know about Gopal’s illness.

Unit – 3

1. Why didn’t Gopal’s wife call for Dr. Raman earlier? 
Ans: Dr. Raman was a very renowned and busy doctor and had no time for visiting the patient personally. Gopal’s wife didn’t want to disturb him or create any trouble for him. This was the reason why Gopal’s wife didn’t call for Dr. Raman earlier.

2. What steps did the doctor take to save his friend from death?
Answer- To save his friend from death, Dr Raman shot him an injection and observed the symptoms. Then he rushed to the hospital and came back with an assistant and a nurse to perform an operation to save his friend’s life.

Unit – 4

1. What was Dr. Raman’s reaction when his assistant said- “Sir, he will pull through”? 

Answer-Answer- When the assistant said, “Sir, he will pull through,” and his pulse rate improved, Dr. Raman suggested his assistant watch the patient carefully till eight in the morning as he was not assured about the patient’s false pulse rate.

2. What was Dr. Raman’s response when Gopal’s wife asked about his condition?  

Answer-Ans: Dr. Raman was the kind of person who never hid anything about a patient’s condition. He never used agreeable words to save a patient’s life. but in this case, he behaved just the opposite of his nature. He remained silent throughout his treatment.

Unit – 5

1. Why did Gopal ask Dr. Raman- “Am I going ?” What was he anxious about? 

Answer-Hearing the sound of crying in the house, Gopal had made sure that he was about to die. To confirm this, he asked his childhood friend, Dr. Raman, because he knew that Raman did not hide anything. He was worried about what would happen to his family after his death. That’s why he wanted to get his will made as soon as possible.

2. Was Dr. Raman upset at this question? Give your reasons. 

Answer-Ans: Yes, Dr. Raman was upset at this question because he wanted Gopal to take a rest and not exert himself by asking these questions. and he also did not want to whitewash the truth that his best friend was going to die.

3. Why did Dr. Raman decide to tell a lie? 

Answer-Dr. Raman decided to tell a lie to his friend because Gopal was exerting himself by asking questions. Dr Raman thought if his agreeable words save his friend’s life then he will definitely whitewash the truth of his friend’s critical condition. Therefore he told a lie that he will not die.

4. How did he answer Gopal’s question? 

Answer- Dr. Raman answered Gopal’s question with a modicum of acting because, throughout his career, he had never told a lie. Gopal was his best friend, and to make him confident that he would live a long time, he stooped over him and told him there was nothing to worry about.

5. How did Gopal accept Dr. Raman’s words? 

Ans: Gopal knew Dr Raman’s nature very well. He knew that Dr Raman never hid anything about the patient’s condition. If he says everything is okay, then everything must be okay. When Dr Raman said a few agreeable words to Gopal, a new glow suffused his face, as he was very sure that he was definitely out of danger.

Unit – 6

1. Did Dr. Raman believe that his patient would recover that night? Why do you think so? 

Ans: No, Dr. Raman did not believe that his patient would recover that night, because he told his assistant that his patient’s life might collapse at any time. For this, he advised his assistant to give him a tube of poison. If he struggles hard in the end, he could have a peaceful death.

2. “Don’t look so unhappy, lady.” Why does Dr. Raman say so? 

Answer- Ans: Dr Raman says these words to Gopal’s wife as he was very much sure that Gopal has out of danger and that he would live up to 90 years.

3. Does human life hang on a doctor’s word? Give a reasoned answer. 

Ans: Yes, Human life hangs on a doctor’s word because people treat doctors as God, and what they say means a lot to them. If a doctor speaks some favourable words about the patient, it acts like a catalyst, and the patient feels healthy. Doctors’ words boost the morale of the patient, and he seems to be getting better soon.

FAQs-The Doctor’s Word CHSE Question and Answer

Q1-What is the moral story of the doctor’s word?

Answer-In “The Doctor’s Word” by R.K. Narayan, the moral story revolves around the themes of trust, friendship, humility, and the importance of a doctor’s word towards his patient.

Q2-What is the theme of the doctor’s Word by R.K. Narayan?

Answer-Theme of “The Doctor’s Word” by R.K. Narayan:
The theme of “The Doctor’s Word” revolves around the friendship and trust between Dr Raman and his friend Gopal. It shows how a doctor’s words have an impact on his patient’s morale. How some agreeable words’ from a doctor create a wave of happiness in a patient

Q3-What is the character sketch of Dr Raman?

Answer-Dr. Raman was a highly respected and renowned doctor who was considered a skilled physician in the town. He was a truthful person who never told a lie or hid anything about the patient’s condition.

Q4-How did Gopal accept Dr Raman’s words?

Answer-Gopal accepted Dr Raman’s words with new hope. The words of Dr Raman created a new glow that suffused his face. He felt relief because he knew that his friend would never tell a lie or hide anything about a patient’s condition.

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