The Ballad of Father Gilligan CHSE +2 answers(2023-24)

The Ballad of Father Gilligan CHSE +2 answers- Here we will share The Ballad of Father Gilligan CHSE +2 answers. If you are searching for The Ballad of Father Gilligan CHSE +2 questions and answers, then you are n the right place. queryexpress provides the best solution to Invitation to English-1 CHSE +2 for the 2nd year 2023-24.

The Ballad of Father Gilligan CHSE +2 answers

In this article, we will solve Invitation to English-1 CHSE +2 for the 2nd year 2023-24. Apart from that, we will also be focusing on the Rhyming scheme and figure of speech used in the poem The Ballad of Father Gilligan by William Butler Yeats.

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The Ballad of Father Gilligan CHSE +2 answers with notes

The Ballad of Father Gilligan CHSE +2 answers
The Ballad of Father Gilligan CHSE +2 answers

1. Why was Father Gilligan weary? Was he only tired physically or also exhausted mentally? Justify your answer with examples from the poem.

Answer-Father Gilligan was weary because he was not only physically tired but also mentally exhausted. As father Gillian used to visit the sick and give the last rites and pray for the departed souls. due to his continuous work, he got exhausted mentally and physically as well.

He said, “I have no rest, no joy and no peace.

2. Why did he seek forgiveness from God? What type of man does this more him to be?

Answer-Father Gilligan sought forgiveness from God as he was feeling guilty about his harsh word which he spoke unwillingly. This incident shows how much he deeply cared for his people and how he takes his responsibility as a priest towards the sick.

3. How was the night: peaceful and quiet or turbulent and restless? Bring out expressions from the poem to support your answer.

Answer-The night was turbulent and restless. because the lines of the poem like “The winds cried through the darkness” and “The night was alive with voices.” expresses that the night was not peaceful or quiet but rather unrest or turmoil.

4. Why was the night described so?

Answer-The night was described as turbulent and restless in order to show the type of challenges he faced in his role as a priest. It reflects his struggle and dedication while fulfilling his people’s expectations.

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5. What was the reaction of Father Gilligan when he woke up from his deep sleep? State why he felt so.

Answer- Father Gillian was responsible and honest at his work as a priest and knew his responsibilities toward his people. When he woke up from his deep sleep, he was feeling guilty for not attending to the needy poor man on his deathbed. That’s why he felt so.

6. Bring out the meaning of the expression- “He rode now as he never rode.”

Answer-The expression “He rode now as he never rode” states that Father Gilligan rode his horse and rushed to meet the poor man who was on his death bed. because he was already late as he had slept due to tiredness. That’s why to reach the Poor man he rode his horse in such a manner that he never rode before.

7. Find the expressions that show Father Gilligan’s concern for the people under his care.

Answer-The expressions that show Father Gilligan’s concern for the people under his care are:

“When he saw by the light of the dawn the poor man’s face”

“He did not wake; he had worn himself out with work;

“he had laboured and toiled, and at night he had prayed”

“The souls for whom he was lonely fought for his soul”

“But he closed his eyes, for a terrible guilt was on him”

“He prayed for himself through the night watches”

“His people’s life was his own; the fathers of old were his guide”

The Ballad of Father Gilligan CHSE +2 2nd year class notes

8. Why did the Sickman’s wife say “Father! You come again.”?

Answer- That was not the first visit to his house by Father Gilligan. because she confirmed that Father Gilligan was at his home at night to meet his husband and during leaving his house his husband had died merrily. That’s why the sick man’s wife said this to Father Gilligan.

9. Who came to the sick man’s before his death? Why? 

Father Gilligan was a responsible priest who deeply loved his people. He had never failed to fulfil his responsibilities before. But that day he fell asleep due to tiredness, for which he could not reach that man on time. But God sent his angel in the form of Father Gilligan to do Father Gilligan’s job.

10. What made Father Gilligan kneel and pray?

Ans. When Father Gilligan realized that someone has impersonated him in his absence and visited the poor man, it became clear to him that no one but God could have done such a thing. That’s why he kneeled for the merciful act of God and showed his gratitude for his kindness towards his people.

11. What were his words of gratitude to God?

Ans:  When Father Gilligan finds out this has happened, he is filled with gratitude. He thanks God for not letting the poor man suffer without there being anyone who sits with him in his last hours. He also thanks God for having pity on his faithful servant and sending someone to do his job when he himself was too tired to do it. 

12. There is an implicit comparison between heavenly creatures and bodies, and their tireless movement with an insignificant person on earth and his inaction. Discuss this comparison.

Answer-Here this poem compares the tireless movement of heavenly creatures and celestial bodies with a human being on earth. it states that while heavenly creatures fulfill their roles without rest or hesitation but on earth the living creature is bound by the limitations of human beings. The poem focuses on how Father Gilligan struggles to fulfil his tireless commitment but failed due to human limitations.

13. What qualities of Father Gilligan do you admire? 

Ans: Father Gilligan was a sincere, responsible, kind and loving person. I like his dedication towards needy and helpless people tirelessly.

The Ballad of Father Gilligan poem’s Rhyme Scheme

 14. Note each stanza has four lines. In stanza 1, ‘day’ rhymes with ‘lay’. The rhyme scheme is a b c b. Find out whether all the stanzas have the same rhyme scheme. 

Answer-No, all the stanzas do not have the same rhyme scheme.

The first stanza rhyme scheme is a b c b

The second stanza rhyme scheme is a b a b

The third stanza rhyme scheme is a a b b

The fourth stanza rhyme scheme is a b a b

The Ballad of Father Gilligan poem’s Figure of speech

Sl.noStanzaFigure of speech
1“half his flock were in their beds,”personification
2“moth-hour of eve”Metaphor
3“My body spake, not I!”personification
4“moth-hour went from the fields”Metaphor
5“They slowly into millions grew”Hyperbole
6“leaves shook in the wind”personification
7“God covered the world with shade,”personification
8“sparrow chirp”Onomatopeia
“Mavrone, mavrone!”Repeatation
“In grief swayed to and fro”Hyperbole
“As merry as a bird”Similie
“He who hath made the night of stars”Personification
“wrapped in purple robes”Personification
“with planets in his care”Personification
The figure of speech used in the poem The Ballad of Father Gilligan

FAQs-The Ballad of Father Gilligan CHSE +2 answers

Q1- Why did Father Gilligan nod on a chair?

Answer-Due to his restless work of serving his people, Father Gilligan was completely tired and hence nodded on a chair.

Q2-Why did the father sway in grief?

Answer-Father Gilligan swayed in grief when he came to know about the poor man’s death. He was feeling guilty as the poor man needed his presence at his home but he didn’t do it due to his tiredness.

Q3-What do you mean by ballad and who has composed the poem?

Answer-Ballad means a short narrative poem usually sung to express a story. W.B. Yeats an Irish poet composed the poem “The Ballad of Father Gilligan”.

Q4-What does the expression “green sods” mean in the poem? Who lay beneath the green sods?

Answer-“Green sods” is the upper layer of the grassland. The people who died usually lay beneath it.

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