Obedient Amelia MCQs Class 5 Dreamcatcher

Obedient Amelia MCQs Class 5 ICSE- in today’s article, we are going to discuss the story of the “Obedient Amelia” Class 5 ICSE medium. the multiple-choice questions answers of Obedient amelia are given below. prepare these MCQs and write them down in your notebook.

Obedient Amelia MCQs Class 5 ICSE “Dreamcatcher”

Obedient Amelia is a unique story of a maidservant who does all the work assigned by her master well but in her own way. Because of this, all his work goes wrong. Obedient Amelia is a chapter that comes from the English Literature Book Dreamcatcher. Today we are discussing Obedient Amelia MCQs Class 5 with answers.

Obedient amelia questions and answers

A. Amelia Bedelia decided to make _ __________pie?

  1. Pecan
  2. Cherry
  3. Lemon-meringue
  4. Apple

B. What was Amelia told to do with the bathroom towels?

  1. Dry them
  2. Wash them
  3. Change them
  4. Fluff them

C. What did Amelia do with the living room light bulb?

  1. She put them outside to air.
  2. She coloured them pink.
  3. She replaced them with new ones.
  4. She threw them in the garbage.

D. The meat market delivered to the house_________________?

  1. Pork chops
  2. Four chickens
  3. A steak and a chicken
  4. Hamburger meat and a steak

E. Amelia Bedelia found the dusting powder in __________?

  1. The green bathroom
  2. The bedroom
  3. The living room
  4. The kitchen

F. What did Amelia suppose to do with the drapes when the sun came in?

  1. Raise them
  2. Remove them
  3. Draw them
  4. Change them

Obedient amelia bedelia MCQs

G. What did Mr Rogers want to do instead of dusting the furniture?

  1. Vacuum the furniture
  2. Undust the furniture
  3. Wash the furniture
  4. Beat the furniture

H. What did Amelia do with the rice.

  1. She washed it in the sink.
  2. She left it in the measuring cups.
  3. She put it back in the box.
  4. She put it on the stove to boil.

I. Mrs Rogers got angry at Amelia

  1. True
  2. False

J. Why did Mr and Mrs Rogers decide to forgive Amelia and allow her to continue.

  1. She did a really good job of cleaning the house.
  2. She could make really good pies.
  3. She was a friend of the family.

K. Who is the author of the book Obedient Amelia?

  1. Dr seuss
  2. Roald Dahl
  3. Peggy Parish

L. In which place does Aunt Myra feel good?

  1. at a hotel
  2. at home
  3. at a restaurant

Obedient Amelia MCQs Answers

ALemon-meringueHShe put it back in the box.
BChange themITrue
CShe put them outside to air.JShe could make really good pies.
DA steak and a chickenKPeggy Parish
EThe green bathroomLat home
FDraw them
GUndust the furniture
Answers of Obedient amelia class 5 MCQs

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