English in use class 8 icse chapter 3 solutions

English in use class 8 icse chapter 3 solutions- here we will share English in use class 8 icse chapter 3 solutions. if you are looking for English use class 8 icse chapter 3 solutions and Answers. queryexpress provides you with the best solutions to English in use class 8 Kohinoor publication icse chapter 3 solutions.

English in use class 8 icse chapter 3 solutions

Grammar in Use by Kohinoor Publication is a great grammar book for ICSE class 8 students. All the worksheets given in this book have been made keeping in mind the syllabus of ICSE. Students must solve all these worksheets to do well in the exam. We are here to make your work easy. We have carefully designed all the worksheets for you so that they are easy to read and understand.

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English in use- A book of grammar and composition solutions


  1. Separate the following nouns into proper, common, collective, material, or abstract nouns

Gold, scooter, Kapil dev, newspaper, silk, ink, Mathura, blood, satellite, book, electricity, story, speech, lie, hockey, computer, army, book, bench, Jammu, Sunday, leaf, shoes, liquid, airport, Scotland, music, India, herd, police


Proper NounCommon NounCollective nounAbstract NounMaterial Noun
Kapil Dev
Types of nouns

English in use class 8 Kohinoor publication answer keys

  1. Pick out the nouns from the following and separate them into different kinds.

1. What goes on in a baby’s mind when he’s gazing at your face? How does a baby feel when he’s hungry? How does a mother’s mood affect him?

I have been pondering such questions for more than 20 years as a father, psychiatrist and researcher. In the past, parents and scientists could only guess what a baby was thinking. But because of advances in scientific observation, we now know more about the early years than ever.

The advances came about, in part, because we learned to ask babies questions they could answer themselves. For instance, can a two-day-old know his mother by her smell? A breast pad wet from the nursing mother was put on a pillow to the right of her infant’s head. A second pad from another mother was placed on the left side. The infant turned his head to the right. When the pads were reversed, he turned to the left. He not only knew his own mother’s smell, but preferred it, and he answered by turning his head.


Common NounsProper NounsCollective NounsAbstract NounMaterial Nouns
mind, face, hunger, mood, psychiatrist, researcher, years, advances, observation, questions, smell, breast pad, pillow, infant’s head, left side, right side, turning, preference.father, mother, scientists. parents.mind, hunger, mood, observation.father, mother, and scientists.
Types of Nouns

Grammar in use- a book of grammar and composition answer keys class 8

2. Is cartooning a dying art? Strange as it may appear, cartooning is not considered a viable profession in India. Unlike in the West, there is no organised network of cartoonists in the country and there are few Indian strip cartoonists. What is more alarming is the dearth of fresh talent in the profession. The few youngsters who are serious are either not up to the mark or want to become political cartoonists overnight.


Common NounsAbstract NounsProper Nouns
art, profession, network, cartoonists, country, strip cartoonists,  youngsters, mark, political cartoonists.viability, organisation, talent, mark.art, profession, network, cartoonists, country, strip cartoonists,  youngsters, Mark, political cartoonists.
Types of nouns

Grammar in use class 8 Kohinoor publication questions and answers

3. Friday, 23rd July 1943

Dear Kitty,

Just for fun, I’m going to tell you each person’s first wish, when we are allowed to go outside again. Margot and Mr Van Daan long more than anything for a hot bath filled to overflowing and want to stay in it for half an hour. Mrs Van Daan wants most to go and eat cream cakes immediately. Dussel thinks of nothing but seeing Lotje, his wife; Mummy of her cup of coffee; Daddy is going to visit Mr Vossen first; Peter the town and cinema, while I should find it so blissful, I shouldn’t know where to start! But most of all, I long for a home of our own, to be able to move freely and to have some help with my work again at last, in other words-school.

Elli has offered to get us some fruit. It costs next to nothing- grapes Fl. 5.00 per kilo, gooseberries Fl. 0.70 per pound, one peach Fl. 0.50, one-kilo melon Fl. 1.50. Then you see in the newspapers every evening in bold letters, “Play fair and keep prices down!”




Common NounsAbstract NounsProper Nouns
person, wish, bath, half an hour, cream cakes, wife, cup of coffee, visit, town, cinema, home, help, work, school, fruit, grapes, gooseberries, peach, melon, newspapers, bold letters, prices.fun, longing, freedom, fairness, prices.fun, longing, freedom, fairness, and prices.
Types of nouns

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