After twenty years CHSE +2 questions answers |Invitation to English 2 solutions

After twenty years CHSE +2 questions answers – Here we will share After twenty years CHSE +2 questions answers from the book Invitation to English 2. If you are searching for After twenty years CHSE solutions, you are in the right place. queryexpress provides you with the best solutions to Invitation to English 2.

After twenty years CHSE +2 questions answers

In this article, “After twenty years CHSE +2 questions answers”, we will share the detailed solutions to the chapter “After twenty years by by O’ Henry. Apart from that we have already published other chapter’s questions and answers to Invitation to English 1 and English 2.

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What is the story After Twenty Years about?

“After Twenty Years,” written by O. Henry, is a story of friendship, loyalty, and a surprising reunion. The story revolves around a reunion between two friends who had made a promise to meet with each other at a specific location in New York City after twenty years. Here’s a summary of the story “After twenty years.”

The story begins with a policeman named Jimmy Wells patrolling a dark, rainy New York City street. Then he met a suspicious man standing near a hardware store. When the police officer inquired, he replied that he was here to meet his childhood friend as per the promise they had made twenty years ago. Then he narrated the entire story to the police officer about his friendship and how they got separated from each other.

After that, the police officer moved away, and a twist happened. Another policeman arrived and introduced himself as his friend Bob. But Jimmy Wells recognized that the stranger was not his friend. Now the policeman verified his identity and gave him a note that his friend Bob had given him.
That note reported that the policeman that Jimmy Wells met at the hardware store was his friend Bob, and he was being arrested by his colleague. because Jimmy Wells was a criminal, and the police searched him to arrest him.

After twenty years by O’ Henry’s questions and answers

Unit I

1. How does the writer describe the atmosphere of the story?

2. How did the policeman perform his duties?

3. What picture of the wanted criminal do you get from the text?

4. How did the stranger try to interact with the policeman?

5. How did the policeman see the stranger’s face?


1. The author has described the atmosphere as quiet and late at night, where there are very few people around due to the cold wind and rain.

2. The policeman was checking every closed door as he moved smartly down the road. He was examining everything with caution, making playful movements with his stick.

3. The convict had a “pale face, square jaw, deep and black eyes, and a small white scar near the right brow bone. The criminal is known for printing fake notes.

4. The stranger tried to make conversation with the policeman by explaining that he was waiting for his old friend at an appointment they had made twenty years ago. He also mentioned the history of the place, saying that a restaurant used to be there.

5. The policeman happened to see the stranger’s face as he lit a match to light his cigar in a slightly darkened area near the door of the hardware store.

After twenty years chse class 12 questions and answers


1. What was the appointment made between two friends twenty years before?

2. What information about the friends do you gather from their conversation?


  1. The appointment made between the two friends twenty years before was to meet at the restaurant on that exact date and time, no matter their circumstances or distance.

2. From their conversation, we learn that the two friends had a close bond and were like brothers. They were born and raised in New York. But when they grew up, One left for the west to make his fortune, while another was deeply attached to New York and never left. They corresponded for a while but lost contact. 

    After twenty years chapter question answers Unit-3


    1. How long did the man from the west wait? What was the weather then?

    2. How did the man from the west and the man in a long overcoat greet each other?

    3. When did Bob realise that the tall man he had met was not Jimmy Wells?

    4. Why did Jimmy get Bob arrested?

    5. Did Jimmy keep his appointment with Bob after twenty years? What consideration did he show for his old friend?


    1. The man from the west waited for about twenty minutes. The weather was chilly, and the drizzle was thickening.
    1. The man from the west and the man in the long overcoat greeted each other with surprise and recognition as they met with each other after twenty years.
    2. Bob realized that the tall man he had met was not Jimmy Wells when they both turned to gaze at each other’s faces under the bright lights of a medicine store. He noticed that the man’s nose was different, and he suspected something was wrong.
    3. Jimmy got Bob arrested because he recognized that Bob was the man wanted in Chicago for some criminal activity involving counterfeit money. He had seen Bob’s face clearly when he struck a match to light his cigar.
    4. No, Jimmy did not keep his appointment with Bob after twenty years. because he recognized Bob’s criminal identity and arranged for a plain-clothes policeman to arrest him. However, Jimmy showed some consideration for his old friend by not personally carrying out the arrest and by leaving a note explaining his actions.

    FAQs-After twenty years CHSE +2 questions answers

    Q1-What is the theme of the story “After twenty years”

    Answer-The story is about friendship, loyalty, and a surprising reunion.

    Q2- Who is the writer of the story “After twenty years”?

    Answer- O’ Henry is the writer of the story “After twenty years”

    Q3- Why did the two friends part away?

    Answer- The two friends parted away in search of their fortune

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