RRR movie fullform: Release date,cast,budget

RRR movie fullform

RRR movie fullform and RRR movie release date, And what is the RRR movie star cast?

If you want to know all this, you are in the right place. In this article, you will know the RRR movie full form, the Release date of the movie RRR, And what is the star cast of the movie RRR?

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If you want to know about the story of the movie RRR, then it will definitely touch your heart. we Often see that South Movies have a slightly different storyline.

and the way they present the stories is amazing. Moreover, Their film shows the family drama, love, emotions, action in such a way that you get completely lost in the story.

There is a lot of newness in their films. They usually make movies keeping in mind the interest of the audience.

In the same way, the story of the RRR Movie is going to touch your heart. Recently the trailer of RRR has been released. Which shows that this movie is all about our freedom fighter.

RRR movie fullform and RRR movie release date 2021

After Bahubali, South Director S.S Rajamouli and his team are bringing a new blast again for you.

This time it is none other than RRR. It is Rajamouli’s much-awaited film, which is going to be released in the cinema house in January 2021.

let’s know the story and the RRR movie acronym.

This movie tells about the life of freedom fighters Alluri Sitaram Raju and Komaram Bhima and their sacrifices.

The story is based on how these two superheroes fought against the British Empire and the Nizam of Hyderabad.

Right now, your curiosity will be increasing as to what is the star cast of this big-budget movie? before revealing the star cast of the movie RRR, let’s find out it’s making cost.

according to the source, the total budget of the movie RRR is about 350Cr. DVV Danayya is producing this film under DVV Entertainments.

RRR movie budget and meaning of RRR

According to the source, the total budget of the movie RRR is about 350Cr. DVV Danayya is producing this film under DVV Entertainments.

From here you must know from which level the film will be made. VFX will be used in such a way so that you get a new experience.

The movie RRR is going to compete with Hollywood movies from the VFX point of view.

There will be an excellent multi starer movie of 2019 that will break all the records of Bollywood.

Just now, we have talked about multi starrer, so let’s know about the cast and crew of RRR.do you know what is the acronym of the movie RRR? we will discuss this later.

RRR movie star cast

after knowing the RRR movie fullform, let’s find out the star cast of this movie RRR. South Superstar Junior NTR and Ramcharan Teja are playing the main lead in the movie RRR.

According to the source, Allia Bhatt and British actress Olivia Morris play the film’s female lead.

Alia Bhatt is going to cast opposite ram charan and British actress Olivia Morris opposite Jr. NTR. Bollywood superstar Ajay Devgan is playing a cameo role for the first time in a South Movie.

However, this character is also essential in terms of the movie. After Tanahji Ajay Devgan will again a part of a periodic drama movie.

and believe me, he will blast with his power pack performance. Apart from that, Ray Stevenson, Alison Doody are also playing key roles in the movie RRR.

Irish actor Ray Stevenson and Alison Doody are playing the main antagonist in ‘RRR’.

Rajamouli is all set to release this film in many languages in his previous movie The Bahubali.

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Cast & Crew of movie RRR

RRR movie full form


The official trailer of the movie RRR

RRR movie fullform

Click here to view the trailer of the movie RRR

Who is the main female lead in RRR

RRR movie full form

Alia Bhatt was going to make her debut in South films with this Rajamouli film.

According to the latest updates and source, In place of Alia Bhatt, the makers are now preparing to take global star Priyanka Chopra in this film.

Due to nepotism and the Sushant Singh Rajput incident, Alia Bhatt is on target these days.

People’s anger on social media in their movie Sadak-2 is not hidden from anyone. In fact,  The trailer of Sadak-2 is the world’s most hated trailer in the year 2020.

Overall, This may be the main reason to replace Alia Bhatt with Priyanka Chopra. Let’s see what will happen? Whether the rumors are true or false.

Short form of movie RRR  

The movie RRR is on hype among the masses and everyone now discussing the movie all over India especially in the south.

The main query is about its title that what RRR movie’s fullform is? The stars of this big-budget film are also strong and its subject too.

But for a long time, there was suspense about its name, which has now revealed. After all, what is the meaning of this word RRR? The audience was very excited to know it.

RRR movie fullform may be “RAGHUPATI RAGHAB RAJARAM,” OR it may be RISE, ROAR, AND REVOLT.

You will know when the movie will release. However, these three words in the film are extraordinary. Because the name RRR creates some curiosity among the masses.

The motion poster of the RRR Movie has recently released where the short form of the movie RRR  has revealed. The title of this film RRR means Rise, Roar, and Revolt.

Debut of Ajay and Alia in RRR

RRR movie full form

As you know from this film, Alia Bhatt and Ajay Devgan will make their debut in South Industry.

And this is the perfect project for them to mark their footprint in the south movie industry. However, The movie is going to release on 8th January 2021.

The Movie RRR is the 13th film in Rajamouli’s career. Earlier his Bahubali and Bahubali-2 had established many dimensions of success both at home and overseas.


Here we are going to conclude this article and hope you will know all about the movie RRR.

apart from that, you will also know the RRR movie fullform, RRR movie release date, And what is the star cast of the movie RRR?

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