Kadha for Immunity: home made kadha recipe

kadha for immunity is the best prctice now a days to fight against coronavirus. before talking about how kadha for immunity works for our body to boost our immune system. lets see What is Kadha? Why we are using Kadha? And how is it made? and what are the benefits of kadha? If you are looking for answers to these simple questions, then you are in the right place.

kadha for immunity
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what is kadha (kadha for immunity)

If you want to understand it in easy words, then Kadha is An Ayurvedic drink, that for thousands of years people of India use this kadha like a drink. It is an immunity booster drink that can cure a lot of diseases. People are taking this drink because it makes our body immune system strong.

As you all know, the Coronavirus is affecting the world badly, so I request you to be safe. Encircle yourself with safety. With keeping yourself safe and be cautious about what you eat. Because your food may help you in fighting with the Coronavirus, it may play a vital role.

You can add lots of oranges and lemon to your diet. The use of spinach and tomato should be more preferable. Eat dry fruits and Strawberries, etc. these are the food s that boost your immune system. Apart from that, we have a special drink called Kadha in Hindi or you can say dry ginger drink. This ayurvedic drink improves your immune system and gives so many benefits to your body.

Why kadha treated as the immune booster

Let’s see why we consider kadha is a potent immune booster. A kadha is made with dry elements that can not be juiced, therefore these elements are added to water and boiled to extract the vitamins inside. According to the source, kadha contains pure bioactive compounds or antioxidants. These compounds are carotenoids, phenolic acids, flavonoids, alkaloids, saponins, terpenoids, polyacetylenes, coumarins, and lots of others. therefore this kadha is best for our health.

These antioxidants help to enhance the anhttps://queryexpress.com/yoga-for-weight-loss/tibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antiallergic, and many more actions of the immune system. Therefore consuming kadha improves the standard of your pores and skin and works as a pure anti-aging agent. lets see kadha health benefits.

Benefits of Kadha (kadha for immunity)

  1. Experts say that Kadha contains anti-viral properties that cure cough and cold.
  2. Kadha is an effective healing drink that reduces mucus in the body because of the presence of basil.
  3. Kadha helps in increasing immunity that fights against infections.
  4. Kadha also contains anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, that soothe the throat and prevents us from coughing.
  5. This traditional drink is also effective in treating stones. It is suggested to consume the Kadha as per the expert’s direction.
  6. This is a high source of antioxidants that helps to increases immunity.

How to prepare kadha (kadha banane ki vidhi)

Here we are going to prepare two types of kadha that will improve your immune power to your body can also fight against coronavirus. So let’s start the kadha recipe.

For preparing the drink you can use any vessel but here I am using a teapot. Now add water as per your requirement and boil it. Now crush the dry spices that are cinnamon Clove, Black Cardamon, Black pepper. You can have 8-10 pieces of black pepper for one member. And have 2-4 cloves. Take the prescribed quantity as per the instruction given by the expert.

After adding the spices into the water, then boil it till it reduces to half. Now it’s time to take it. All items are suitable for the body’s cold, fever, and cough. consume 50ml three times a day. if you add flavor to your taste buds then you can use jaggery. If you don’t like palm jaggery, then you can take honey instead of jaggery. But if you are a diabetic patient then avoid jaggery or any type of sweetener.

how to prepare kadha for immune booster?

Kadha banane ka tarika

Our second recipe is the turmeric ginger shots. so here are the ingredients we will need to prepare our immunity-boosting shots.you will need some fresh turmeric with skin, and some ginger with its skin on. You will need some carom leaves or use carom seeds if you don’t have fresh carom leaves. These are available in most grocery stores. you will need four teaspoons of jaggery. If you don’t have jaggery, you can use molasses. Other ingredients are,

1.one teaspoon of peppercorns,

2.1/2 teaspoon of cloves,

3.1/2 teaspoon of green cardamom,

4.four sticks of cinnamon

5.one teaspoon of cumin seeds.

Steps to be followed to make kadha

once you have all these ingredients ready, let’s go ahead and prepare our immunity-boosting shots. The first step is to start grating your turmeric by using a hand grater to grate these Tumeric pieces into smaller pieces. You grate these with the skin because it also has a lot of beneficial vitamins and minerals that you do not want to lose.

now we are going to grate or shred the ginger pieces and chop up the carom leaves. if you don’t have fresh carom leaves you can buy carom seeds. however, I highly recommend that you grow a carom plant in your home garden.once you finished, you’re ready to move to the next step of grinding everything in a blender.now you are ready for making ayush kadha or ayurveda kadha.

To prepare the drink take a teapot and add some water. we are going to add our grated turmeric and then grated ginger and chopped carom leaves. Now we add the jaggery. You can use molasses if you don’t have jaggery. now we’re going to mix everything in together and start boiling it. all these ingredients have many vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which is great for your body. Once the mix starts boiling, keep stirring from time to time. Let it boil for about 20 to 25 minutes on a medium flame. Now strain it and enjoy the sip.

Precautions and side effects of kadha

First of all, take this drink with the guidance of an expert. Be sure to use the spices in the prescribed amount. Excess drinking or inappropriate amount can cause heartburn, burning sensation in the food pipe, and nausea.hence take the ayush kadha for at least two times a day. you can take the kadha at night after dinner.



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