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Query Express(Qx) is an application for fast development and deployment of database queries and reports throughout your organization. It is a complete Data Portal which includes navigation of on-line report libraries as well as any customer-supplied documentation. Qx gives your users immediate access to all of your organization's database sources using a library of reports located on a central server.

Live Demonstration. To demonstrate the capabilities and speed of Qx, this site includes a fully functional Qx Server, along with access to several databases and many sample reports. You are invited to logon (you must use one of the passwords below) to the Qx Server and explore its features and even create more reports!

Logon Now! Connect to the Qx Server using one of four accounts. Separate accounts were created to demonstrate system security; each has been given slightly different access. Once you have logged in, select the Qx Documentation link to learn more about Query Express features and this live demonstration system.

Query Express Screenshots.

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(Remember one of the account User ID &
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the link at the far right.)
User ID Password Role System Access Rights Login
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user1 one Developer Login
user2 two Developer     Login
user3 three User   Login
user4 four Administrator Login

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