Best video editing software for Youtube

The best video editing software for YouTube has now played a vital role among the new generation. As social media plays an important role in society. Therefore everyone wants to put some extra to enhance their post on social media.

However, they create a short clip for social media for fun or expressing their views. Therefore, choosing the right tool can make their dream come true easily without any difficulty. Nowadays so many options are available to edit the videos effortlessly. people always searching for which one is the best video editing software for YouTube. As a result Query express makes your search end.

best video editing software for youtube


The Ultimate Guide To Video Editing Software

With my research and personal experience here I mentioned some best video editing software for YouTube. you can also find the details and their features as well. most importantly I also tell you on which platform they run on.

However, you can find some expensive options which are also broadly affordable. Apart from that I also have some offers that are under excellent value for money. But you don’t want to put money for buying such video editing software right now.

So don’t worry, I have also listed the best free video editing software for youtube for you. and they’re all surprisingly powerful tools.  most importantly this software won’t cost you a single penny, because they’re all free.

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Take Advantage Of Video Editing Software

01. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe premiere pro is a video editing software for professionals that perform on desktop. Therefore this software, normally used by professional video editing personnel.

With Adobe Premiere Pro, the professionals access their extra advanced features. The application also gives them to adjust color, fine-tune audio, and more.

in conclusion, Adobe Premiere Pro works well with other Adobe video editing Products. therefore, users move data and assets between software to use and edit as they need. This way, they can work seamlessly without interrupting their workflow. As a result, it comes up with a product that is creative and well done.


1.Simultaneous Projects

2.Shared Projects

3.Motion Graphics Templates

4.VR Editing

5.VR Audio Editing

6.VR Rotate Sphere



9.Video Titling & Graphics

10. Regional Closed Caption standards

11.Lumetri Support

12. Labels

13. Type Tool

14. Direct Publishing

15. Libraries

16.Multiple Video Types

17.Multiple Formats Support

Price – $29.99/month, $239.88/year/prepaid, $19.99/month/annual subscription

Free Trial- Available

Devices Supported
  • Windows
  • Mac

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02.Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro truly the best professional video editing application for making personal videos. however, it is very much suitable for making filmography. but it’s developed especially for macOS users. in short, the software gives powerful tools to create stunning videos.

These include filters, motion graphics, special effects, and more. likewise Final Cut Pro also supports 360-degree video editing for VR as well as real-time VR headset playback.


1.Moving & Trimming Clips

2 Multicam Editing.

3. Effects

4.360 Degree VR Editing

5.VR Headset Playback

6.Advanced Color Grading


8.HDR Video Support

9.Motion Graphics Templates

10.Asset Management


Final Cut Pro – $299/one-time payment

Free Trial- Available

Devices Supported

  • Mac

03. HitFilm Express

Here I come to another best video editing software for youtube that is HitFilm Express. in other words, it is an all-in-one video editing software for filmmakers and non-professionals. This software creates movies at home and helps users to create excellent visual and sound effects.

above all, It has a free version that supports both Windows and Mac. it also gives tutorials that help users to recreate footages and effects from different sources and themes. Therefore, editors will be able to combine two scenes together to produce realistic effects. and post to their social accounts.

This gives beautiful tracking techniques to highlight blaster impact and create fantastic titles. most importantly It has lighting effects and portal designs, especially for science fiction movies.


1. Advanced Tracking And Screen Simulation

2.Change Backdrop

3.Create Realistic Shotgun Effects

4.Masking And Layering Technique

5.Grading Tools

6.Footage Distortions

7.Import And Animate Complex 3D Models

8.Muzzle Flash Effects

9.Blaster Impacts

10 Lighting Effects

11.Recreate And Enhance Iconic Heads-Up Display

12.Iconic Titles

Price- Free (Premium -$10)

Devices Supported

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Web-based

04. Apple iMovie

For iOS and macOS users if they want to find the best video editing software for youtube then Apple iMovie is best for them. It converts photos and videos into storytelling movies.

With iMovie, iOS and macOS users can create and share videos.  This tool also gives them to enhance their creativity with movie-like trailers. the users have access to different themes and templates to customize for their unique trailer.

Apple iMovie is an easy-to-use application that supports 4K video resolution. it can be played directly from an Apple device to a screen or shared to social media.

  • Automated video editing
  • Audio & music editing
  • HD & 4K video support
  • Video color settings
  • Crop & rotate video clip
  • Stabilization
  • Video effects & transitions
  • Video speed change (speed up/slow down)
  • Clip browser
  • Timeline
  • Photo & music import
  • Pre-built themes & backdrops
  • Real-time titling
  • Open multiple projects simultaneously
  • Lacks Multicam, motion tracking and 360-degree features
  • Limited output controls
  • Mac only

Price- Free

Devices Supported

  • iPhone/iPad
  • Mac

05-Corel Video Studio Ultimate

Corel Video Studio Ultimate is a great video editing software for beginners on Windows. This software has always been Adobe’s competitor for video editing software. This video editing software is a powerful and easy to learn app for anyone who wants to make simple videos without any difficulty. You can say this a complete package for newcomers in the field of video editing. If you take my opinion, I would give it nine out of ten.


1.Extensive 360-degree-editing features

2. Split-screen video facilitates elaborate video collages

3. Broad 3D-text support

4. New titles and creative content

5.Streamlined editing tools and shortcuts

6. New smart slideshow and video tools

7.Optimized 4k display

8. Enhanced video masking, more blending modes, and new premium effects—exclusive to Ultimate!


1. Windows only

2. Certain advanced features got really dense


VideoPad is a sturdy and fully featured video editing software developed by NCH Software. the VideoPad tool is basically designed for both commercial and personal use. Therefore, it’s suitable for creating and publishing videos on the social media platform. With VideoPad, anyone can create professional-quality videos in just a few minutes.

VideoPad lets users enhance their videos with transitions and visual effects. They can also add different overlays and texts present in their interface to videos.

 VideoPad is equipped with a set of video optimization features. This feature has the ability to add digital images, fine-tune colors, and more. you can share your videos directly to YouTube and Facebook without any difficulty.

  1. Share Videos With Family And Friends
  2. Export Movies In Multiple Resolutions
  3. Burn DVD And Watch On TV
  4. Save To PSP, iPod, iPhone, Or 3GP Mobile Phone
  5. Video Transitions And Visual Effects
  6. Visual Effects Templates
  7. Wide Range Of Video Clip Transitions
  8. 3D Video Editing
  9. 2D To 3D Stereoscopic Conversion
  10. Add Texts And Overlays To 360 Videos
  11. Video Optimization
  12. Reduce Camera Shakes
  13. Add Photos And Digital Images To Sequences
  14. Fine-Tune Color And Effects
  15. Plugin Supports
  16. Audio Tools
  17. Import And Mix Music Tracks
  18. Record Narrations
  19. Sound Effects Library
  20. Create Video From Any Camcorder

Price- Free (Home Edition- $39.95)

Devices Supported
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Android
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Mac
  • Web-based

07-DaVinci Resolve 15

DaVinci Resolve 15 is a fully developed software for film and video editing.  This powerful video editing application is very suitable for editors to produce high definition output. it provides unique tools designed to enhance video editing options.


1. Professional editing tools

2. Colour correction tools

3. Fairlight audio

4. Media and delivery

5.Multi-user collaboration

6.High-performance playback engine

7. 3D tools

8. Resolve Fx

9. YRGB 32 bit float image processing

10. Support for 4K

Price – $ 299

Free Trial – Available

Devices Supported

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac


Filmora9 is designed for all video and audio content creators. it has a simple interface that allows you to find the features and tools you need easily. It has bundled with so many sophisticated functions including layering and green screen effects.

Filmora9 has audio editing tools having perfect background music and sound produces amazing video quality. Nowadays,  videos are available in 4K quality. With this video editing software, you can make quality videos for your viewers. As this is an advanced application, Filmora9’s pricing scheme is compatible. It has plans for a different segment of people.


1. Preview Rendering

2. Auto-ripple

3.Split Screen Presets

4.Advanced Text Editing


6. Mosaic (Blurring)

7. Video and Audio Controls

8.Layer Multiple Video Clips

9.Audio Mixer

10.Chroma Key

11.Screen Recording

12.Audio Separation

13.Envelope/Keyframe Editing

14. Scene Detection

15.Video Stabilization

16. Color Grading Presets

17.Audio Equalizer

18. 4K Resolution Editing Support

19.GIF Support

20.Noise Removal

21.Video Stabilization

22.Export to YouTube and Vimeo

23.Speed Controls

24.Media Library

Price– $39.99/year

Free Trial- Available

Devices Supported
  • Windows
  • Mac

09 Openshot

OpenShot is a free video editing application which is very much suitable for  Windows, Mac or Linux platform. therefore it has a significant advantage for the video editing professional.

The interface is essential from the point of view of a video editing software. You can switch between the Simple and Advanced perspectives relying on. Due to this, you can customize the whole interface according to your requirements.

Openshot is open-source, which makes it outstanding amongst other video editing software. Openshot packs a greater number of highlights than other software.

  1. Unlimited tracks/layers
  2. Clip resizing, scaling, trimming, snapping, rotation, and cutting video transitions with real-time previews
  3. Compositing, image overlays, watermarks
  4. Title templates, title creation, subtitles 3D animated titles (and effects)
  5. Advanced Timeline (including drag & drop, scrolling, panning, zooming, and snapping)
  6. Open source,
  7. Unlimited layers.
  8. Free
  9. Multi-platform
  10. Regularly updated and improved
  11. Nice-looking interface
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux

10. Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle studio is a great choice in a video editing platform. it’s very suitable if you just want to enter the video editing process.  It’s less expensive than a large number of paid tools on the above list. You can also withdraw your money if it doesn’t satisfy you within 30 days.

  • Multi-camera capture and editing,
  • color controls,
  • stop motion animation
  • Best for: Beginners
  • Super-simple to use
  • Varied features
  • Attractive pricing

Free trial: 30-day (money-back guarantee)

Platform: Windows

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