Top 16 chrome extensions that blows your mind

If you are a blogger and putting lots of effort and time into growing your blog, this post helps you. We have many browsers for windows like yahoo, MSN, UC browser, Microsoft Edge, and many more. However,  google chrome is the most popular browser of all time. These chrome extensions make our work easier and faster. Keep patience and try to read this article thoroughly to know something unique about these extensions. here I am giving you the Top 16 chrome extensions that blow your head.

What is chrome extension

Chrome Extension are small applications that are worked on by downloading and installing them in Chrome. We can also call them Web Applications as well. we have software in computers, and apps for  mobile, in the same way we have some software for chrome also. these small software is known as chrome extension. we can find many free extensions and some Paid extensions on internet.but here I am giving you the Top 16 chrome extensions that will help you in any manner.

How to Install Chrome Extension?

Installing any extension in the computer is very easy. Extension is installed from Google Chrome. You can install the extension in a while. If you do not know about it, you can install the extension by following our steps. So let’s know about this.

To add or install Chrome Extension, you must first go to the Chrome Web Store. If you want to go to Chrome Web Store from your computer’s Chrome Browser, follow our steps. however, you have to know that the installation procedure for all these Top 16 chrome extensions are almost same.


Let’s Open The Chrome Browser on your computer.


Now Click On Three Dots that will see on the top right side above.


Now you will see the option of More Tools below, tap on it and click on the possibility of Extensions.


After that, it will display a page that opens in front of which, at the bottom. Here Get More Extensions will appear and click on it.


It will open another page in front of which you will see many extensions. Here you can install Extensions, Theme, Games, Apps, whatever you want.


You can also search for any apps by entering the name in the search box.


After searching, you will have many extension shows in front of you. You have to click on the Add button To install the extension on your Chrome browser.


By Clicking on the Add to Chrome Button, you will have a pop-up window open in front of you. Here you will ask you for permission to add an Extension. Now you have to click on Add Extension here.

As soon as you click on Add Extension, your extension will add to your Chrome Browser. The icon will start appearing on the right side above your Chrome browser windows.

Top 16 Chrome Extensions that helps the bloggers a lot

1. Grammarly(Top 16 chrome extensions)

If you are not good at English and made lots of mistakes while writing, this extension solves your problem. It is a  grammar checker chrome extension that works on WordPress editor, docs, Microsoft Word and Wordpad.

This extension also helps you to write your post on Facebook, mail, and many more.So if you want not to make grammar mistakes and want to make your content grammar free, then I recommend trying Grammarly to avoid all errors.

Grammarly extension is available for the free and paid versions. Pro version helps you to write an error-free article on your blog. You can convert passive sentences into active sentences within a second from an SEO point of view. I strongly recommend you to install the pro version in your chrome browser. Here I am giving you a link to buy this extension(paid version) at a low price.

2. SEOquake Chrome Extension

SEOquake is an SEO chrome extension is the finest extension among the Top 16 chrome extensions  of all time.This extension helps you to find the number of backlinks, the authority of a website, Alexa rank, and many more things within one single click. Usually, bloggers use this extension to check the full stats of a particular website. SEOquake also helps you to give details of any website using the SEMrush tool.

3. Screely & Awesome Screenshot (Top 16 chrome extensions)

Screely and Awesome screenshot is a fantastic chrome extension for any blogger. Bloggers like me always search for free images for our blog or our YouTube channel. So here, this chrome extension helps us to create beautiful free pictures by capturing a screenshot. That’s nice!

Apart from the screenshot and picture, they have some other features as well. However, through this excellent tool, you can capture any page you visited and crop it per your requirement.

Let’s have to learn some keyboard short cut to operate this chrome extension smoothly.

  • To capture entire page then you have to use Ctrl + Shift + E
  • If you want capture a visible part then press Ctrl + Shift + Z
  •  And if you want to capture a selected area then press Ctrl + Shift + S
  • ColorPick EyeDropper

4.ColorPick EyeDropper

To find the hex code of any color, then use the color pick EyeDropper extension. This incredible chrome extension helps you to find the hex code of any color. This extension allows us while we are going to design our blog page. To make your page professional, you have to choose the right color that looks great on your niche. Here click eye dropper does its work that helps you to choose the right color for your blog.

5.Buffer Chrome Extension

This extension helps you to automate your social media post.hence this extension is best suited for social media players. its the best extension out of Top 16 chrome extensions

6.Email Hunter Chrome Extension

Hunter is an email address finding tool that helps you get an email of any website only in one click. If you are doing email outreach daily to attract more backlinks for your content, this tool works like a charm for you because they extract the exact email address of the website owner/founder.

Here how it works:

By clicking on the hunter icon in your chrome browser, it will extract all the website’s possible email addresses. This tool is unique because it helps you reach out to the blogger directly through email rather than through forums and other stuff.

To find the hex code of any color, then use the color pick EyeDropper extension. This incredible chrome extension helps you to find the hex code of any color. This extension allows us while we are going to design our blog page. To make your page professional, you have to choose the right color that looks great on your niche. Here click eye dropper does its work that helps you to choose the right color for your blog.


If you want to find the details of any website, then this extension is for you. SimilarWeb is the best extension that serves as an analytics tool to find details of any website. It gives you all the information that a specific analytical tool will provide. It shows all the information related to the traffic that a particular website has. However, it also provides some necessary information about that website mentioned below.

  1. Traffic source of that particular website
  2. The top-ranking keyword of that website
  3. where they bring traffic to their sites.
  4. Also, show the competitor website

This tool is one of the free website analysis tools where every blogger used to keep an eye on their competitor’s website. By analyzing your competitor website, you can get an idea to increase your traffic by adding keywords and backlinks. You can use this free Chrome extension, and if you want to have more features, you will upgrade it.


Mailtrack is a chrome extension that helps you to know whether the recipient opens your email or not. Personally, When I do my backlink outreach, then this tool helps me confirm whether the recipient opens my email or not.


We are very much familiar with, where we audit our websites for SEO point of view. Mozbar does the same thing, and it’s the official free extension of Moz. However, you can easily find the domain authority and page authority of any website.

They have a search overlay feature which displays all metric for Google Search Result when you search something on the chrome, and they will show something like this:

To know the keyword optimization on any article, then this extension helps you a lot. To identify the good or bad (low quality) backlinks, Mozbar will help you a lot in this matter. You can also download the data in the form of CSV files. In this extension, you also find out the Domain authority and page authority of a website as well.


Whether you are a blogger or You Tuber, you need to create lots of videos to give your audience some quality content. Here Tube buddy plays a vital role in doing SEO of your videos. This tool is also called the YouTube channel optimization tool.

Tube Buddy is a free and premium chrome extension that helps you optimize your YouTube videos. This extension also allows you to create a great thumbnail for your YouTube videos. if you want some more features then you have to purchase its premium version.

11.Facebook Pixel Helper (Top 16 chrome extensions)

Running Facebook ads to promote your post is a great trick that every new blogger wants to do, for this Facebook pixel helper will do an excellent job for you. It is a free chrome extension that helps you to know about your pixels are fired on your blog or not. You can quickly check other website pixels by clicking on the Facebook pixel helper icon.

However, this extension is not only for a blogger who runs a lot of Facebook ads to promote their content on Facebook. It stops the pixel of other Facebook ads before coming to your Facebook feed.

12.Save To Pocket

If you are that blogger who read a lot but forgets everything or finds many articles that help you learn, but you don’t remember it after reading?Top 16 chrome extensions

Save To Pocket is a free chrome extension where you can easily save articles or videos in your pocket account. Whenever you want to read the saved article, you can easily read that article or video on your mobile. You can save your searched item to read that later.

13.Read Aloud

Read Aloud is another chrome extension falls under the Top 16 chrome extensions. If you are a lazy blogger who writes lots of content but doesn’t want to read that content or landed any epic guide, you don’t want to read because of its length. Then this extension helps you to solve this problem for you.

This chrome extension helps you to convert all your text content in the form of audio format.If you want to read any long content without scrolling it, these tools help you read that audio form content.If you are a content writer who writes lots of content, this extension saves a ton of your time, which you invested in reading the content.Install Read Aloud

14.Page Analytics by Google

Top 16 chrome extensions

If you want to see the Analytic data for your site on a single page, this extension helps you see the Google analytics report of that particular page. This extension displays the page views that will help you save your valuable time to check the analytic report.

15.AddToAny (Top 16 chrome extensions)

AddToAny is an other great extensions to help us to do activities on social media platform.To share any blog page or post on social media then AddtoAny is the best option for you. This extension will be very helpful for you if you want to share any article with your Facebook group or other social media platform.This tool supports all the social media platform likes:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Whatsapp
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Medium
  • Gmail
  • Tumblr and many more

Therefore, its no doubt that this is one of the Top 16 chrome extensions that help us a lot.

16.SEO Minion

SEO Minion is the last but the least of my collection Top 16 chrome extensions. It helps you to do on-page SEO on your blog post. It is a free chrome extension that allows doing on-page SEO, check broken links. Check metadata highlights all internal and external links, and also they have one unique feature of SERP Preview, which helps you see your metadata and title in google search engine.

Google search location simulator is the last option in SEO Minion to find your exact ranking on google. This last option saves a ton of your time, which you wasted while finding your article in SERP.

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