Plasma therapy : last hope before COVID19 vaccine

Plasma therapy is a way to help people to get recover from COVID19. Like White blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets, Plasma is also a part of blood. But this forgotten part of the blood plays a key role in our body.  WBC, RBC, and platelets are very much important to body function in the same way Plasma is also a key component of our body.

plasma therapy for coronavirus

Why plasma is important

Most people will not even know what plasma therapy and plasma are. What is its use in our body? Because we have never needed to know what plasma is? The COVID19 virus has just spread throughout the country. Everyone is struggling to fight against this virus by putting the mask on face, cleaning hands, stay at home, maintain social distancing, and more.

Why are we doing this? Why are the governments of every country fighting this virus by shutting down and locking up their countries? Because everyone knows that the treatment of COVID19 has not yet been found. No medicine is able to kill this virus. That is why there is panic all around. however, plasma therapy somehow gives some hope to fight against coronavirus.

Corona is a virus that is taking everyone in its grip. It has also been learned that this virus spreads through the air. Right now Corona is at its peak. Gradually it is spreading in every country. Scientist engaged day and night to make the vaccine to fight against coronavirus.

No one knows how long it will take to become a vaccine. So what should we do to avoid get infect from the coronavirus? If anyone can save you from Coronavirus, then it is only you. Your immune system will fight against coronavirus. The stronger the immune system, the lower the risk of infection.

Those whose immune system is weak have a higher risk of infection. Our immune system fights every virus that harms our bodies. This is what plasma does in our blood. It makes our immune system strong so that it can fight against the virus. That is why until the vaccine is released; somehow plasma therapy is the way to defeat COVID19.

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What Is convalescent plasma?

convalescent plasma

Plasma is the liquid portion of blood. When all red and white blood cells and platelets have been removed from the blood still plasma remains in the blood. Emil Behring was demonstrating that plasma could be used to treat diphtheria. And was awarded the first Nobel Prize for physiology and medicine.

How Antibodies help to improve our immune system

We know antibodies are the key component of plasma to treat infections of covid19. Antibodies are nothing but Y-shaped proteins that are produced in vast quantities by B cells of our immune system. This helps to bind the invading virus and then target it for destruction.

The concept of vaccination depends on stimulating antibody production to infections in our body. Therefore, using convalescent plasma helps the infected person by boosting its immune system to fight against coid19. Because of the transfer of antibodies from donors who have already an immune response offering immediate protection to the recipient.

History of Plasma Therapy

It is the oldest treatment being tested, for convalescent plasma. The treatment includes the transfer of blood plasma from people who have recovered from COVID-19 and using it into patients who currently have the disease.

This plasma treatment was also tested during the Ebola virus (2013-2016). Due to plasma, patients develop antibodies; proteins that might help fight the infection. Plasma from recovered patients gives immediate virus-fighting antibodies. So they don’t have to wait for their own immune systems to fight against covid19.

What is convalescent plasma and how does it work?

Convalescent plasma is the liquid part of blood collected from patients who have recovered from COVID-19. These patients develop antibodies of covid19 that might help fight the infection.

How does Plasma therapy work?

We know that antibodies help our body to fight against the virus. Our body produces theses antibodies to fight against the virus. These antibodies are secreted by immune cells and are found in plasma that attacks the virus.

When someone recovered from a virus, then antibodies are developed and stay in their blood to fight against the same virus in its body. When these antibodies are injected into another person then it fights with the same virus present inside the body.

Details about Convalescent plasma therapy

The treatment through the convalescent plasma is an old concept. Since the 1800s it has been used to treat viral infections like diphtheria. The treatment of diphtheria (a severe infection of the nose and throat) was done in 1892 using blood serum.

Later on, It was used to treat pertussis (a highly contagious respiratory disease). Then it was used to treat scarlet fever (a bacterial illness that develops in people having strep throat) in the 1920s.

Convalescent plasma was used as a potential therapy During the Spanish influenza pandemic of that time it had mixed results. This technique also used in a variety of viral infections that includes measles, mumps, Argentine hemorrhagic fever, influenza, chickenpox, etc.

Does Plasma Therapy Cure COVID19?

During this covid19 pandemic, it has shown some positive results. The use of plasma helps to improve the ability of a person to recover from the disease. However, there is more research required to prove its effectiveness against covid19.

How Does plasma therapy Work?

As you know convalescent plasma therapy uses antibodies from patients who have completely recovered from COVID-19 infection. These antibodies are nothing but a type of protein i.e. produced by the plasma. Let’s find out how this plasma treatment helps us to fight coronavirus in our body.

1. Firstly Blood is taken from a completely recovered covid19 patient. After that, the plasma component of that blood is separated which contains the antibodies

2. Then this plasma is injected into a covid19 infected person’s body.

3. This plasma then fights against the virus and neutralize it from spreading.

4. When the patient is cured, he is asked to donate the plasma. Then the same plasma is given to another infected patient who is suffering from Covid19.

5. Before using the plasma the blood sample will be checked for any existing diseases like Hepatitis B & C including HIV.

Facts about plasma

Plasma is a light yellow liquid in the blood when separated from the rest of the blood. It is the largest part of our blood. The overall content of the plasma is about 55% of the blood. Plasma carries water, salts, and enzymes.

The main function of plasma is to take nutrients, hormones, and proteins to the different parts of the body. Plasma also helps to remove waste from the body given by the cells.

How does plasma keep you healthy?

Plasma is the most essential or critical part of the treatment for many serious health problems. Therefore, some health organizations are asking people to donate their blood plasma.

It contains important components along with water, salt, and enzymes. This has antibodies, clotting factors, and the proteins albumin and fibrinogen. When people donate blood, then healthcare personnel separate these vital parts from the plasma. These vital parts then concentrate on various products. We use these products to treat people suffering from burns, shock, trauma, and other medical emergencies.

The proteins and antibodies present in plasma are used for the treatment of chronic diseases. We can treat diseases like autoimmune disorders and hemophilia through blood plasma. People suffering from these diseases can live long and productive with the help of this treatment.

Result of plasma therapy

It is not yet confirmed whether COVID19 can be treated with plasma therapy. It is also not confirmed that a COVID19 patient will be fully cured by plasma therapy or not. But till now it is known that this treatment can increase your immune system to fight against COVID19. This is an effective way to fight COVID19 in the early stages. Many infected patients have benefited from this treatment.

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How does plasma therapy work?

You can get it at a hospital or outpatient center. You won’t need anesthesia. You’ll lie in bed or sit in a reclining chair.  The doctor injects a needle attached to a thin tube into your vein.

If your arm veins are too small, you may need a needle in your shoulder or groin instead. they collect your blood and takes it to a machine where they separate your plasma from your blood cell. After that, they mix the blood cells with fresh plasma, and then they inject the mixture goes into your body.

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Donating plasma

plasma donation for plasma therapy

In fact, it’s necessary to collect blood plasma for the treatment of these diseases. Donating blood plasma is a novel cause.

At the time of this COVID 19, if someone donates his plasma, it will be a big achievement for him. Because of this, so many patients will be able to go back to their homes.

I want to say one thing to the person who is reading this article that those people who have recovered from Covid19 and have returned to their homes, please help others so that they too can return to their homes.

Do not think that you are donating your blood but you are saving a family from shattering.

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