Mausam app- The Indian weather app

Mausam app is a weather application that can now work on our android mobile. Through this app, we can get weather information very easily from home. It is the choice of the app that it can give the weather information about 750 cities simultaneously. Through this app, you can find Indian weather conditions, forecasts, cloud maps, and rainfall maps. With this app, we will get accurate information about when it will rain, how the weather will be.

Mausam App for Android mobile

mausam app for android mobile

Earth Science Minister Harsh Vardhan has launched a new government mobile app on Monday. This Mausam app will give weather forecast information for every city in our country. This weather app also provides much more critical information besides weather, temperature, rain, wind speed, air humidity. The government claims that within the next seven days, the app will start releasing weather forecast reports in around 450 cities in India. A 24-hour weather forecast will be available on the app.

This is a joint venture of ICRISAT (International Crop Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics) and IITM (the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology), Pune, and also IDM (Indian Meteorological Department) for creating the Mausam application.

We usually follow reports of private institutions for weather information. But we don’t get information about each city. In such a situation, this new government weather app will help you to get rid of this problem

Weather conditions in India

Despite the success of the Green Revolution in India, Indian agriculture is still suffering from many problems. India is an agricultural country. Agriculture plays an important role in the Indian economy. But despite this Even now, most of the farmers remain dependent upon the monsoon for farming. If the monsoon arrives at the right time, the crop will be good. If the monsoon is delayed, then all the hard work will go in vain. That is why it is important that our farmers should have knowledge of the weather so that they can do their agricultural work well.

This has become a matter of agriculture. We know that there are many types of calamities in the country every year. Floods and cyclones occur every year in some states. Due to these natural calamities, the danger of life and properties remains always. All this happens because the right information does not reach us at the right time. By the time we got this information, it would be too late. Keeping all this in mind, the Indian government has taken a good step so that the citizens of India do not have to go through such difficulties.

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Benefits of Mausam app

The Mausam app gives updated notifications eight times a day. Colors have been used to make weather updates easier to understand. Weather information on the app will be available in three colors Red, Yellow, and Orange. This color-based system for different districts helps people to get alert about bad weather. It gives warnings if the weather condition will be terrible. Initially, the app will be updated by a three-hour gap across 800 stations and districts. The Weather app will provide forecasts for the next seven days of weather for about 450 cities in the country. If you want, you can get updates about the weather in your city on your Smartphone. For this, you only have to download Mausam App. With the help of this app, you will continue to get the latest weather information.

1. The general public as well as fishermen and farmers will get benefit from this app.

2. The information about weather and forecasts can be communicated in a simple way with the help of Mausam app

3. The information given by the Mausam app will help people if there are any critical weather conditions.

4. The Mausam app is a user-friendly mobile application through which people get updated on the latest weather conditions.

5. We can download a weather app through Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Features of ‘Mausam’ app:

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1.Current Weather:

This app will provide you the current weather report for all the cities in our country. Mausam app also gives you the Data on temperature, humidity, wind speed, etc. most importantly The data given by this app will update regularly i.e 8 times a day. It also gives you the time of sunrise and sunset.


Nowcast is the feature which gives warning to people with every 3 hours and also warns them about its intensity and impact.

3.City Forecast:

This app consists of a weather forecast of 7 days around 450 cities. It also provides you the weather conditions of the past 24 hours.


Mausam app warns all the districts for the next five days with the help of color code. If there is any danger then this color code helps the people to get alert.

a) RED COLOR: The Red color shows the severe weather conditions so the authorities should take action.

b) ORANGE COLOR: The Orange color tells the authorities and the public to be alert.

c) YELLOW COLOR: Yellow color means we and our local authorities should be updated for the latest information.

5.Radar products:

This feature helps people by showing a radar image in every 10 minutes to convey the weather condition.

Mausam app download

  1. In order to download the Mausam app, you have to open Google Play Store/Apple App Store.
  2. Now In the Search box, type Mausam app and click on the search icon.
  3. you have some lists of weather app. you just go for the app named Mausam – Indian Weather App.
  4. Click on the app to download.
  5. After downloading the app on your mobile, you have to install the app by clicking on the icon.
  6. After the completion of the installation, then you can use this app

Click this link to download Mausam App


We know that India is an agricultural country. Most of our agriculture is dependent on the weather. Incorrect weather information can cause great damage to the farmer. And this is happening every year again and again.

With the help of Mausam app farming can be done effortlessly. Farmers will get accurate information about monsoons. If they already know when the monsoon will come, then they can do their farming at the right time accordingly.

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